Story Presentation & Story Toolset

Story Presentation

How I deliver the story to the players?

  • Missions. The story will be presented with the missions that NPCs and Judas will give to the players. Through them, players will discover the map, meet NPCs and Enemies, and will discover what is going on in Navia.
  • NPCs. They will bring the story to the players. I want to use dialog scenes in which players can interact with the NPCs and the story, making them part of it.
  • Clothing, Complements (like the gas mask) and Weapons. Each Rite has their style that will represent their beliefs. Even when I want that all have a common patron (Galician Catholic Church), everyone has their aesthetic. With this, I want two things. The first one is telling the story of that Rite, from where Ela took the inspiration to create it and to make them believe in her words. (For example, I based the Ánimas Rite on the Galician legend A Santa Compaña). The second thing that I want is that the players see the patron between the Rites, making a little spoiler about Ela’s intentions.
  • The Environment. Like with the Rites, every place on Navia has its characteristics that will tell the story of the area and making the map feel alive. Also, some regions in Navia will reinforce the Rite’s beliefs, with assets and decorations that will give personality to those zones.
  • Diary. The whole story will be saved on Judas’ Diary, so players can go and read it whenever they want.

Story Toolset

Which tools can I use to make the story attractive?

  • Skip vs. No Skip. It is essential to allow the players to skip the dialog scenes. These players will lose the story, but they will conserve the “important” information about the mission. They can check it in their Diaries. However, if they don’t skip the dialog scenes, they will discover easily new places on the map, like resource areas or maybe some treasure hunting.
  • Achievements. I want to give the players some achievements for their actions, and I think one or two of those could be to discover all the story, and for not skip any dialog scene.
  • Investigation. Players will discover more information about Navia and more story the more they investigate (either in the story mode or the exploration mode).