The Idea

Game Designer Note

Designing games is my life. For that reason, I transform my life into a game every day. Each experience that we live it can become a great mechanic, story, or experience on which to base a game. From time to time, I use that knowledge to improve my game designer skills. I watch my surroundings and pick something. Sometimes it is something that I am doing, like cleaning the house; sometimes is something that I see. I try to reduce it to just a word, and with that, I design a game. I only have two rules: 1, what I choose needs to be the essence of the game, be present in each corner, and 2, I need to design it in less than 5 minutes. These two rules force me to be creative and don’t overthink the idea.

That’s how I designed this game. I looked up through the window and chose the word Rain. Sometimes I design complicated games with complicated mechanics or aesthetics. But other times, like this one, I just wanted to create something simple and funny.


Amanda is a little girl that loves play under, catching raindrops with her umbrella. She thinks that each drop has a beautiful story behind that fills her life with the colors of the imagination. However, she must be careful with the terrible Ni, the Ink Demon, that wants a grey and ordered world, where everything is perfect and clean. Help Amanda to fight for her freedom to catch raindrops, dream, and get dirty a little bit.

GDD Index

I will keep inside the GDD all the old mechanics so you can see the developing process. Right now, at GMW Studio, we are using Trello as a complement for the GDD. That helps me to be more organized and have the ideas synthesized in a few lines.


Final Animation for Amanda’s Attack

+8h of work, 106 frames, -/+ 110 sprites