Beautiful Days, The

This is the name given to the 40 years of peace and luxury that humans lived before the Energetic Crisis and the Hard War. This age started with the creation of the first androids that helped with the heavy duties, leaving more time to humans for the essential tasks, like the cure of diseases or the eradication of poverty.


Clean Future

Clean Future was an ecologist group conformed by several rich men and women concern for the environment. They created summits in 1960 to try to make conscience about the situation of the planet. In these summits, they offered ecological solutions that would have supposed the end of the comforts and luxuries that the people were so accustomed to. This made that The Hushers attacked the summits and the Clean Future bases, killing many members. After the attacks, a lot of civils went out to celebrated these murders and ask for more attacks. This situation forced Clean Future to buy the governments the remaining natural reserves and protected them with the Domes. Part of the group did not agree with this decision. They thought that the best that they could do was fight for Mother Earth, even if that means their death. However, most of Clean Future rejected this violent idea and separated the group: Clean Future at one side and Green Warriors For Clean Earth on the other.


Dark Zones

Dark Zones was the name given to all the places that ran out of electricity during the Energetic Crisis. In these places appeared the first Rites. The first ones appeared in 1975.

Devotees, The

During The Beautiful Days, most of humanity was atheist, only small groups of believers remained scattered for the planet. In 1963, convinced that recent events, like global warming, were part of the several prophecies about the end of the world, they join up under a unique sacred book, called The Truth, and preach about the coming Armageddon. But, as it happened before with Clean Future, people didn’t want to listen to bad news. This results in a massacre by the hand of the Hushers. They attacked the Devotees in the streets and their sacred places. Groups of Devotees were tied at the street lamps and left there to die, being mistreated every day by the passersby. In 1964, the Devotees decided to run away to the Secret Churches, underground constructions with everything that they need to survive. These constructions were made thanks to the governments’ money, as a payment for the services that religions give to them in the past.


Constructions built surrounding a natural reservation, usually in the shape of a semi-sphere. They were well-protected with androids and drones.
The Domes became in a tourist attraction, sold by the governments as the worst and dumbest inversion ever.


Grey Zones

The Grey Zones was the abandoned places by the governments. They were last on the lists to receive energetic resources, medicines, or food.


Hard War, The

The Hard War began in 1975 and ended in 1995.  It was a world conflict that confronted the countries in search of energetic resources.


Groups formed by civils with the mission to silent any threats to the common welfare. Like Clean Future in 1960 or The Devotees in 1963.


Obligatory Prostitution Service (O.P.S.)

This law was approved in December 1977 and allowed the government to exchange healthy women for energetic resources. They use these women as prostitutes, maids, slaves, or nannies. In August 1983, they amplified the OPS law to men until 16 years old.


Polluted Zones

These areas are marked as dangerous by the governments. The amount of pollution in these zones makes impossible travel through without and appropriate equipment. Several new animal and flora species have been discovered in these areas, living beings mutated by the pollution, that are aggressive and highly poisonous.


Red War, The

The Red War was a conflict that happens in February 1984 and confronted the Free of Masks Army and the Government’s Army. The governments wanted the healthy people that were living in the subway for the OPS and the army. They attack during weeks, but the Free of Masks Army was winning in all the Underground Cities. Two months after the beginning of the conflict, the Government’s Army surrendered and left the fight. A week later, the Underground Cities were celebrating their victory when the Government’s Army bombed their cities, isolating the cities and killing lots of innocent people. Only a few Underground Cities had enough time to respond to the attack, blowing all the entrances to the cities under the motto «We Decided How We Live. We Decided How We Die».
The called the battle Red War for the red emergency lights that were activated after the bombs and that made the blood “disappear”.

Right Fight, The

When the Energetic Crisis began in 1975, the governments decided to cut the electric supply in the farms and villages that were in the periphery of the big and medium cities, creating the first Dark Zones. These places were characterized before to have many polluted areas and fauna and flora spices that had mutated because of the pollution, becoming toxic and poisonous. Due to this reason, these areas were almost abandoned, and the farms and villages were already needy. But, when the governments decided to cut the electricity supply, that was a point of non-return. The inhabitants of the now call Dark Zones created their army and started a civil war that they called The Right Fight. First, they attacked the closest Gray Zones (the ones that still had supplies from the government). However, instead of use violence from the beginning, they sent women and men to try to convince the inhabitants of these areas of their inevitable fate. These people were called The Dark Clouds. They used worn clothing as a way to show how poor they already were when the government took everything from them. They managed to convince many that join them into the fight. Together, they attacked the White Zones and started a blood bath.

However, after only one month, the government offered the Gray Zones more medic and food supplies if they left the fight. They accepted the proposal, letting the army of the Dark Zones without soldiers and ending the civil war just three months since its beginning.

In June of 1975, the government built The Wall that separated the Gray and White Zones from the Dark Zones, isolating the survivors of the civil war.

Rites, The

The Rites are groups of persons that survive in the Dark Zones. These groups have their own beliefs, languages, and stories. Many have been reported as crazy and violent.


Trade Cities

The Trade Cities born in 1966 as a try from the governments to distract the population from the Energetic Crisis. These cities were full of luxury and pleasures. They were leisure centers, with casinos, hotels, shops, spas… Whatever you want or imagine was there.
During the Hard War, they were used as shelter by the richer and were protected by the governments.


Underground Cities

In 1973, after seeing all the warnings from Clean Future become real, the younger decided to do something by themselves. The first idea was to go out and claim for a solution to the governments, but the memory of the Hushers’ attacks was too powerful. So, a small group had the idea to «leave the world» as a silent protest and go to the abandoned subways to form their new society there. This movement gained force during the year, and for the end of 1973, several Underground Cities were already built and protected. With time, their movement and their army were known as Free of Masks.
These cities were an homage to freedom and art, full of color and music.


White Zones

This was the name gave to the inhabited zones during the Hard War. These were the “richer” zones and was separated to the rest with The Wall, a weak construction made with metal leftovers from cars, planes, androids… that was heavy protected by the governments after The Right Fight.