The collectibles have two functions:

  • Encourage the players to explore the map.
  • Allow the players to make money and get exclusive rewards.

Memories · Flashback Missions

For the entire map, the players will find memories of the old times, before the GWFCE attack that changes the world and the humans, although not humanity. Found these diaries will allow the players to unlock the different Flashback Missions. Missions have their own rewards.

These memories will allow the players to unlock a piece of history and travel in time, putting themselves in the shoes of other characters. The memories are:


These diary pages have the story of some Dove or the story of someone how to talk with the Dove. They will talk about the most human part of the wars, telling stories about the Rites, the escaping of some survivors from the Radicals or a family trying to survive in the middle of a Dark Zone.


These other diary pages will talk about the worst part of the wars. There are words written by soldiers that fought in the Red War, The 30 Days War. Or formed part of Clean Minds during the GWFCE attacks on 2008 and 2011.

Missing Pages

  • Exclusive Weapon charms.

    Like an envelope or a mini-newspaper.

  • Exclusive Weapon skin.

    White cream like wrinkled paper.

  • Exclusive Ride skin.

    With ink spots or even some letters.

These pages are memories of old times and new times too. They will tell part of the world story, the characters and NPCs stories and sometimes it will have some interesting information that will allow the most curious players to find amazing places and get some extra rewards. These are:

  • Old newspapers. Some newspaper’s pages form the Beautiful Days or the Hard War.
  • Loose Notes. Notes left behind from the NPCs.
  • Letters. Love letters, goodbye letters, sorry letters, maybe some private ones too… All forgotten by some NPCs.

Complete the Encyclopedia

  • Excusive Weapon charms.

    Like a mini-map, a mushroom or a mini-hunting trophy.

The encyclopedia are in the players Diary. It will help them to get all the important information about animals, plants and the biomes.

For complete it, the players must go hunt, fishing and collect resources, besides of walk through the map to discover the different biomes and places and killing enemies.

Clean Future’s Red War Medals

These are the most difficult to find, but also the most valuable. All the shops will buy these collectibles and a complete collection will give to the players lots of money.

Each medal have their little story.