The gameplay is simple. Players need to explore the Navia Area, walking, without vehicles, and defeat enemies with melee combat or using a bow. They will have an inventory that they can consult to choose their weapons and equipment. Players also will have some recipes to craft medicines and drugs. Finally, players will need to solve a few puzzles to complete some of the missions.


The game will only have one difficulty that will be growing with each mission that the players do. So, the first enemies, the Nothings, will be the easiest and the last one, The Urco, the hardest.

The Ghosts

After the Story Mode

When players finish the story mode, all the enemies and the mobs will raise five levels immediately. That way, the game will still be a challenge for the players that want to investigate a little bit more.

When I was thinking of the exploration mode and how to make it more interesting for the players, this idea came to me. The design will be to add “new enemies” to the game, which will be the NPCs from Corvo. Crazies for the tortures suffered by Ánimas Rite, once that their captors disappeared, they attack anything that moves, include the Resistance Camp.

More information in the AI section

Another version of this idea will be using the ghosts of the Ánimas or from their victims as new enemies. But I don’t like this idea because it kills the realism that I wanted to give to the game.


Players can consult all the tutorials in their Diaries (In-game menu).  So, every time that players doubt how to do something, they can check any time that they need.

More information in UI & Menus/In-game Menu/Tutorials

Story Mode

This is the main mode. The players need to complete the missions given by Judas and by the NPCs. With these missions, they will get better weapons and equipment that will help them to complete the next tasks. Also, they will discover the story behind the game. Theses missions are different between them, some are puzzle type, and others are combat type. Nonetheless, this game mode still is an open-world, which means that players can investigate and explore whenever they want, ignoring the missions. However, if they decide to do this, they will not finish the game or discover the whole story.

Exploration Mode

After finish the last mission, players will unlock the Exploration Mode. Even when they can explore the map whenever they want, I decided to add this mode for the players that will choose to focus on the story missions don’t miss the opportunity to explore the map. This mode will not have new tasks (at least, for the moment). However, it will have new enemies (the Ghosts), and more story (present and past) to discover, like what happened with the Resistance members or who is Ela. I want to add exciting and curious places to investigate and get more stories about the world.

More information in the Environments section


Stories Collection

More information about the Diaries as device in the Equipment section

The Diaries are a device like our smartphones, people use them during the Beautiful Days (see the Glossary section for more information) to receive all the news and advertises from their cities. The people used it as a social media device during that time, now is used more like a PDA. Players will find these devices around Navia. They will take the memories to read them in their Diaries. I want to create some memories from the old Navia inhabitants, like stories and photos.


More about combat movements in the Combat section

The movements for this game are simple. Players can walk using the W, S, A, D keys and run pressing SHIFT key on their keyboards. In combat, they need to use the MOUSE clickers for the different attacks.

Collection of Resources and Craft

More information in UI & Menus/In-Game Menu/Craft Menu and Inventory sections

Players can collect plants to craft medkits and inhalators (more information in the sections Heath· Death & Drugs and Equipment). To recollect an herb, the players need to find it and then press the E key to pick it up. The resources will be added to their inventory. In their Diaries (In-Game Menu. More information in the section UI & Menus), they can consult the recipes, the ingredients, and their inventory. From the section Craft Menu, they will be able to craft whatever they need with a click. The crafted item will be added to their inventory.


The main combat mode is melee. However, players will unlock a bow after defeat Navia.

I designed it that way for four reasons:

  1. I think that melee combat will increase a little bit the difficulty of the game, forcing the players to be close to the enemy. The bow will help the players that aren’t good with melee to enjoy the game, without decreasing the difficulty, due to the bow has short-range and low damage.
  2. Melee combat increases the intensity of the game and the battles. It makes the game more personal.
  3. All the characters that belief in a “god” (either the past, as the Devotees, in the present, as the Rites or in the future, as the Carriers of the Blessing), use melee weapons. I designed them this way to highlight their faith. In my novel, a “priest” uses a gun, and one of the characters questions his faith for that reason. So, for being Judas an ex-devout and his enemies the Rites, I think the most appropriate combat mode is melee.
  4. To keep the realism of the story. Judas’ companions in the army bully him because of being an ex-devout. They call him Saint in a bad way. Making jokes about his name and how appropriate it is due that he betrayed his faith to live on the surface. So, the army would never waste a gun in somebody expendable to them as Judas.

I based the players’ combat mode and movements on Don’t Starve, to keep them simple. However, I based the enemies’ movements on Dark Souls bosses, because I wanted to give them weight and highlight the smallness of Judas in comparison with them.

Attack and Avoid

Combat’s movements

To combat, players need to use the MOUSE. With the LEFT clicker, they will make a basic attack, and with the RIGHT clicker, they will make a heavy attack (just with some weapons, like Hunter’s Spear).

They cannot use movements to protect or avoid (like roll, for example). The reason is to reduce the number of sprites that I need to draw. To avoid enemies’ attacks, players must run/move in the opposite direction of the enemy’s attack.

The back attacks will produce more damage than the frontal attacks. If players concatenate three frontal attacks without receiving damage, they will make a critical hit. If they concatenate two in the back, they will also make a critical hit. (All of this I will have to check it out after the beta, and probably I will have to make some adjustments).

Attacks to NPCs


Players will be able to attack the NPCs. I designed it that way to preserve the realism of the game. It is kind of weird when a “magical force” prevents players from hitting the NPCs, making them “Invisibles” to their attacks or just causing them to ignore them. So, depending on the NPC, players will have a penalty or another:

  • NPCs of the Resistance Camp

If players attack the Resistance Leader or any of the NPCs on the Resistance Camp, they will receive an attention call. Something like “don’t do something that you will regret”. If players attack again, the NPCs will attack them in God Mode, so players cannot kill them, they will die if they try to confront them. Also, players will lose the Resistance Camp Missions and all the information that they can provide, like information about the Rites, their leaders, pollution levels, or places that players can visit.

  • NPCs on Corvo

The NPCs that live in Corvo are unique. In the Story Mode, these NPCs are just Navia and her Rite’s victims. They act crazy, but they are not aggressive. If players attack them, they will scream and run away. However, in the Exploration Mode (after players end the Story Mode), these NPCs will be aggressive, not only with the players also with other NPCs or mobs. Confront them will be dangerous for the players, they will deliver a lot of damage, and they will be fast (I got inspired on the Witch on Left4Dead) (More information about these NPCs as enemies in the AI section).

  • NPCs on Dead Trees Forest.

In this area are two types of NPCs: Sebastián Alvar and the sick Annabelle’s inhabitants for one side, and the Sebastian’s androids for another. However, the result will be the same no matter who they attack: androids will destroy them with no warning call. My idea is that the androids be violent with the players like ripping out their hearts with one hit or something like that.

Damage Received and Caused

Basic Rules

Players will have different weapons that will deliver different damage. The basic weapon is Judas’ Knife, called Old Faith, which will provide 10 points of damage when the attack is frontal and 20 when it is from the back. Critical hits will deliver 50 points of damage. (This could change after the alpha).

Like with the weapons, each enemy is different, having different health points, damage, and resistance. Also, the animals will have different points of damage, health, and resistance.

Damages Index (WIP)

Death & Respawns

Basic Rules

More information in the Death Section

When players die for combat, they will die with a specific animation, something dramatic, like Judas falling on his knees, like a martyr. Death is definitive, so if players die, they will need to restart the game. (At least for the moment). So, there are no respawns points, players will respawn in The Wall Gate.

Weapons Types


More information in the Weapons Part 1 and 2 Sections

Even when the main combat mode on the game is melee, the melee weapons will be different between them.

  • Short-range weapons:
    • Old Faith (Judas’ Knife)
    • Marker’s Baton
    • Estadea’s Knife
  • Medium-range weapons:
    • Morrigan’s Blades
  • Long-range weapons:
    • Hunter’s Spear
    • Navia’s Bow

Enemies & Mobs

Basics Rules and Spawns

More information in the Rites, AI, and Fauna sections

During the Story Mode, there are two basic types of enemies: The Nothings and The Ánimas.

  • Nothings

The Nothings will spawn all around the polluted area. They always have the same combat type. The Wooden ones will use Toxic Gas Grenades that will drain 3 points of health per second while the players are in the area and also, will dizzy them. (The screen will become blurred, and it will have some wave movement like in Don’t Starve when players lose their sanity, maybe I also can add come color distortion like the Bliss on Far Cry5). This moment will be taken by the Metal ones that will attack with a sword, making 50 points of damage to the players (all the damage points will be adjusted after the alpha tests). Avoid this attack will be difficult, so players should have extra careful in the polluted areas. (More information in the Enemies Section).

  • Ánimas

The Ánimas only spawn in the Corvo village area. Each member will have its spawn (Marker on the Clinic, Hunter on the Square area, Watcher on the Church’s entrance, Backup all around the Church, and the Estadea on the Church’s graveyard). Also, each member will have its weapon, combat mode, and stats (More information in the Enemies Section). For example, the Backup will have more resistance points than the rest, and the Watcher will be faster.

After the Story Mode, players will still have Nothings spawning all around the polluted areas, but there will also be Ghosts. The Ghosts are the crazy NPCs from Corvo, and they will spawn randomly around the entire map. (I based this mechanic on Far Cry Franchise. I like that everything can happen because make the map alive and keep the players interested in the game). Ghosts are violent, and it will be two types: the Possessed and the Statues. The Possessed will be running, chasing other enemies or mobs. They will ignore the players if they aren’t too close or if they don’t attack them. The Statues will be steady in a position in silent. They will attack the players when they came too near or if they attack them. (More information in the Enemies Section)

Regarding the Mobs, each one will have its spawn, behavior, and stats. However, they can be classified into three types:

  • The Peaceful

These will never attack the players. They will run away from the players, and they must chase them if they want to kill them.

Example: The Dusty (desert hares).

  • The Neutral

These will only attack the players if they attack first. They will continue attacking while players are in the area, but they will not chase them.

Example: The White Death (lake frogs).

  • The Aggressive

These will attack the players always. They will chase the player during a time (like 15 or 30 seconds), and if the players enter on their attack area again, they will hunt them again. When the time has passed, the mobs will stay in the new area instead of coming back to the first area. So if players want to explore a dangerous zone and they don’t want to fight, they can lure the mobs to chase them to move them away from the area. Also, the timer will be reset each time that the players enter in the mobs’ action area or that they attack them.

Example: The Urcos (forest wolfs).

(More information on the Fauna and AI Sections)


Basics Rules and Spawns

More information in the Rites section and in the AI sections

NOTE: I designed the Ánimas as bosses. That is why they are unique between them. However, I don’t consider them as bosses inside the game to give them a hierarchy according to the storyline. They are designed like ones and act like ones, but they are under Navia’s command, so she is the boss.

There are three bosses in the game:

  • Navia

She is the Ánimas’ leader, and her spawn is inside the church after the players take the equipment. Her combat mode is long-range, and her weapon is a bow. She will run away from the players and then shoot two or three arrows in the same shoot. Each arrow will make 10 damage points and will cause bleeding, so players will lose 3 health points per second until they heal themselves. However, each shoot (not each arrow) will produce bleeding again. If the player is already bleeding, the next shoot will not increase the bleeding damage.

  • Morrigan

She is the Nothings’ leader. Her spawn is the Nothings’ Camp near to Pregarias’ Lake. Her combat mode is middle-range. She is fast, aggressive, and ruthless. Her weapons are two long swords that will make 30 damage points each and toxic gas like the one that the Wooden Nothings use. This gas will come out from her head/hair, thanks to a special device that she wears.

  • Annabelle/Ela and her Urco

Ela will not fight anymore. I thought about it and decide that I prefer that she use an acolyte to try to finish with Judas. It has more sense to me. So, the boss will be the Urco, which is a big grey wolf with horns covered in metal armors. The Urco is slow and heavy. However, it will kill the players with one hit. If players go for a frontal attack, Urco will claw them with the paw producing 50 damage points. The second attack will be a jump that will rip the players’ heads with one hit.