Fill My Life With Colors

The Idea

Designing games is my life. For that reason, I transform my life into a game every day. Each experience that we live it can become a great mechanic, story, or experience on which to base a game. From time to time, I use that knowledge to improve my game designer skills. I watch my surroundings and pick something. Sometimes it is something that I am doing, like cleaning the house, other I pick something that I see, maybe just a word and with that, I design a game. I only have two rules: 1, what I choose needs to be the essence of the game, be present in each corner, and 2, I need to design it in less than 5 minutes. These two rules force me to be creative and don’t overthink the idea.

That’s how I designed this game. I looked up through the window and chose the word Rain. Sometimes I design complicated games with complicated mechanics or aesthetics. But other times, like this one, I just wanted to create something simple and funny.


Fill My Life With Colors is a Catch game. Players must catch the raindrops of the same color to get XP and mix the right colors to fill the screen with all the colors of the palette. They must be careful to don’t catch the black drops, or they will dirt the colors and lose XP.