Appendix · Rite’s Inspiration

In my first GDD, I used Rites too and I created an appendix showing a little bit of my inspiration for them. Here you can check it.

When the Energetic Crisis began in 1975, the governments decided to cut the electric supply in the farms and villages that were in the periphery of the big and medium cities, creating the first Dark Zones. These places were characterized before to have many polluted areas and fauna and flora spices that had mutated because of the pollution, becoming toxic and poisonous. Due to this reason, these areas were almost abandoned, and the farms and villages were already needy. But, when the governments decided to cut the electricity supply, that was a point of non-return. The inhabitants of the now call Dark Zones created their army and started a civil war that they called The Right Fight. First, they attacked the closest Gray Zones (the ones that still had supplies from the government). However, instead of use violence from the beginning, they sent women and men to try to convince the inhabitants of these areas of their inevitable fate. These people were called The Dark Clouds. They used worn clothing as a way to show how poor they already were when the government took everything from them. They managed to convince many that join them into the fight. Together, they attacked the White Zones and started a blood bath.

However, after only one month, the government offered the Gray Zones more medic and food supplies if they left the fight. They accepted the proposal, letting the army of the Dark Zones without soldiers and ending the civil war just three months since its beginning.

In June of 1975, the government built The Wall that separated the Gray and White Zones from the Dark Zones, isolating the survivors of the civil war.

After this, the Dark Zones was forgotten, but not for so long. Only two years after, in 1977, The Wall moved back, letting behind many medium and small cities that conformed the Gray Zones, just like the Dark Clouds warned. No much time after, some of the smaller cities reported to the bigger ones, that some unknown enemies attacked them and found some civilians dead. These reports happened in different cities, in different Dark Zones and what the inhabitants found after the attacks were completely different. Some found corpses without the organs, other found items, like dolls, other just found symbols painted with blood… The leaders decided to send recognition parties. But many of them never came back, and the ones that did it told stories about awful places full of weird icons and strange objects. This situation forced the survivors to gather in the same city and fortify it. The solution that was for the worse, producing more attacks that left behind more and more victims.

A year after these events, in 1978, more Gray Zones join the Dark Zones, and the government’s army started to explore them searching for resources of any kind. However, what they found were the Rites. A bunch of people that the darkness, the hunger, the thirst, the cold, the illness… all that kind of bad things ended up driving them crazy. Cities and village abandoned, covered in blood, symbols and strange icons. Forests protected by warriors that spoke in weird languages. Towns built on lakes’ surfaces. Trained crows and bears were wearing gas masks… Those places weren’t any more part of the world that the White Zones’ army usually knew. That was a new world. One wild and weird.

Nobody knows with accuracy how many Rites are, what their beliefs are, or how many members have each one. The only thing that is known for sure is that if you enter any Dark Zone, prepare to face them.
NOTE: The soldiers were in charge of putting the name to the Rites. So in this case, it is Judas who gives a name to the Rites of the game.

The Rites in the Game

In this case, it is Ela the one that creates the Rites of the area. She drugs and makes groups of people sick to go in their help later, dressed as a goddess.

In 1975, Navia still was a Grey Zone, and the near new Dark Zones sought their support for the Right Fight. Ela saw that people, dressed in worn clothes, asking for help, as an omen of what would happen if they didn’t fight. For that reason, she joined the Right Fight and led a big group of people in the battle. However, when the government sent a big cargo with medicines, food, water, and a lot of goodies with a letter that promised more cargos if the abandoned the fight, Ela saw how easy is buy and manipulate the humanity. She begged that not to hear the lies from the government. She tried to remember them what happened with Clean Future and the Devotees, even she searched for help into the Underground City Annabelle, but everything was in vain. Nobody listened to her, and just two years after, it happened: The Wall left them behind. Navia became in a Dark Zone. No more supplies. No more electricity. Only the resentment from the abandoned survivors from the Right Fight and the pollution.

When the Rites from the old Dark Zones attacked for the first time, and Ela saw their beliefs in ancient myths, she had the idea to become a goddess. Something that nobody would ignore again. And that way she created her first rite, Ánimas, and her first goddess, Navia.


The Protectors · Polluted Areas

This is the first Rite that Ela created. She did it as, Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of death. She created this Rite to be soldiers that will protect her against the other Rites and the government’s soldiers. Their base is inside an old church in the center of the ruins of an ancient village called Corvo. Nothings never talk, and they wear metal and wood masks with faces engrave on them. The masks have halos around them, attached with nails and metal scraps. They wear long white capes, without arms and a high black necks. They use the same drug that Ela used with them to attack their victims. They carry gas bombs under their capes, and they release it when they are close enough of their victims, dizzy them, and allowing a melee attack.


The Hunters · Corvo’s Ruins

She did it as, Navia, the ancient Galician goddess of rivers and prosperity, also known as the boatwoman that drives the souls through the river to the Otherworld. She created them as hunters that would bring victims to her to transform them into adepts for some of the Rites or to get their blood. The Ánimas are five and are dressed differently between them:

  • Estadea. He wears a long black hood and carries a big wooden cross. He acts as the leader of the group.
  • Marker. He marks the victims’ homes with blood, wears a long red hood, and carries an aspergillum that he uses as a baton.
  • Watcher. She will give the alarm when somebody tries to escape or if somebody comes too close to the church. She wears a long white hood, a candle crown, and a bell that she uses to call the Backup.
  • The Backup. He is the stronger one and is well protected with a leather and metal vest. He helps with the “complicate” victims. He wears an Urco’s mask (a Galician legend that talks about a dog with horns and chains that lives in the Alén, Galician’s Underworld) with copper horns.
  • The Hunters. She is faster than the rest and is responsible for the hunt. She wears a white hood in a cone shape and carries a long spear.

All of them are aggressive and violent. All also wear gloves that covered with wax from the candles that they use to light their way. Their base is inside an old church in the center of the ruins of an ancient village called Corvo.

Annabelle’s Rite

The Farm · Dead Trees’ Forest

This is the third Rite that Ela created. She did it as, Annabelle. The name of the Rite came from a statue that was in the Underground City Annabelle. Annabelle was the representation of all the things that matters need to be seen with our spiritual eyes.

When Ela ran out of blood for her trees, she looked for new victims in the recent Dark Zone, Navia’s City. There, she discovers that the Underground City Annabelle is being stalked by other survivors and inhabitants of the city decided to blow the entrance to protect themselves, giving Ela an idea. She knew that those kinds of cities have ventilation ducts, and even if they blow the entries, they won’t blow them. So, she took mutated spores from the lake and put them into the ducts. As she predicted, the inhabitants started to feel sick in a short time. Then, she dressed as the statue and started to walk the corridors and the tunnels, singing or whispering, waiting for somebody to saw her. That was Sebastián Alvar, the leader of the city. She talked to him about the cure to their illness and lured him to the forest. There, she cut his veins and used his blood to gain a small flower. Then, she gave it to him with extra medicine on it, to be sure that he will feel better in no time. After this “miracle” Sebastián brought to the forest his partners to be cured. However, Ela never gave them the same medicine. The only thing that she wanted was their blood to get flowers for herself and her crows. In addition, she chose this city and its inhabitants as an act of revenge for ignored her after the Right Fight.