Core Mechanics

Fill My Life With Colors is a catch game. Players need to catch the different color drops to get points that will represent their life. When the marker reaches a number under 0, they will lose the game. Also, these drops will be their ammunition against Ni, the evil Ink Demon. They must be careful to don’t catch the black drops, or they will lose XP quickly and the colors will get dirty, which will result in a loss of XP. The goal of the game is to endure the longest time with “life”.

Core Concept

Amanda is a little girl that loves play under the rain because she believes that each raindrop has a beautiful story behind that fills her life with the colors of the imagination. However, she must be careful with Ni, the evil Ink Demon, who wants a grey and boring world, where everything is “clean” and “perfect”.

What Is New?

The exciting part of the game is that the drops that the players catch aren’t just the XP also represents their life and their ammunition. So, players must be careful when they will decide to use the drops as ammunition, or they could lose the game easily in the next move.

Which Is The Essence?

We can decide if the rain is something sad or an opportunity to fill our lives with joy and imagination.

Which Is The Experience?

Play under the rain.


Bonus Level on Mick & Mack.



The mechanics are simple. Players must catch the colored raindrops with the umbrella and avoid the black drops.

Each color will have a value that will be added to their XP bar. This XP will also be their ammunition and Life Points (more information below). The black drops will subtract XP and will dirt the colored raindrops. This event will produce that the colored drops have half of their value during a time (more information below).

Also, the game will have:

  • A Fever Mode that players can activate when they have it. This mode will give them double points during a time (more information below).
  • A Curse Mode that will appear randomly and where they will be attacked by Ni (more info below).
  • A Power-Up that will give them a shield (more information below).

The raindrops’ colors and their values are:

  • Orange – 80
  • Violet – 40
  • Pink – 20
  • Green – 15
  • Teal – 10

The drops’ sizes will be change randomly, except the orange ones that will always be the tiniest of the game, making them more challenging to catch.

The goal of the game is to endure the longest time with “life”.

Life • Raindrops as Life Points • Game Over

The XP will represent in first place players’ life. When their marker reaches a number under 0, they will lose the game. When this happens, they will see their score on the screen (the time that they survive), and they will have the opportunity to play again and beat their last score.

Black Raindrops & Dirty Colors

The black raindrops will be subtracted X XP from the marker. These drops are the biggest and heaviest of the game, which means that they will fall faster than the rest, making that avoid them is more complicated.

Also, these drops will have the chance to dirt the colored raindrops, and this means that the colored drops’ value will be cut to half for 10s (or so). If during this time players catch another black drop, this will mean that the colored drops’ value will be cut again for another 10s (the timer will be restarted so that it will always be 10s, never more). If players catch another black raindrop during this time, all the drops will become black for 10s.

Fever Mode


The Fever Mode will be available when players reach 500 points.

When players activate the Fever Mode, Amanda will say something like, “A storm is coming. I will need some extra help!”. After that, it will appear on the screen a series of keys that the players need to memorize (like the left, right, up and down arrows, or just some letters or numbers). The first Fever Mode will have an easy combination (as a tutorial mode), and with each Fever Mode that the players activate, the combinations will be harder (with more keys to remember and less time to do it [Ref. Raving Rabbits]). After this, it will start to rain heavily on the screen. The rain will cover Amanda, so players only will see the colored rain. To prepare the players, Amanda will say something like, “It’s coming! Guide me!” and the players will need to introduce in the correct order the previous combination that they memorized.

The first storm (when the rain is falling) will dure maybe 30s, and during that time, the players need to introduce the combination. The next storms will dure less (until some reasonable point), so the players need to enter the new combinations faster. (This mechanic provably will need to be adjusted during the beta).

If they win, Amanda will say something like, “Yay! We did it! Now we can fight!” after the storm and some XP will be added to their scoreboard (maybe 200 or 300 points, it needs to be adjusted during the beta).

If they fail, Amanda will say something like, “Oh no, I have slipped! Auch! It hurts!” and players will lose the Fever Mode, with no extra points in their scoreboard. When they fail, the storm animation will stop.

When the rain stops (either if they win or lose), the screen will show Amanda with the umbrella as usual, and they will be able to move her immediately after the Fever Mode.

As a help for the players, it will not fall any black drop right after the Fever Mode. We will give a 1s or 2s edge for the players to be ready.


(The cross out parts are the ones that I eliminated for the new mechanic)

The Fever Mode will be available when players reach 500 points. This mode (that the players need to activate) will give a color storm (I need to design this part, I imagine something like a rainbow. Check the Sprites Section) for 5s (or so) that will provide to the players a lot of XP.  This mode will be useful after the players spend their XP as ammunition to defeat Ni.

The Fever Mode has two functions:

  1. Make the raindrops worth the double, and that doesn’t fall black drops for that time.
  2. A wind cloud that will make that some leaves or petals fall slowly. These items will give lots of XP to the players, like 100 or 200 each.

Ni’s Curse


Each half minute or a minute, it will be a possibility to the Ni appears and drop big black ink drops over Amanda. Each of these drops will cost -100 or so to the players. Ni will rain for 15-30 seconds. When this happens, it only will rain black drops, so players can’t restore ammunition.

Attack · Raindrops as Ammunition

Amanda can defeat Ni using her umbrella and the drops that she caught. When she uses this drops, she will lose them. When the players’ marker reaches 0, they will be out of ammunition. The drops will be random for the moment, making different damage points depending on their color (the lowest one will do the lowest damage, and the highest one will do critical damage). While Amanda is shooting, Ni will not be able to attack her.

Power-Up • Amanda’s Shield


When players reach 300 points with any loss, they will activate a shield that will protect them from one black drop. The best would be that the players could activate this power-up when they wanted. As long as they have an available power-up, they won’t be able to get another.

HUD & Menus


The HUD need to show:

  • The XP marker on the top right corner.
  • The Timer on the top left corner.
  • A Pause button on top right.
  • A Power-Up button on the right side of the screen.
  • A Fever Mode button on the right side of the screen.

Main Menu

I want the menu in black and white, with changing buttons when they are pushed, with dripping colors. I want Amanda (the girl of the game) in the background with her umbrella, more detailed than inside the game. Some rain animation in the back and at the bottom, like raindrops on the ground.

The menu must have the buttons, START, EXIT, EXTRAS and CREDITS.

Pause Menu

Inside the game, the players will have the Pause menu. With the buttons EXIT, MENU and CONTINUE.

The panel must be in black and white with some ink details. Buttons must have colors when they are highlighted.

Game Over Menu

The Game Over menu, with the buttons EXIT, RETRY and MENU.

The panel must be in black and white with some ink details. Buttons must have colors when they are highlighted.

Engine and Platform

I designed this game for Android. And the engine that I will use is Unity.



  • ✨ A soft, happy background music and for the menu.
  • 🌩Stormy, sad music when players lose the game.
  • 🌈 Fever Mode needs a music, I am not sure which one. Or maybe just Amanda laughing.
  • 🐷 A sound or music marking the timer of the dirty drops. Maybe something sad.
  • 👹 Tense music for the Curse Mode. Maybe something that reminds a battle.


  • 🌧✨A sound for each value. Like in Mick and Mack extra levels. Something like an angelic bell, magical and cute.
  • 🌧🏴 A sound for the black drops. Maybe something sad or slimy, I am not sure yet.
  • 🐷 A different sound when the players catch a dirty drop.
  • 👹 Ni’s laughing when players lose the game.
  • ⚡ Stormy sound when the Ni is approaching.
  • 🌧 Rain Sound on the Background
  • 🌟 The Power-Up need a sound (like in Sonic), something bubbly.
  • 💧👣 Amanda steps over a wet floor. So maybe a splash sound.



I want to use my own aesthetic, with everything painting by hand and play with my watercolors for the rain. I want all the UI will be in black and white, so the only colors come from the rain.


Amanda’s Movements


  • 💀When players lose the game, maybe made Amanda falls on her knees. Two sprites.
  • 💀 Amanda melting, two or three sprites.
  • 👣 Random colored splashes in her steps.
  • 🚶‍ Walk.

💥Amanda’s attack.

I have the idea that when the Nin curse began some watercolor smoke appear around Amanda and then her umbrella transforms into a dragon around her that will shot.



There are 8 CLOUD sprites and 88 frames that make this animation the way I designed.

Frame speed is 0.05s

First frame of the animation shows Amanda (Sprite 0) blocked (so players can move her) in the back and while the black clouds are entered in the scene by the left upside corner, the orange cloud must begin to appear. First, at 10% opacity and make it more visible with each sprite adding more opacity, until 100% opacity. Then do the same with the rest of the clouds by order.

When we reach the Sprite Green Cloud Up with an opacity 50%, then the Sprite 0 (Amanda in the back) should start to disappear. So in that sprite [the first on the image below] the Green Cloud opacity it’s 50% and Amanda’s it’s 90%. Next ones:

  1. Green Cloud 60% and Amanda 70%.
  2. Green Cloud 70% and Amanda 50%.
  3. Green Cloud 80% and Amanda 30%.
  4. Green Cloud 90 % and Amanda 10%.
  5. Green Cloud 100% without Amanda.

The next sprites will show all the clouds disappearing, and the new Amanda with the Dragon (Sprite 0 – Amanda’s Attack) will be appearing behind the clouds. I did it the inverse process for this set of sprites (so I lowered the opacity to the clouds, and I raised it to Amanda’s Sprite).

The whole animation lasts 8s. It could be too much inside the actual game, so maybe I should change this design or accelerate the animation.



Another design was to use all the clouds in one single sprite (like in the previous image). Make it appear with Amanda and the umbrella disappearing behind. Then, make the clouds disappear with Amanda and the dragon appearing beneath. This would reduce the animation’s time considerably at the expense to take off some fanciness from it.

Ni · Curse Mode & Game Over


    • ☁ Make the clouds move in different directions.
    • 👹 Make Ni’s face appear from the clouds.
    • 💧 Add the drops from the mouth



    • 🏴💦☔A big, slimy black splash on Amanda’s umbrella when players catch a black drop.
    • 🏴💦A big, slimy black splash when the black drops hit on the ground.
    • 🌈💦☔Small colored splashes when the colored raindrops hit the umbrella.
    • ‍🌈💦Small colored splashes when the colored raindrops hit the ground.



👀 A French city with a café and some trees or plants. Need to be raining.

Fever Mode


💨 🍃 A windy cloud with a female face, something Greek (ancient) or maybe French (like art nouveau). And this cloud will make that in the screen appear leaves or maybe petals.



🌟 Amanda gets a shield that will protect her from one black drop. (Sonic’s shield) I want to have colors that change like a soap bubble.

Rejeted Ideas

The Color Palette · Use The Rainbow

This idea was rejected on my previous GDD

Another idea that I had for the palette was to use the Rainbow’s colors to it. But I rejected this idea because the rainbow only has seven colors and doesn’t have all the primary CMYK colors on it, so, in theory, we can’t create the color black.

The Color Palette · Use Other Type of Colors

This idea was rejected on my previous GDD

Another idea that I had for the palette was to choose a color and build the palette around it. It would have less colors, but that they will combine better between them. Example (I chose the color cyan as the base):

The First Idea

The First GDD

My first idea for this game was a little bit different. Players had to catch the raindrops with the umbrella. When they picked the same color, they would get a combo that will multiply their points.  Also, the players could catch two colors to create new colors. When they had all the clean tones of the palette on the same screen, included the black, they would get a fever mode called Color Storm.

For this idea, I wanted to use the CMYK palette because it represents the classic artist palette, and I thought it would be more appropriate. The perfect CMYK palette has 13 colors (counting the black).




The colors that would fall a   t the beginning of the game would be the Primaries (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)

Each color would give to the players +5 points, and the combos would give multipliers. So:

  • First time (Yellow, for example) = +5
  • Second time = +5 + x 2 multiplier.
  • Third time = +10 + x 4 multiplier.
  • Fourth Time = +20.

The players would lose the multiplier when they catch any other color.

The color combinations would give the players +10 points instead of +5 and will produce the resulting color during an X time. Players only would have that time to mix that color and create a new one, and this would restart the timer. They need to do this different times to create all the possible colors and get the Color Storm, a fever mode where it would fall golden drops that would give +40 points per raindrop.

Each new combination would provide twice as many points as the previous time. So:

  • Magenta + Yellow = Red +10
  • Red + Magenta = Scarlet +20
  • Magenta + Yellow = Red +40

The players couldn’t restart the timer of a combination before its time is over. So, if they create the color Red, would rain red drops for an X time, if during that time they create the color Red again, they will not restart the timer. If they create the color Red and during that time, they create the color Scarlet, they would still have the Red timer and the new Scarlet timer. However, if during the Red time they create the Scarlet and then again the Red, they would have the timer for the color Scarlet and a new timer for color Red. So:

  • Each combination would have its timer that is independent of the rest.
  • To restart the timer for a combination, they would need to create first a new color and then the color that they want to reset. Or wait until the timer is over and create the color again.

These would be the possible combinations:

So, the essential colors to get the Color Storm would be only the Red, Blue, and Green. These would be the colors that players need to mix to get the rest of the colors.

The black drops would be heaviest of the game, which means that they will fall faster than the rest and will take off 5 points to the players’ panel if they catch one. Also, the black drops would dirt the last color picked by the players, producing dirty color drops. These drops would be heavier than the clean drops but lighter than the black drops, and they would fall for an X time. When players caught one of these, they would be penalized with -10 points on their panel, and it would multiply the number of dirty and black drops that would fall. If they caught a second on, they would be penalized with the double (-20), and the next time with be the double again (-40).

These would be the dirty colors based on the CMYK palette:




The reasons why I rejected this idea were three:

  1. The first one was to don’t overcomplicate the gameplay to be sure that we could finish the game in a reasonable time.
  2. The second reason was that this game is designed to be played on mobile, and 13 colors were too much to a mobile screen. I felt that so many colors (and more if we count the dirty ones) would saturate the screen and make the game to feel too busy.
  3. And the third reason was that I wanted to play with the actual color that I have on my watercolor palette instead of picking the basic ones. I thought that this gives some extra life and soul to the game.