Aloia Garat & Jacob Lias. Da Chorona’s Story

During the Red War the subway that connected Sagrado with the continent was bombed, collapsing part of the island and making an entire city sinks. Also, this made that all the archipelago stay isolated from de continent. This favored the apparition of many Rites on the island, include one formed by the survivors of the Red War. The leaders of this military Rite, similar to the current Radicals, was two brothers with very separate ideas. The oldest one thought that was the Providence the one “who” had saved them. However, the youngest one thought that his brother was stupid and what the only thing that had saved them was the military preparation that they had. These discussions ended in real fight between the two brothers. The old wanted to create a statue in honor to Providence, but his brother could only think in prepare the people to war convinced that the government will strike again. As consequence the brothers separate in different sides, seeing each other as enemy.

The time passed and the Rite of the oldest brother based their beliefs in the conviction of the Providence “lives” in the sea and that is why this is so unpredictable. If they wanted that something happen, they would write their wish on a paper, put it in a bottle and tied a personal offering with a red cord. For example, if they wanted get marry they would tied a ring or if they want a baby they tied a piece of hair or a seed. Then they threw it into the sea. If the bottle disappears would means the Providence listened their wish. Also this Rite have a special women capable to see the future using a crystal ball. They collected seawater when tide was high and moon full. Then they put it in a special bowl with oils, flowers, salts and other components like carbon. When everything was ready, they put the ball inside the bowl and make it spin, letting them see the future. Years after the creation of the Rite born a girl with her eyes almost white. Her parents called her Aloia and when she was six they discover that she could make predictions with accuracy without the crystal ball, like predict storms or accidents. They considered her a gift from the Providence, they made her a saint and it was prohibited to everyone touch her for keeping her clean. Only her parents was allowed to do it.

When Aloia had 27 years she started to have dreams of a red wolf with blue eyes who talk with her about his that his family was in danger. With the pass of the days, she started to see the wolf even when she was awake. The wolf was severe injured in a paw and had a collar on his neck with two coins. One day that she was collecting flowers for a ceremony, Aloia saws the wolf walking behind her and decide follow him without say to anyone. She walked for hours until she arrive a river where the wolf disappeared. She search for it for a while and when she was about to surrender she saw a man on the water, behind a rock. The man was injured in the leg and had the hair red. Forgetting completely about the rules of her Rite, she ran to help the man. She was secure that that man was the wolf that she had seen for days. However, seeing his blue eyes and the two coins on his neck confirmed it. She took the man on her arms and know in that precise moment that he was her destiny. His name was Jacob Lias and his Rite had been attack by other Rite. For save his life and the life of his family she decide lie to her Rite saying that she had a vision of the destruction of the Rite if they do not help Jacob’s family.   The problem was that Jacob’s Rite was the enemy of Aloia’s Rite. And even with the warning of the destruction, the leader of the Rite refused to help Jacob. In addition, he abandoned him in forest injured as he was. However, Aloia knew that Jacob was her destiny, so at night she ran away convinced that she will find him again. The man had been try to walk, but he was very weak and had passed out some meters later. For days, she took care of him in a close cave. The more time she spent with him, more convinced she was of taking the right decision. However, not everyone was so happy. On night, her Rite appeared in the cave taking her by force and hitting Jacob very hard. She thought he was dead. She cry and scream until she lost all forces to do it and passed out. When she waked up, was tied to a pole in the beach. Surrounding her was several offerings to the Providence. The leader said to her that the thing she did was a blasphemy and now that was her punishment. The offerings was silent wishes of the people, some for saving her other for punisher. The idea was that when the tide highs the Providence will read all the wishes and decide if she deserves live or die. If she deserves live she will not drown. This time she did not scream or cry, only look at the grey sky and wished in silent for die like her beloved Jacob.

A few hours later, Jacob appeared in the beach to saving Aloia. The tide was rising, but he managed to untie her. Jacob know there was a dangerous cave that connect Sagrado with Abelleira. When the tide is high, the tunnel get sink, but they thought that if they ran they will get to the other island and be save. But it was not like that. Someone saw them running to the cave and the entire Rite chase the lovers. Both was tired and injured. She have skin and the lips blue and purple. He was bleeding for his head. When they entered in the cave they inhaled by accident the hallucinogen spores of the fungus. That make them feel dizzy and have visions. The tide was rising fast making the rocks slippery and the water dangerous. The Rite was very close. A wave impact on them making Jacob fall and hit his head again. Aloia fall with him. She do not have strengths to move, barely feels her hands or feet. They are dead and she know it. In a desperate act, she takes her pendant and Jacob’s necklace and holding him with all her strength ask her wish: live with him or die with him. In that moment, a big wave hit her again and took both to the bottom of the sea before the eyes of her Rite.

No one saw them again. Their bodies or their necklaces never appeared. They was searched, but never was find again.