Story Missions

Judas gives most of the missions to the player. I will present these missions as Judas’ thoughts. Like, I need to do this…. The NPCs from the Resistance Camp or Sebastián Alvar will give a small number of tasks to the players.

The Main Mission: Explore The Navia Area

The Map

The Army gives this mission to Judas when the game starts.

He must explore the Navia’s area to find resources for them. Also, he needs to draw a new map, marking all the new areas and the dangerous zones.

Mission 2: The Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia. Meds & Drugs. Crafting System

Judas gives this mission at the beginning of the game.

Players need to fill their Encyclopedia, discovering Navia’s flora and fauna. When players discover a new species (through hunting or collecting them), their information will appear on the encyclopedia (what it is and for what players can use it).

The Encyclopedia that Judas receives from the army has the needed flora and the recipe to make Bandages and the inhalator, Second Chance.

Judas will tell players that the first thing that he needs to do is craft some Bandages and one inhalator, just in case.

What players need to do is find the ingredients and craft the Bandages and the inhalator.

Mission 3: The Resistance’s Camp

Information. Poultice

Judas gives this mission at the beginning of the game.

As I said before, the map that Judas receive has some points marked, like Corvo village or the Lake. Other of the areas that are marked are the Resistance’s Camp. Some months after Navia became into a Dark Zone, a small group of people came close to the Wall seeking the help of the soldiers. They need it because strange people were attacking the inhabitants of Corvo and they were afraid. The soldiers informed them that they had orders to shot them if they came too close and that they couldn’t do anything for them. However, the group offered them medicines, food, homemade alcohol, and some equipment that they built if they allow them to live there, close to the Wall. So, the soldiers decided to make a deal with them and allow them to live there.

Judas says to the players that he should check this camp to ask for the strange attacks that they reported.

What players need to do is find the Resistance Camp and talk with the leader. Is marked on the map.

The Resistance leader tells Judas about the Nothings and the Ánimas and their leaders, the “goddesses” Morrigan and her sister Navia. Also, he talks about the high level of pollution that surrounds Corvo. He tells Judas that he will need better equipment if he wants to explore the area and that he could find it on Corvo’s clinic. Also, he will give Judas two new recipes, the Poultice.

Mission 4: Corvo • Better Equipment. Part 1

Church Key 1. Marker’s Baton. Medkit

The Resistance Leader gives this mission.

What players need to do is travel to Corvo village, find the clinic and get better equipment. Corvo is marked on the map and there will be signals that mark the path to the clinic.

When players reach the clinic, they will find that somebody stole the equipment. At that moment, it will appear the Marker that will mark the players with blood. When they defeat him, they will get The Church Key 1.

Also, if they look inside the clinic, they will found the recipe for the Medkit.

Mission 5: The Church • Better Equipment. Part 2

Church Keys 2, 3 And 4. Hunter’s Spear. Backup’s Vest. Watcher’s eyes

Judas gives this mission.

Judas says that may be the one that took the equipment are the Ánimas or their leader, and that he should look on the church, because of the engraving of the key.

What players need to do is find the church. There will be signals that mark the path to the church.

However, when players start to walk around the village, they will find the Hunter. The Hunter will attack them. When they defeat him, they will get The Church Key 2.

When they find the church, they will also find the Watcher. She will attack, and players should defeat her. But when she is almost done, she will call for help, and the Backup will appear. Now players should defeat both. Then they will get The Church Keys 3 and 4.

But when they try to enter the church, they will realize that they need a fifth key.

Mission 6: The Fifth Key

Church Key 5. Estadea’s Knife

Judas gives this mission.

Players should go to the cemetery behind the church and face The Estadea to get The Church Key 5. The path will be marked with candles.

Mission 7: Enter In The Church

Better Filters For The Gas Mask. Navia’s Bow.

Judas gives this mission.

Players need to open the church’s door and recover the stolen equipment. Once that they do it, Navia, Morrigan’s little sister, will appear to attack the players, accusing them of being thieves and murderers. When they almost defeat her, she will run away, letting a blood track behind.

Mission 8: Chase Navia


Judas gives this mission.

She is the reason for the suffering of all these people. She destroyed their lives, and I want to know why.

The players need to chase Navia through Pregaria area, following the blood track. (Here players will found new resources and they can chose if they want to explore or continue with the mission).

In their way, they will face Nothings that will try to stop them. The blood tracking will lead them to Pregarias’s lake, where they will find Navia’s Clothes. The end of the track will lead them to the Nothings camp.

Mission 9: Morrigan


Morrigan gives this mission.

When the players start to explore Nothing’s’ camp, they will find Morrigan, Navia’s big sister.

You wounded my sister… You kill my sons and my daughters…And I will NOT forgive you!

Now players will be forced to defeat Morrigan. However, when players almost have her, she will run away using one of her gas bombs that will knock out Judas.

The screen will go black, and players will hear a female voice.

Not this time, Judas The Saint… You proved that you are worth it. I need you…

Players will awake tied to a tree, upside-down hanging from a tree, with big open wounds on their wrists. They are bleeding out, and the blood is dirtying the tree’s roots. Then, a woman, introduced as Ela, will talk with Judas, saying that everything is fine, that he needs to rest. They will awake free and with their wrists bandaged.

Mission 10: Where I Am?


Judas gives this mission.

(Players can also investigate outside the forest, in Nothing’s Village, and around Pregarias’s area).

Players must explore the forest, discover where they are, where is Morrigan and her sister, and who is Ela.

After a while to explore, players will find Annabelle’s Rite camp, with Sebastián Alvar on it.

Mission 11: We Need Help

Information. Purple Water

Sebastián Alvar gives this mission.

Sebastián will tell Judas what are they doing there and will ask for help.

Annabelle promised a cure, but she is just killing my partners… I need help, Judas, please. We need a miracle, a real one. I don’t know who Ela is. But maybe she will have the answers that I want. I know that Annabelle is living at some point in the forest. I don’t see her in months and nobody is allowed to enter the forest beyond this camp. So, be careful.

To help Judas, Sebastián gives him the recipe for a drug called Purple Water.

Players need to enter the forest and look for Annabelle’s camp to find answers. They need to look for the jars hanging from the trees to find it.

The part of the forest closest to Navia City is a dangerous place full of aggressive animals like Serpes or Wolfs (more information in the Fauna tab). Judas must be careful to don’t end eaten by one of them.

After a while, they will find some symbols carved on the trees, colorful crystal jars hanging from the branches, some crosses and bones hanging as well, and crows perched, wearing gas masks, looking to Judas.

Mission 12: What Is Going On Here?


Judas gives this mission.

Now players need to investigate Annabelle’s Camp to discover the truth.

Around the camp are tons of items, icons, and clothing from other Rites. (Here I want to add things like Nothings’ masks, crosses, Celtic symbols and maybe some easter eggs from other games, like perhaps Far Cry 5). Also, there will be colorful crystal jars filled with bones, teeth, hair, or fingertips, hanging from the branches. Judas will also find lots of dried flowers and big jars filled with blood that Annabelle uses to water the big white trees.

At that moment, Annabelle will appear talking to Judas. When she takes off her veil, he will see that she is Ela, the woman that “saved” him. Slowly, she will take off her dress, and Judas could see the wounds that the fights against him left in her body.

My name is Ela, and I am the Mother of all Rites. You are the only one that knows my real name. And that is for a reason. The same reason why I save you instead let you die covered in pollution. You have faith. You still wear that cross even when that means teasing and pain. I admire that, and together, we could do amazing things.

However, Judas refuses to join Ela after to know how much pain she caused. So she decides to destroy him so he can tell the truth to Sebastián.

(Ela will explain Judas her plan and why she used the Rites)

Mission 13: Unpleasant Answers


Ela gives this mission.

To fight against Judas, Ela will call her servant, The Urco. He will attack the players while she runs away. Players should defeat him to chase Ela. However, they will reach the High Level of Pollution Area, marked in red on their maps. Judas will tell them that move forward is suicide, so they should come back with Sebastián. After talking to him, the players will have finished the story mode.