If the darkness never changes, our happiness shouldn’t change either


Amanda is a little girl that loves play under, catching raindrops with her umbrella. She thinks that each drop has a beautiful story behind that fills her life with the colors of the imagination. Colors that she use against Ni, the Ink Demon, that only wants a world covered in darkness.


Game Design · Tamar Sandoval

Art · Tamar Sandoval

Programming · Francisco López

Music · Dylan Cocozzo – Check his work on his website and follow him on his Instagram.


The Idea

Game Designer Note

Designing games is my life. For that reason, I transform my life into a game every day. Each experience that we live it can become a great mechanic, story, or experience on which to base a game. From time to time, I use that knowledge to improve my game designer skills. I watch my surroundings and pick something. Sometimes it is something that I am doing, like cleaning the house; sometimes it is something that I see. I try to reduce it to just a word, and with that, I design a game. I only have two rules: 1, what I choose needs to be the essence of the game, be present in each corner, and 2, I need to design it in less than 5 minutes. These two rules force me to be creative and don’t overthink the idea.

That’s how I designed this game. I looked up through the window and chose the word Rain. Sometimes I design complicated games with complicated mechanics or aesthetics. But other times, like this one, I just wanted to create something simple and funny.

This game also borns from the idea to use what makes us happy to fight against all those things that make us sad. If something makes us happy, it doesn’t care how stupid it is we should use it to fight against the darkness. A darkness that can come at any moment, and we should be ready to use all our storage happiness, all that good memories, and stories to fight and prevail. To don’t let that demon eat us.

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