The Characters of the Game

There are five characters in the game, two main and three secondaries.


Main Character

Jackie is a nine years old girl that has been abused by her father all her life, with humiliations, insults and beatings. When she turned nine, a man sexually abused her and nobody in her family did nothing to protect her. These produced that she started to have nightmares, insomnia and hallucinations, causing her depression. This is represented by the cracks under her eyes. She does not have a mouth in a way to represent the repression that she feels. She has the white/gray and the pink colors that represent her innocence.


Main Character

I is a dragon that represents the sanity that left in Jackie’s mind, her creativity and her imagination. His name (I) came from the English word I (me) and the word Imagination (Imaginación in Spanish). I have the same eyes of the Father representing the good thing that he has, like his intelligence and his culture. All those things that she loves and admires about him. I has the orange color, representing creativity and imagination. Also, some of his cracks have pink that represents Jackie’s innocence. I have cracks in his face and his body is sectioned representing Jackie’s broken mind.

The Father

Secondary Character

The Father is Jackie’s abusive father. Jackie sees him as a broken porcelain face that is dissolving, with holes instead of eyes. This represents her inability to see him as a person and how he is disappearing from her mind as a father, to become one of her monsters. The Father has the blue color because was my father’s favorite color and the yellow color, which represents the wrath, the madness and the danger that he represents for her.

The Heartless Monster

Secondary Character

This monster lives in the cabin that Jackie visits with I. The monster represents her pain when the cabin was destroyed, leaving her without shelter and produced her sexual assault. This monster also represents Jackie’s lost innocence, that is why all the cabin and the Monster itself are covered in pink “blood”. In fact, it is a guardian that keeps Jackie’s sadness contained. Killing him will destroy the cabin releasing all her hate and sadness and destroying the last “happy” memory that she has. The Monster has the yellow color, like The Father, representing her madness and her wrath contained with the black, which represents her sadness.

The Man Behind the Curtains

Secondary Character

This monster represents the man that sexually abused her and the trauma that left on her. Also is the representation of the insanity that consumes her. This monster is the same as what I saw as a child. In my case, he also represented my paranoia that all men were going to harm me.