Arnela (Ela) · Mother of All Rites

AKA. Navia · AKA. Morrigan · AKA. Annabelle

Arnela (now known as Ela) is a woman that has past her entire life living in the polluted zones. From a young age, she showed interest in politics, science, theology, the mythology and folklore that surrounded her zone.

After the Right Fight, in 1975, when part of Navia became into a Dark Zone, Arnela was angry at the decisions her neighbors had made. She thought that if they hadn’t given up, maybe they would still be a Grey Zone instead of a Dark Zone. Without the electricity supply, they weren’t able to make the air and water purifiers work, getting sick quickly, and without the light, they were under the constant animals’ attacks at night. Because of this, a lot of people started to die, like Arnela’s mother, and she began to get sick also.

One day, when Arnela was searching for resources, she found a crow that was wounded in a fight. The crow was young, and even when she didn’t have too much to herself, she decided to take care of him. She healed him and fed him for weeks, and also sewed a special gas mask for the crow, to protect his eyes and nose from the pollution. A couple of weeks later, when Arnela waked up to feed her little friend, the crow already left. She continued working the rest of the morning, and in the evening, she saw the crow perched near her house. She called him, but the crow flew a few meters forwards and landed again. Arnela thought that maybe the bird was trying to show her something, so she decided to follow him. The crow guided her to a forest where she found the body of a weird bear at the roots of a big white tree. The blood was fresh and had dirty all the trunk of the tree. The crow landed at the feet of the body, with his white mask dirty with blood, looking at her. Then, Arnela came closer and took his mask, letting him eat, and with her knife, she took some pieces of meat. When she came back the next day to get more food, she discovered that the tree had “drunk” all the blood from the corpse and produced some flower that looked made of meat. She took it and realized that it was made of blood, but instead to be dark blood, like the polluted one, was light, clean red blood. That is when she started to do some experiments with her blood to discover that white trees take the blood and purify it, producing then a flower that acts as a medicine for the pollution sickness. To get more flowers in less time, she decided to use the same neighbors that ignored her and let her mother die. That is the point in her life when she chose to become a goddess that nobody will ignore again.

To avoid that anybody entered the forest, she disguised as Morrigan, with a crow mask and covered in “tattoos” painted with blood, and go to talk with a small group of people that were living near the polluted lake. These persons were like drug addicts for eat the mutated frogs and drink the dirty water from the lake, so it was easy to her convince them that she was a goddess that will protect them if they would remain loyal to her. When the inhabitants form Corvo saw this, they started to feel insecure, a situation that Arnela took as an advantage to create another goddess, Navia, Morrigan’s little sister. She began to appear in the church at night, wearing a long white hood, carrying a candlestick, and praying. In no time, she created her second Rite composed of only five members that would help her to get new victims quickly. When Corvo started to run out of citizens, Arnela put her eyes in Navia’s city and its Underground City, Annabelle. The same city that turned their back to her when she asked for help.

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Judas Saint Miller

Judas Miller had 20 years old when the Hushers attacked the Devotees. He was one the few that decided to stay on the surface instead to take refugee on the Secret Churches, even in that meant that he was forced to abandon his faith. He was recruited by the army and is working for them from that moment. His nickname, Saint, came from the fact that he is a Devote and always wears a rosary.

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Sebastián Alvar

Sebastián is a 50-years-old man. He was one of the few exceptions of “old” men that join the Free of Masks movement in 1973. He worked at ConfortLife designing androids. When ConfortLife started to limit the androids’ capacity to talk, learn, and express themselves, he fought for their “rights”, being fired as a result. When Annabelle City started to be built, he asked for a place and offered his knowledge and his androids to help in the construction and protection of the site.
Because Ela fooled him first, he feels that he have the responsibility to save the most he can from Ela’s hands.