Why I love designing games

Designing games is something I’ve been doing all my life, even when I did not know that I was doing it.

I started to create worlds with 14 years old as a way to run away from the nightmare that my life was. However, I was not just a little girl writing about fairies, I was more ambitious than that: I was not writing stories, I was designing experiences. Since the main characters, through their races, religions, science, cities, flora, fauna… until the main story, the “cinematics”, the aesthetics, etc. Every single detail was scripted or drawn. Yes, without knowing it, I was creating videogames. And not only as a hobby when I was bored, no, but it was also something that did all the time. Like every time that I was listening to music or when I sawing the colors of the sunset. My life was so empty of beautifulness and so full of darkness that I preferred seeing the world with the eyes of my imagination.

For a long time, the people laugh at me because «I was wasting” so much time in that “useless” details that “nobody will ever see”. They encouraged me to focus on the “important» task. That is, write the story. And I must admit that for a long time I listened to them, despite the emptiness that I was feeling. But, with the pass of time, this made me hate my work. So, I burned it. And I promised myself that I would never write again. However, when you born for something, it is inside you burning forever. There is nothing that you can do to avoid it.

When years after that I started to write again, it was impossible for me doing it as the «right» way. Because I was born as a game designer. So, why I should conform with less? This is what I love to do. This is who I am and I cannot imagine doing something different. Being a game designer makes that all my life have a sense. It makes me feel complete.