Biomes Appendix: Shelter Types

  • Hospital Shelters

    Investigation & Healing

    These ones are focused on the task of investigating the Toxin, search for answers and a possible cure. Also, they are altruist shelter that heals any survivor that need help.

  • Hotel Shelters

    Rest & Food

    These ones are prepared to receive survivors who are passing through. The most part of them is inside of other shelters or in the seashore, where the survivors can stay to make business with the Artisans, the Contrabandists or the Fishermen.

  • Farm Shelters


    These ones are unique because they are small towns with houses made off stone or wood (like the rustic villages from Galicia) but with the peculiarity that they are stacked ones over others. Like weird and rustic buildings. They do this to have more space inside the walls for the animals and the farmlands.

  • Workshop Shelters

    Repairs & Building

    These ones are prepared to build and repair anything from weapons to vehicles going by houses or machinery parts. They are built in old scrap yards or shipyards, with their houses made with the rests from vehicles and scrap. These ones usually have Hotel Shelters inside. Are like mini Trade Shelters.

  • Trade Shelters

    Buy, Sell & Fun

    In the continent, these shelters are built in the old Trade Cities in the most part of the cases, but in the archipelago are built from scrap in the seashore. They are smaller than in the continent but nevertheless, they still are like mini-cities built only for trade. Inside of these shelters is others like Hospital Shelters, Workshop Shelters, Hotel Shelters, and Big Shelters, like small districts. The rest of the shelter have casinos, different types of shops and leisure centers (;)).

  • Big Shelters


    These are the shelters where the “normal” people live. Are like small towns and gather different survivors with different jobs or beliefs that just live there with their families. In the archipelago, these shelters are where Morrigan and her man live.