Temporal Line

The Story Before the Game

  • 1930

    The Story Begins

    ConfortLife creates the first androids, making the life of the people easier.

    The social classes disappear and with it, poverty, hunger and most of the diseases. It starts a period of peace and safety called The Beautiful Days .

  • 1950

    First Polluted Zones

    The waste of energetic resources in the name of comfort and luxury is killing the planet very fast. The first aquifers dry up and an alarming number of forest and animal species are disappearing. Appear the first Polluted Zones and a lot of small cities are abandoned for the pollution.


  • 1960

    Clean Future

    In January, Clean Future creates the first Environment Summit, trying to make conscience about the coming energetic crisis.

    In February, the called Hushers to attack the summits and the headquarters of Clean Future. Several people die during the attacks.

    Tired for the oppression, Clean Future decides to buy to the governments the remaining Natural Reservations, protecting them with the amazing Domes .

  • 1963

    The Devotees

    Most of the society is atheist, only remain smalls groups of believers scattered for the planet. Convinced that the recent events like global warming are part of the several prophecies about the end of the world, they decide to join up under an only sacred book, called The Truth and preach about the coming Armageddon. They call themselves, The Devotees .

    In August, the Hushers hunt The Devotees and attack all the sacred places. It is a massacre.


  • 1964

    The Secret Churches

    As a consequence of the attacks, The Devotees create the subterranean Secret Churches and disappearing for saving their lives. Some of them decide to sacrifice their faith to still living at the surface. Most of them ended in the governments’ armies, running away from the violent Hushers and the bullying from the rest of the people.

  • 1966

    The Trade Cities

    In an attempt to distract the population from the close energetic crisis, the governments decide to create the Trade Cities, fulls of opulence and luxuries.


  • 1970

    The Beginning of the Energetic Crisis

    The Energetic Crisis is a reality.
    The money is devalued. The people start to use barter as a payment method. Electricity becomes the most expensive “coin”.

  • 1973

    The Underground Cities

    The younger people, unhappy with the situation and how the governments manage the situation, decide to follow the example from Clean Future and the Devotees and run away to the abandoned subways. It starts that way the construction of the Underground Cities and the creation of the Free of Masks Army.


  • 1975

    The Beginning of the Hard War

    The Hard War begins, but not yet world scale. The first Dark Zones appear. The energetic resources are in short supply. The mortality goes up. The richer takes refuge at the Trade Cities.

    In March, the first Dark Zones appear and start a civil war called
    The Right Fight that faces the inhabitants of the new Dark Zones against the White Zones .

    In April, the government buys Gray Zones’ part of the soldiers with more food and medicine supplies, letting the Dark Zones’ army almost without soldiers.

    In June, the Right Fight ends and The Wall is built.

  • 1977

    The OPS is Approved

    The Hard War and the Energetic Crisis go bigger every day, eating cities and countries, for that reason the governments approve the   OPS (Obligatory Prostitution Service) law only for women.

    The Wall moves backward letting several Gray Zones behind, which become in Dark Zones. The Rites are discovered for the first time. There are several attacks in the new Dark Zones.


  • 1978

    The Rites

    The Wall moves even more. The Gray Zones disappear completely. Only left White Zones and Dark Zones.

    Governments start to explore and plunder the Dark Zones searching for resources of any kind, even human. The existence of the Rites is confirmed and many areas are marked as dangerous.