The Factions of the Game

The Rites

When the Energetic Crisis began in 1975 the governments decided to cut the electric supply in the farms and villages that were in the periphery of the big and medium cities, creating the first Dark Zones. These places were characterized before for have several polluted areas and several faunae and florae spices that had mutated because of the pollution, becoming toxic and poisonous. For this reason, these areas were almost empty of people and the farms and villages were already poor. However, when the governments decided to cut the electricity supply and abandon the people that were living in these areas that were a point of non-return. The inhabitants of the brand news Dark Zones created their own army and started a civil war that they call The Right Fight. First, they attacked the close Gray Zones that still had supplies from the government. Instead of using the violence from the beginning, they sent women and men to try to convince the inhabitants of these zones of their inevitable fate, these people were called The Dark Clouds. They used very worn clothes, like long capes and gas masks that were made out pieces of other clothing, as a way to show how poor they already were when the government took everything from them. They managed to convince many, that join them into the fight and attack the White Zones starting a blood bath. However, the government, after only one month, offered to the Gray Zones more medic and food supplies if they left the fight. Of course, the most part of them accepted the proposal, letting the army of the Dark Zones without soldiers and producing the end of the civil war just three months since its beginning. In June of 1975, the government built The Wall that separated the Gray and White Zones from the Dark Zones, isolating the survivors of the civil war.

After this, the Dark Zones was forgotten, but not for so long. Only two years after, in 1977, The Wall moved back, letting behind many medium and small cities that conformed the Gray Zones, just like the Dark Clouds warned. No much time after, some of the smaller cities reported to the bigger ones, that they were have been attacked by unknown enemies and found some civilians dead. This happened in different cities, in different Dark Zones and what the inhabitants found after the attacks were completely different. Some found corpses without the organs, other found items, like dolls, other just found symbols painted with blood… Then they decided sent recognition parties, many of them never came back, but the ones that did tell stories about awful places full of icons and strange objects. This situation forced the survivors to gather in the same city and fortify it, a solution that was far worse, producing many more attacks that left behind more and more victims.

A year after these events, in 1978, more Gray Zones join the Dark Zones and the government’s army started to explore them in search of resources of any kind. However, what they found were the Rites. A bunch of people that the darkness, the hunger, the thirst, the cold, the illness… all that kind of bad things ended up driving them crazy. Cities and village abandoned, covered in blood, symbols and strange icons. Forests protected by warriors that spoke in weird languages. New villages built on lakes’ surface. Trained crows and bears wearing gas masks… Those places weren’t any more part of the world that the White Zones’ army usually knew. That was a new world, one wild and weird.

Nobody knows with accuracy how many Rites are, what are their beliefs or how many members have each one. The only thing that is known for sure is that if you enter any Dark Zone, prepare to face them.