There are several factions in the Gas Mask War world. They have different beliefs and rules. Each faction usually has also its own clothing and gas mask types.

The idea of the factions is to create a rich world. Not only places to discover, but also costumes and people. I want that the players can walk for the map without knowing what they will find, that don’t feel that everything is a copy of other things. The same Shelters or Village, with the same enemies or NPCs and the same flora and fauna. I want to create an expectation.

SPTS · Doves · Enrique’s Army

The Society for the Protection of the Time and Shelters born in 2015 after the Suicides Pandemic. When the SPS Dove Tamar suggested murder the Time to end with the Pandemic, several Doves opposed. For them, the Time is something that needs to be adored and respect because He gives us hope and learning. Considered as Rite, they were ignored by the most part of the survivors.

After the 30 Days War, everyone was very confused without know from where and when those “fanatics” acquired so much power. Now, a year after that, the S.P.T.S is the most powerful faction. They having their hands on each faction and controls them.

Their aesthetic is Dirty Art but very dramatic. Use gears to represent the Time that they adore, always wearing their paper Diaries and their gas mask made of leather and copper.

However, the soldiers of Enrique use the Clean Future aesthetic, the Abstract Punk, because they use the clothes and uniforms that they find in Paraíso Island. Also, the androids have that aesthetic.


The contrabandists are the second biggest and more powerful faction in Vichelocrego, after S.P.T.S. They are similar to Radicals, but they are not so violent and have more humans laws. They are merchants and craftsmen of everything that you can imagine. They are the natives of Abelleira.

Their aesthetic is Dirty Art. Their masks are very ostentatious. Some are made of metal. Always handmade, full decorated and made with recycled items.

Anarchies · Radicals

The Radicals are the remains of the security forces of Clean Future, Clean Minds. After the attack, when Clean Future disappears from the earth, Clean Minds decide to create their own military states.

Now they are known as Radicals and their Shelters are called Anarchies. In Vichelocrego are two big Anarchies, in the Supercities 01 and 02, and several small. They are aggressive, violent and do not attend to reasons.

Besides using the Dirty Art aesthetic, their look is something very peculiar. They are exaggerated in their clothes and masks colors and forms.

I picture the Radicals similar to the characters of Mad Max


The Rites born with the Energetic Crisis, the Pollution Zones, the Hard War and the horrendous Dark Zones. It was the answer from the humans to the humanity. These isolated groups of people created their own new lives, with beliefs, customs, language, and technology.

Some are completely insane, others are “normal” people who learn to “adapt” to their new reality.

The Chorona’s Rite is the biggest of Sagrado and from the archipelago.

The Rites have their own aesthetic. We can say that is Art, but with each Rite interpretation. Some have clothing that remembers to the saints of the churches, others do not use clothes and only wear metal pieces, others have more military clothing, etc.