Jericho’s Demons

You believe that I am the Death, like the rest, but there are women worse than me. You know? I saw men hitting women only for be a woman. I felt them using me as a doll or a weapon. However, no men broke me more than the women did. That is curious thing about men and women, you know? You can break my body, my mind, you can use me and throw me into the trash… but you never will able to broke my spirit like a women does. I stopped crying when I realized that. When I realized the power I had as a woman. That is one that things that nobody talk about. The people assume that if you are a woman you are weak, you cannot be more than that and if you are a man, then you are strong and nothing can break you. You don’t feel the pain. You don’t cry. You don’t suffer… because you are a man… Is easy for everyone believe in that and don’t think more. But no man break me as I break the men. I hear their screams inside my head, you know? Like I can read you mind now, I can read the rest. I feel their voices screaming, locked in their heads, because if their cry, if talk, they are not strong. If they suffer, if they have the heart broken, they are not men. And that stigma was create by the women. We have that power… but this is a truth that you know better than no one, no Jericho?

Jericho was born in a matriarchal radical Rite. At the begging, this Rite was patriarchal. The men have the women exclusively as objects. With the time, a group of young women with the support of several men changes that situation making a rebellion. They probed that they can be able to do the same as man. It was a declaration of rights, a fair battle that they won. However, when the time of chose a new leader come, some women decide to put in charge an old man. He was wise and full on knowledge, also was one of the great defenders of the women during the rebellion, protecting them, heal them, teach them… so women want to show respect and gratitude set him a leader. However, the most part of women was against this. They proclaimed that will be a mistake, that will return the power to the men, even when all the point of the rebellion was not a fight for the power, was a fight for the rights and equally. This situation ends with the setting of a radical woman as leader of the Rite that become it in matriarchal Rite.

After this, women star to abuse the men. Trait them worse than animals. They was not allow to talk in public or even in their homes. They was force to use a veil for be secure that they will ever look to other women. They was not allow anymore to work or make any decisions without the supervision of a woman, because they was consider dumb and useless.

Was in this situation that Jericho born. His mother hate him only for be a man. Abusing of him, punish him for sins that he did commit yet. He was locked in cage like the pig, the animal that he was for her. Jericho’s father was tired of that situation. He understand, like many men, the pain of the women and thought that, that situation will change with time. However, that never happen and the situation was pressure cooker ready for explode. So, he took Jericho and run away.

—And even that, do not you hate women? Wow… that is… impressive Jericho.

—No, is not! Is just the right thing to do. Becoming in what that hurt me and dedicate myself to hurt others will only provoke more suffering. That is the fucking problem with this world! A war after a war. A battle after a battle… For what? In the name of what? If you want to extinguish a fire, you don’t use fuel. And that, my dear Angela… that is not admirable or impressive… is just the right thing to do.