The Inspiration for the Rites

Appedix 1

My art and my stories are very influenced by the folklore from my motherland, Galicia. Galicia has a unique mix of Celtic, Viking, and Catholic legends, as well as a beautiful language that has several words that don’t have a translation in other languages, as Morriña or Luscofusco. For the Rites from Navia, I used the most famous legend from Galicia, A Santa Compaña. A Santa Compaña is a soul procession that curses a living person to carry a cross and help them to search for new victims for their procession.

You can see the most significant influence in this legend on the Ánimas Rite. Ánimas is the Galician word for souls, and its leader, the Estadea, is the name given to the cursed victims that carry the cross. I based each member from this Rite in the five main members that conform the procession:

This legend also inspires the Nothings. As the Ánimas Rite, I based their clothes on the traditional ecclesiastic clothing and the headpiece that they wear on the metal haloes that the saint’s statues usually have.

I used as inspiration also some Celtic legends, like the Navia or Morrigan, for the goddesses that Ela creates, or Urco, for the last boss of the game.