There are different tools in the game that the players will be able to use to be safe, have access to new locations or have easier gameplay.

Gas Mask

These are, of course, THE tool of my novel and the game. The Gas Masks will be used by the players to protect themselves from the spores or the pollution. In addition, the Gas Mask has a differentiating function, because each faction uses one unique style, even in the same faction are different. The survivors use the Gas Mask to express their own personality.

In gameplay the will have an indicator that will appear on the screen when the players wear it, which will show the condition of the mask’s filter. How worst be the condition it is more probabilities have the payer to suffer damage or hallucinate by spores.

The players will able to put skins on the gas masks.


The Junkfounds are small robots used by the Craftsmen. They help them to collect all the small pieces in the junk and keep their workshops clean. The Junkfounds are unique between them because each Craftsman gives to them their own aesthetic.

The players are able to have one Junkfound if they do its mission (High-Difficulty Exploration Zone one). She will help the players in the collection of everything useful from the dead bodies of the enemies.

Diary · In Game Menu

The Diary is a device created during The Beautiful Days. It became in an essential accessory since they can use it to control their androids (give to them orders), their homes (turn the light or open the windows), the electronic clothes (change the color) and their lives (they have something like Instagram or Facebook but in local mode). They hadn’t Internet, so the Diary worked with television and radio waves.

This device has the aspect of a Smartphone but more futuristic whit the design of stained glass. The users had to touch in the right places of stained glass to unblock the Diary.

In the present, these devices are used to control the robots, the androids, and other electronic devices. Also, they are used as maps and encyclopedias. Groups like SPTS or some Hospital Shelters like The Farm used the radio to send messages with the latest news about the Toxin, the cure, new mutations or new enemies.

In the game, this device is also the menu inside the game. Like in Far Cry 2 that the menu was a diary.

Bulletproof Vest

This item is purchasable in the shops. It will protect the players from firearms damage. The players will be able to buy one for their mounts and pets too.


The players have an incorporated lantern in their Diaries. The players will be able to turn it on by going into their Diaries and choosing the option there. Like in their actual mobiles.