In the map, the players will be able to find a lot of different types of enemies and NPCs. Each one with its own AI. Some simpler, some more complex. Like real life.

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The Different Types of AI (Summarized)

  • Simple AI enemies and NPCs: These will have a simple reaction to the players. Attacking, talking, selling…
  • Complex AI enemies and allies: These will react to the players. For example, ambushing them or helping them.
  • God AI bosses & leaders: These will have a complex AI. They will react to the players’ actions, skills and strategy, changing their gameplay.

The Goddess of the Game: Morrigan

This AI is the most complex one and is equivalent to the AI Director in Left4Dead. Like the bosses, Morrigan will react to the players’ skills and actions sending allies, putting spawns of ammo, medicines, and drugs or ambulant shops. Also, she controls part of the enemies of the map, the Radicals in Abelleira and the Rites in Sagrado. So, she can send enemies too. She will talk with the players by radio, create mood, drama, and tension with her words, putting music on the radio or adding some visual effects to the map. For example, if the players are aggressive and violent, she can put corpses hanging from a post or more red lights, improving the violence of the players. The idea behind this design is that Morrigan not only plays with the players but also manipulates them.


There are different types of enemies distributed for the map. Some are part of the story, another form part of the world. The enemies will provoke the players with their words (like in Far Cry 3). These ones will change with the story and with the players’ choices.

All the enemies will attack the players but they have different AI depending on the type of enemy that they are:

Random Enemies. Open Areas

Simple AI

Like the random enemies in Far Cry.

 Have a simpler AI. They will attack, be hidden or run if they are too hurt.

Abelleira Island

Radical Caravans

  • XP
  • Money
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources
  • Ammunition
  • Medicines
  • Weapons
  • Treasure Maps
  • Exclusive Weapon Skins
  • Exclusive Charms

These are random nomad groups of Radicals. They travel for Abelleira searching for slaves, resources and other things that they can use later or sell to other Radicals. They are extremely aggressive and really well-armed.

The level of these enemies is random as well. So sometimes, the players can find an easy level 1 caravan, but others it will a level 50 caravan thirsty of the players’ blood. (Like almost everyone in the game. Because, you know, this is Far Cry. Everyone wants to kill you. That is also part of the Far Cry experience).

These enemies will not disappear from the map after that the players end with the Story Missions and the Shelter Missions.

Abelleira Island

Alfonso’s Soldiers

  • XP
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources

These enemies are searching groups that look for survivours to kidnap them. Sometimes they will already have hostages with them that the players will need to set free. They will shoot the players when they see them.

Their level, number, and type will be random.

These enemies will disappear once the players end with all the story and shelter missions in Abelleira.

Sagrado Island

Rites’ Members

  • XP
  • Crafting Resources
  • Salable Items

The players will able to find different Rites members around Sagrado Island. The difference will be exclusively aesthetics but I think this will give life and realism to the map.

The level and number of enemies will be random.

These enemies will not disappear from the map after that the players end with the Story Missions and the Shelter Missions.

Sagrado Island

Angela’s Toys

  • XP
  • Crafting Resources

These enemies are rare to find on the map. There are really aggressive and difficult to kill. Even at a low level will be a challenge.

The level will be random.

These enemies will disappear once the players end with all the story and shelter missions in Sagrado.

Paraíso Island

Enrique’s Soldiers

  • XP
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources

Similar to Alfonso’s soldiers but tougher. Have more resistance, accuracy, and damage. Also, change visually.

Enrique has these elite soldiers to help and repair the military androids that he keeps in his bases and inside of the Dome for defense.

Their level and number will be random.

All the Map

Sneaky Animals

I based this design in the Crocodiles and Bull Shark of Far Cry 3.

These enemies are animals that will attack with stealth. Some will be in a place (like the Far Cry 3 Crocodiles) and will attack when the players walk nearby. Others (like the Far Cry 3 Bull Sharks) will attack by surprise when the players are in their territory.

Shelters · Villages · Bases’s Enemies. Closed Areas

Complex AI

 I based this design on the enemies of F.E.A.R. 2.

Have complex AI. They can avoid the players’ shots, make strategy and ambushing the players. The idea is the enemies play with players as the players play with them.

Abelleira Island

Abelleira is the first island of the game but is the second of the archipelago. If we are looking from the continent the order of the islands is Sagrado, Abelleira, and Paraíso. Abelleira is the second also in dimensions. It is also known as Morrigan’s Island and its population is, in the most part, military. Only a few Rites lived in Abelleira, but SPTS end with them by kidnaping their members.

Alfonso’s Army

  • XP
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources
  • Money
  • Ammunition

These men and women are survivors trained by Alfonso. They are independent of SPRS, be loyal only to him. Wear classic military clothes and have military weapons as well. They occupy the Shelters of the Island and have Military Bases. For part of the main story of the game. Can shoot to the players, use mounted weapons, drive cars, call for help or through grenades, for put some examples.


The soldiers are the basic enemies. They are everywhere always. They wear normal military clothes and use basic weapons, like AK-47, pistols, and grenades. Have a low level, so when a shelter only has soldiers it will have a low level as well.


These are the seconds in level. They can hide to kill the players and have great accuracy. They use sniper rifles, grenades, and pistols for closed range.


These soldiers are armored and have a higher level. They use heavy guns, flash grenades and can charge against the players with powerful melee attacks. The players will need to unlock the Talent to kill them with an execution (Far Cry 3)


These soldiers are the elite of Alfonso and have the highest level. They can use semiautomatic sniper rifles, flash grenades, knives, and pistols. Can do melee attacks and use the most advanced strategy.

Example of the enemy gameplay:

The Hunters can throw a flash grenade to the players and take advantage that are blind to run and attack them with the knife, activate an animation (like when an animal attacks to the players. Far Cry 4) and give the opportunity to the players to active the Dead Shot

Radical’s Anarchies

  • XP
  • Money
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources
  • Ammunition
  • Treasure Maps
  • Exclusive Weapon Skins
  • Exclusive Gas Mask Skins
  • Exclusive Pet Skins

The Radicals are ex-military groups that appear after the GWFCE attack in 2011. These groups try to impose their own law and for that, they created military states called Anarchies. These places are very dangerous and with high base-level. The Anarchies have always a leader and several types of enemies. These types are the same as the Alfonso military. The differences are the clothing and the level. For example, if the Alfonso’s soldiers have levels between 1 and 5, the basic Radical soldiers are between 6 and 10.

Sagrado Island

Sagrado is the second island in the game, but is the first in the archipelago and also in dimensions. Sagrado has a lot of locations and its population are Rites and a few Radical Anarchies.

Rites’ Villages

  • XP
  • Crafting Resources
  • Salable Items
  • Money
  • Unique recipes to create Ammunition, Grenades and Drugs
  • Exclusive Weapon Skins
  • Exclusive Gas Mask Skins
  • Exclusive Pet Skins

The Rite’s Villages are completely random in the number of enemies, aggressiveness, intelligence, level, and type. There are several distributed for the island and are different between them. Some Rites are military but others are primitive and use spears, bows and especial grenades with poison, acid or spores. Always have a leader.

Angela’s Toys

  • XP
  • Crafting Resources
  • Salable Items (like the junk in Far Cry)
  • Money
  • Ammunition

Angela calls to the experiments her “toys” and is very cruel to them. She tortures them even when the experiment is over. That is the reason for these enemies are so aggressive and violent. They can use the Hive Mind (More information below) and use with it complex strategies against the players.  They occupy some of the Rite’s villages transformed in bases and the abandoned CSR (More information in environments) that Angela transformed in a monument to her.

Angela has two types of toys:


These ones are unstable. If Angela or a prototype is not close, they drive crazy and attack everyone without distinction. They do not feel the pain, so it will keep attacking until they are dead. They cannot use the Hive Mind and their AI are the simplest between both toy types. They use melee attacks and spores. They are fast and tough.


Angela controls these enemies always. They can be leaders and use the Hive Mind to attack the players, sending hordes of Failed Experiments, Changed or Changed Animals. They will hide and cover form the players’ attacks. They use melee attacks and spores. They are fast and intelligent.

Paraíso Island

Paraíso is the third island of the game and also it is in the archipelago. It is the smallest and a great part of its area is covered with the remains of the Clean Future’s Dome.

Enrique’s Army

  • XP
  • Salable Items (like the junk on Far Cry )
  • Crafting Resources
  • Money
  • Ammunition

Enrique’s Army consists of human soldiers and android soldiers. They are on the entire island occupying bases and defending the dome. Also, the players will find them patrolling near to the beaches and the port. They have the Clean Future’s aesthetic, the Abstract Punk.


These human soldiers are everywhere and have the lowest level on the island. Even so, kill them will be a challenge. They can use automatic fusils with scope, so they can attack in large, middle and short-range. Also, these enemies can charge against the players using batons.


These enemies were at some time the Clean Future’s army, but after the attacks, they were recovered by Morrigan’s contrabandists. When Enrique arrived, Morrigan sold to him the entire island with the androids as defense, without thinking in the threat that the SPTS will become. The androids have a complex AI and only can be killed with electrical weapons. The players will find 3 different types:


This type is big and strong and has a shield (like Montagne in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege). They use heavy weapons, mounted weapons and semiautomatic pistols, like the TEC-9.


This type is strong as well and they work as a team with the Heavy Androids. They use automatic rifles.


This type is the least on the map. They are light and precise. Use sniper rifles and knives. They can attack the players with stealth.

Closed Areas’ Leaders & Game Bosses

God AI

I based the God AI in The Director of Lef4Dead.

The Bosses and Shelter Leaders have the “divine voice” in their heads so they can react to the players pacing. The idea is that each boss and leader create a new experience each time that the players play. They can place enemies based on each players’ status, skill, and location. In addition, they can change their gameplay strategy in relation to players play. Even if they kill the players, they will change the strategy remembering the player’s steps and attacking in consequence.


The Bosses God AI will control their final areas. They can send enemies, chose the amount of ammunition and medicines that the players will find, change some visual things, like the lights.


This old military strategist of 71 years old will no surrender easily. His AI is based especially on the players’ skills. So he will know the predilect type of weapon that the players use, their accuracy, their abilities, etc.


This Symbiont Type 2 will play with the players all her want. She will use the decisions of the players, his moves and skills to manipulate them using the hallucinogen spores and for sent enemies to their position. The visions that the players will have will depend on their decisions


Confront Enrique will decision of the players. But if they decide to fight they will find a tough boss that knows better that they thought. Enrique knows all the moves, decisions and skills that the players have and made. He is a combination of Alfonso y Angela.

Shelters · Anarchies · Villages’ Leaders

There will be some Shelters, the biggest ones, that will have a leader. This leader is more complicated to kill the normal ones. They will be stronger and faster. If they kill the players, they will remember the players’ moves and attacks in consequence.

Each Shelter Leader will give unique rewards, like skins, charms or special weapons. (Like in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands)

Symbionts Type 1

More information in the section Mutations

The Symbionts Type 1 are survivors that have a perfect symbiosis between their human bodies and the fungus. Have “powers” like the Changed (more information below) but they are capable to control the parasite-fungus and do not have contagious spores, only hallucinogen ones. They can be “normal” survivors if they do not succumb to the Instinct. The Instinct is how they call to that voice generate by the fungus that tells them all the power that they will have if they use the fungus. The problem is that this drives them crazy and consumes them, transforming them into horrendous and sanguinary creatures. The Symbionts Type 1 that succumb to the Instance (the most part of them) living in the Corpse Forests and in the War Ruins.

The Changed & The Hive Mind


More information in the Mutations section.

The Changed are the name given to all the humans which bodies mutated by the Toxin. These creatures still are humans inside them, locked by the parasite-fungus. They are territorials and aggressive when they are thirsty. Any human can become in a Changed if they are exposed to the mutated Toxin that the Changed emit with their spores. When they attack, they use their mycelia and their fungus to stab the victims and suck the blood from them. They do not kill their victims ever, so they do not run out of food. They can eat animals too and they do not usually attack the Shelters for this reason.

The Changed are similar to Symbionts, with the difference that the Symbionts can control themselves and the parasite-fungus, but the Changed are fully controlled by the parasite-fungus. So, they have the “powers” of the Symbionts, like:

  •  Regeneration and self-cure.
  • The use of spores.
    • Hallucinogens.
    • Contagious (muted spores). In my world, these are called Aggressive Spores.
  • Improve their physics, like:
    • The speed.
    • The strength.
    • The agility.
    • The vision.
    • The intelligence
    • The ear
  • They do not need their lungs to breath.

When they are alone or in small groups they are not so dangerous. The players need to aim to the head or destroy the heart to stop them. This will no kill the parasite-fungus, only the “transport”, so the players will need to have careful to do not inhale the spores. However, when they are in big groups, like in the Corpses Forests, they become in a real threat. Why? Because of the Hive Mind.

The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind is the invisible God of the game. The rest (like the bosses or Morrigan) are visible to the players, but the Hive Mind is invisible to them, is only a theoretical concept.

What is it? The Hive Mind is the power that the parasite-fungus have to control a big amount of Changed using pheromones. (I based this in the actual ants and bees, which can use the pheromone to transmit information). With this method the parasite-fungus can give orders to the horde and also can use the spores to manipulate the minds of his victims, making them see their worst nightmares and using this to attack.


More information in the section Fauna.

I want that the animals represent the Far Cry experience. One of my favorite things about the Far cry Franchise is animal behavior. I fall in love with the Black Eagles in Far Cry 4 that can pick the Bharals or the bear’s fights in Primal. I think that details are the ones that make the game alive.

Each type of animal has its own AI. Some are simpler, others are more complex. The only thing that they have in common is that will attack the players, in most cases when they see them. Others will attack only if they are attacked. And the fewer cases never will attack the players. The level of the animal will change and will be random. So, for example, the players can find a herd of wolves level 1 and kill it with no problem and a minute later be killed by a deer level 50.

It can be sorted by their mutation or their type.

By Mutation

This means that the animals can have the parasite-fungus inside of its body or can be mutated by the pollution or be clean.


These animals live mostly in Paraíso Island and in the sea Biomes. They are clean. That is, they do not have any mutations.

These animals have a simple AI. They will front-attack. They never do strategy, maybe they can run if they are hurt or wait for regroup if they are in a herd. (Like the Wolfs in Far Cry Primal)


These animals can find All over the map. They have the parasite-fungus inside of their bodies and are similar to the Symbionts. They are faster and stronger than the clean animals. Also, their parasite-fungus will heal their bounds.

These animals have complex AI. They can ambush the players (like the Sabertooth in Far Cry Primal or the Black Eagle in Far Cry 4) or they can call for help (it will work like the alarms in the Shelters).


The changed birds are a problem to be bigger and stronger than a normal bird. Their powerful claws can pick up the players raise it above the ground and then let him fall.

They will ambush the players, waiting for the right moment for attack.

I based this design in the Black Eagles of Far Cry 4 and in the Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus barbatus).


These animals live mostly in Sagrado Island in the Polluted Zones. They are mutated to adapt to the high levels of pollution. They are very rare, poisonous and dangerous.

These animals have also Simple AI.

By Type

That is if the players will be able to tame them or if they are wild or meek. This refers at all mutated and clean animals.



These are everywhere and have a simple AI. The players will be able to tame after short combat and a present. I want that each tamable animal needs its own type of “present”.  (I mean… you will not give meat to a horse. Don’t you?)


They are like the Beast Master Hunts in Far Cry Primal.

These animals are special and there are only a few. The players will need to go to a special place in one of the High-Difficult Exploration Zones. Then, have combat defeating the beast and for last, heal it.

These ones have a God AI. They will ambush the players and remember their steps. Also, they can call for enemies or use the environment in their benefit, like hidden in a cave.


These are the normal animal enemies. They will attack always the players and they have a simple AI.


These will never attack the players at least the players attack them, only sometimes, other they can run away. They have the simplest AI in all the game.

NPCs & Allies


Other thing that I love from Far Cry Franchise are the NPCs. They are realistic, talking about their lives, laughing or fighting. I remember in Far Cry 3 a crazy woman that yelling at us about nonsense things or in Far Cry 5 a guy in Fall’s End that screaming, “I have an extra sandwich. Who wanted?” That kind of things make the game realistic and funny.

The players will be able to talk with the NPCs to get story parts, random missions, map information or just random phrases. Also the NPCs, like the enemies, will say phrases to the players that are based on their movements, story point, and choices.


Their AI is complex and they will react to the players doing different things. For example, if the players shot at them or hit them with a melee weapon, they will react and take revenge. Maybe throwing the players to the ground and then helping them, saying something like: “now we are in peace”. They will help the players if they are in danger. They can suffer damage from the enemies, so the players can improve them giving them Bulletproof Vest, First Aid Kits or better weapons. Also, the players will be able to buy skins to make them more unique.

The Allies will get do it the Allies Missions, even though some of them will unlock missions, like in Exploration Missions or in Secret Missions. They will have their own story missions to be unlocked and with the time, they will give more story missions to the players. They have their personality and that will be reflected in the things that they will say, how they said it and how they talk (rude, sweet or with an accent).

If the players do the Build a Shelter mission, their allies, animals included, will live there and give to the players’ missions.

I’m thinking in some like the horse need to we shod or the dog finds something and we need to follow him. Things like that.

When the allies are injured, they will apart themselves from the combat to restore their health. The players will be able to give to their allies (animals and rides included) med kits that they will use automatically (without leaving the combat area or doing an animation, so they do not lose time) when their health is under the half. Also, the players will be able to upgrade their allies with bulletproof vests, better weapons or improving their melee damage (for example, the bite of the Wolfdog).

When the allies die the players will be able to resurrect them in the allies tab on the game menu (Diary). To do this the players will need to have spores.

Tamed Animal Allies

There are two different types of tamed animals, the allies and the rides. Some, like the Shark, will be both.


I based on the tamed animals in Far Cry Primal and in Boomer, Cheeseburger and Peaches in Far Cry 5.

The animal allies can receive orders or do things by themselves, like stole the weapon to an enemy, attack to the enemies or try to scare animals to prevent that they attack us.


The complements for the pets will be able to buy in the shops.

    • Collars
    • Bulletproof Vest


Some tamed animals can become in rides, like the Dogwolf, but others like the horses or the donkey only can be a ride. They will run away if they detect peril and the players will need to call them when they are in a safe place. Also, they will able to run faster if the players want.


The skins and complements will be able to buy in the shops. (Images from Google Images)

    • Saddles
    • Clipping
    • Bulletproof Vests


The Androids can be also NPCs that work in the Shelters and workshops of the Craftsmen. They are very charismatic, represented the different aesthetics depending that how old are they or who was their Craftsman. They have a simple AI

The players will be able to unlock an android as an ally besides the Junkfound 13.