Easter Eggs

Wasps Nest

Gas Mask War Novel Easter Egg

The wasps are very aggressive robots that have the ability to repair themselves. Were created by GWFCE to attack the subways in 2011. After all these years still can be found in the abandoned subways. They are very dangerous. Even when they do not have Toxin anymore inside their bodies, they still have strong jaws and stingers. Also, wasps can create more wasps and new nests.

To kill them the players will need electrical weapons.

They will appear random in the entire Island and do not have a level. There are all the same but some nests will have a Wasp Queen that will be tougher to kill.

The Forgotten

Gas Mask War Novel Easter Egg

In my novel, the Outskirts (like As Palmeiras or Abellas Brancas) are dangerous places in (the most of the cases) because some type of rite lives on it. The rite is called The Forgotten and are groups of people that after the war between the Radicals and the FFFS, they drove themselves crazy due to the use of Eris’ Dream during the conflict. Now, The Forgotten believes that they are dead and nobody can see them. They are a particular type of Rite, they use strange clothing and mask to try to drive away from the “demons”. In Vichelocrego are a small village close to As Palmeiras that have a Rite in their honor.

The Carriers of the Blessing

Gas Mask War Novel Easter Egg

This cult appears in the novel as a parallel story. In Vichelocrego is a Rite that makes reference to them, having similar assets and clothing.

The Grey Wolf Master

Darksouls Easter Egg

If the players visit the abandoned church 01 at midnight they are able to found a big grey wolf laying close to a bonfire. If they attack him, it will appear its owner. A dark knight that will attack the players with a sword.