Health · Poisoning · Death · Drugs

Players will have a Health Bar with 100 points (maybe I will have to adjust this after the alpha), and they will lose points each time that they receive damage. However, they will able to cure themselves using the medkits that they will craft. Also, some drugs will increase their damage resistance or even their life momentarily. Players will die when they lose all their health points.


Players can suffer damage by Enemies, Mobs, or the Environment. More information in their sections.

Judas’ health will be represented by a bar. This bar will have 100 health points inside, and it will get progressively empty when players receive damage. The bar will be painted with four colors, red, orange, yellow, and green. These colors will represent the amount of heath that Judas has left. The red being the least amount of life and the green being the biggest.

There will be two ways to lose health, one Direct, and another Progressive.

  • Direct damage

The damage comes from the enemies’ hits. Each hit (from a weapon or a bite, for example) will take a specific number of health points from the players’ bar. Some of these damages could produce also Bleeding.

  • Progressive damage

The damage comes from:

  • Gas Grenades (more information in the Enemies Section)
  • Toxic gases. Environmental or from some animals, like the lake frogs. (More information in the Fauna and Environment Sections)
  • When the gas mask filters get saturated with pollution. (More information on the Equipment Section)
  • By Bleeding. Bleeding only happens with some weapons (Navia’s Bow, Morrigan’s Blades, and Hunter’s Spear) and some mobs attacks (Urco’s Scratch). When the players bleed, they will lose 3 health points per second until they heal.

This damage will take small amounts of health points during a determined time (for example, bleeding will cost 3 health points per second until players heal themselves).

Both damages types can be healed using medkits and bandages. Nevertheless, the damage produced by any pollution or gas (included when the gas mask filters get saturate) only can be treated using the medkits or poultice. (More information here )

In addition to the damage, some fumes and gases will produce Poisoning. (More information here )

Medkits & Bandages

Healing & Stop Bleeding

Healing points and the number of ingredients can change after the alpha

It will be three types of medkits, and all must be crafted in the Craft Menu. All of them will stack on the players’ inventory.

  • Bandages
    • Ingredients
      • Old rags
    • Healing Points
      • 15 points
      • It doesn’t stop the damage produced by gas or fumes.
      • It doesn’t cure poisoning.
      • Stops bleeding.
  • Poultice (in honor to Infestation)
    • Ingredients
      • Old rags X2
      • Tar Berries X1
    • Healing Points
      • 30 points
      • Stops the damage produced by gas or fumes.
      • Cures poisoning.
      • Stops bleeding.
  • Medkit
    • Ingredients
      • Old rags X4
      • Tar Berries X2
      • Meigas’ Tears X2
    • Healing Points
      • 100 points
      • Stops the damage produced by gas or fumes.
      • Cures poisoning.
      • Stops bleeding.

Players will be able to craft Bandages since the begging of the game. With the Story Mission 3, they will unlock the Poultice recipe, and with Story Mission 4, they will unlock the Medkit recipe.

Players can find Tar Berries all around the map. Meigas’ Tears will be more difficult to find because it will have a specific spawn area. (More information on the Flora Section). The Old Rags will be on corpses, enemies’ bodies, houses, or camps.

Players can use them whenever they need, pressing the key V.


Some toxic gases (from grenades and the environment) can produce random Poisoning.

Poisoning will produce effects like:

  • Dizziness.This effect will blur and distort the screen. Players can heal it with Medkits or Poultice after they leave the area of effect. They can use Medkits or Poultice to heal the pollution damage, but, the dizziness will not disappear while they are inside the area of effect. If they don’t use any healing item, the dizziness will disappear in 10 seconds on its own.
  • Paralysis. Players will not be able to move in 1 second, and then they will move very slowly. Players cannot heal this effect. It will stay for 5s or during they remain in effect area.



Death will be definitive (at least for the moment). If the players die, they will lose the game and all their progress, being forced to start again. I designed this way to give more intensity to the gameplay, to simplify the programming, and to keep the game the most realistic possible. Because it is a short game, I don’t think this will be a problem. However, I concern about the stress level that this mechanic can produce on players and how easily they can get bored with the game if they die more than once. Also, I am concern about the Exploration Mode. If the players die in that mode, they will be forced to play all the Story Mode again, and I think that this will make the gameplay annoying. So, maybe, after the alpha, I should check this mechanic and add some area checkpoints, like in Dark Souls, for example.



Drugs are the powerups in Annabelle’s Story. In my novel (Gas Mask War. The Endless War), the characters use water pipes to smoke drugs and other things. I designed them based on the Arab Hookahs and in the vapers or electronic cigarettes. Here I called them Inhalators. (More information about the Inhalators as a device on the Equipment Section)

The inhalators need to be crafted on the Craft Menu like the medkits. Players can use them whenever they need, pressing the key C.

These are the Inhalators in Annabelle’s Story:

  • Second Chance

This drug will give to the players for 30s (determinate after alpha) extra life points. So, if players don’t have medkits or time to craft one, they could use this drug and have a second chance. The idea is that they will have a «ghost» bar with 50 or 70 health points extra over their health bar. When the time passes, this «ghost» bar will disappear. Players cannot heal this new bar to recover these points. So, if they use a medkit during the effect of the drug, they will heal their real health bar, but never the «ghost» bar.

    • Ingredients
      • Tar Berries X4
  • Purple Water

This drug allows the players to do not feel the pain. That means that players will have a damage reduction and no SFX on the screen during 30 seconds.

    • Ingredients
      • Meigas’ Tears X2
      • Spike Crown X2
  • Ela’s Secret · Exploration Mode

When players finish the Story Mode, they can explore Ela’s Camp. There they will find a recipe to create a drug using the Blood Magnolias. This drug will increase their resistance to pollution forever, which will allow them to explore during more time without worry about their gas mask filters.

    • Ingredients
      • Blood Magnolia X3
      • Judas’ Blood
      • Pollution