The Rites Inspiration

I based the Rites in the folklore from Galicia. My homeland is very magical and dark and has very ancient costumes that are visual precious to use in a videogames like this. Galicia is full of these traditions and rituals. Each parish and district have its own traditions, beliefs, legends, stories, and Saints. Traditions that are mixed between the mysticisms of the Celts and pagans with the darkness of the churches, crosses and Catholic’s beliefs. Here some examples.


This are the traditional dance of Galicia. The dresses change between communities.

O Entroido

This are the carnivals from Galicia. You can find the Cigarrones in the region of Monterrey; the patrollers (patrullas) in Xinzo or “A Baixada da Morena” in Lanza, when the people throw flour and living ants. Yep. I’m not lying.

A Santa Compaña

This is the most iconic legend from Galicia. Souls that hunt livings.

Os Maios

The celebration of the spring.

Noite Meiga · San Xoan · Witches Night

In this nigh, the shorter of the year, the Cacharelas (bonfires) lit to scare the meigas (witches), diaños (something like trolls) and the bad sprits in general. The people jump over the bonfires to have a good year and purify themselves. In the second photo, you can see a bruxo (something like a wizard, more dark, more Celtic) making an alcoholic beverage called A Queimada made with Aguardiente de Orujo (Orujo schnapps. Very hard), peel of lemon or orange and coffee beans. And reciting the Conxuro (spell) in loud voice. Then you can drink it using a “Cunca”, a clay cup.

Meigas · Witches

This is the most important figure in Galicia’s folklore. “As Meigas” are witches that can be good or bad. They can be healers, give good luck or bring curses upon the earth or the houses. In Galicia, there is also the Bruxas that are always bad, eve making pacts with the devil. “As Meigas” are similar to the Celtic healers and use the “Old Religion”, that is it the Celtic religion and beliefs. There is a lot of rituals and amulets for the protection against as Meigas and Bruxas and their “conxuros” (spells) and Mal de Ollo (hex). The most used amulet is the Figa.