Who is Who?

Alfonso Moure

This man of 71 years old is an experienced war strategist. His current labor is control Morrigan’s movements after her rebellion against SPTS. He lives in Abelleira and have his own army with several bases distributed for the island. He was in every war that happen since the Hard War, included. He love war and he do not have a side, he is always with the ones that he thinks it will win. For example, during the Red War, he was in the Free of Masks Army side, but when he realized that he was in the loosing team, he sold his companions for saving himself. He said that he tried to convince that would be happen to his companions, but they never listened to him and that was the reason of why he sold them. His Underground City was one of the only one to do not being bombed.

Aloia Ibias · Morrigan

This woman have a complicated story. Aloia was a slave all her life, first of OPS, later of Clean Future. When she finally managed to scape, she ended in Abelleira under the cares of the habitats of the Outskirts, Abellas Brancas. Those people was contrabandists that use the honey extraction as a cover for their “other” business. She find her place taking care of the bees and later, her manipulation skills granted her the trust of the contrabandists for let her took care of important jobs. It did not take long until she became in the leader of the entire island. In Abelleira, she is known as Morrigan because she never used her real name, Aloia. However, she was not happy only with that. After a life of pain and slavery, she promised herself would never be a slave again, be controlled by anyone or do anything for anyone. To get this, she sent men to Paraíso and Sagrado, set bases in both islands and started to have business with the Rites and Radicals. She never managed to return to Paraíso, where she had been enslaved for many years, but her men take the control of the island for her, taking the military technology of Clean Future for themselves. Sagrado was more complicated. Full of crazy and violent Rites, Morrigan decided use the “empathy” instead the force. She investigated the story of the island and the story of the Rites, discovering the amazing love story of Aloia Garat and Jacob Lias. Amazed for it, Morrigan decided visit the Chorona’s cave, the place where Aloia and Jacob had died for protect their love from the Rite’s beliefs. In there she discover a special type of hallucinogen fungus and by accident she inhaled the spores what allowed her “see” Aloia. Aloia Garat “talked” to her, crying about the death of her beloved Jacob and the pain she felt for “have been a slave of the beliefs of the Rites”. Inspired for this experience, Morrigan decide create her own Rite based in the story of Da Chorona (chorona means “weeping woman” in Galician language). Using the spores and the cave itself it was easily convince the people of the Shelter As Palmeiras about the existence of A Chorona. Dressed like her, with a long bride white dress she started to talk for the spirit of Aloia, predicting happenings that then she would made happen. That way, she managed to control Sagrado, having her own guard that will make that everything she says it will happen.

Angela Vila

Known as The Death itself, Angela is the daughter of the leader of the SPTS Enrique Vila. She has been all her entire life a spy for her father or for whoever pays to her. Never have problems to get the information, in way or in other. She have obsession with blood and with mind control games. Also is a Symbiont Type 2. Is for that reason that her current labor is train the Symbiont Prototypes that goes well.

Enrique Vila

He is the leader of the SPTS organization and the responsible of the cruel experiment in the archipelago. Also is the father of Angela Vila and he considerate himself has a new Messiahs.

Jason Arca

He is the leader of the Aloia’s guard in charge of make that everything that Aloia says come true.

Jericho Daponte

Jericho and his wife were working with GWFCE when Mirabella born. When they realizes that the girls was in fact a Perfect Symbiont the mother was submit to hundreds of tests until her death. Jericho was afraid that Mirabella would suffer the same destiny, so that runs away with the baby. They was find by SPTS, who promise take cares of both in exchange of Jericho services. Now he works as spy for SPTS, collecting the stories of the survivors and the important information.

Mirabella Daponte

She is Jericho’s 11 years old daughter and born as Perfect Symbiont, becoming in the most precious possession of GWFCE. After her father ran away with her, lives under the custody of SPTS. Now is object of experiments by the scientific of SPTS who are trying to reproduce her mutation in others.

Xes Daga

He is the right hand of Morrigan in Abelleira and her lover.

Aloia Garat

She is a ghost. The players can see her in the beginning of the gameplay, when they are fighting against the waves; in the second act of the game, when they go to the Chorona’s Cave and when they die. She represents the storms (her veil is the mist and her tears are the rain), the change and the cycle of everything (all end have a new beginning).

Jacob Lias

The dead lover of Aloia Garat. He lives in the spirits world and the player can only see him after using the drug Black Water.

The Congrio Mariposa

This animal in the game is the representation of death. It is quiet and wise. The players will see it at the beginning of the game, when almost die drowned, in the second act in the same circumstances, and when they die.