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This game is a graphic novel that is controlled with the clicker. The mechanics are simple. The players will have two buttons per scene in which they do click to choose the decision that they want. The decisions are ordered in three categories A, B or C and depending on the final number of As or Bs or Cs that the players have, they will have an ending. There are, also, some scenes marked as “neutral”, which means that those scenes do not affect any of the endings. I did this to have the game balanced and avoid the chance that the players will reach the end of the game with a tie between options.

A Options

These are the “good options”, which are:

  • In Door 1
    • Cut the Flowers
  • In Door 2
    • Leave the Cabin
  • In Door 3
    • Open the Curtains

These options grant the Freedom Ending.

B Options

These are the “bad ones”, which are:

  • In Door 1
    • Leave the Flowers and Cross the Door
  • In Door 2
    • Kill the Monster
  • In Door 3
    • Burn Everything

These options will give the Madness Ending.

C Options

I added these options as a “punish” for the players that just chose the “easy” options. They are:

  • In Door 1
    • Cross the Door
  • In Door 2
    • Continue Walking

The players will not have the chance to get rid of the Man Behind the Curtains and they will have the You Don’t Care Ending.

Neutral Options

These options are neutral, which means they will not give any type of «point» (A, B, or C) when players choose them. I did it to keep the game balanced and avoid the chance of tie at the end.

  • In Door 1
    • Smell the Flowers
  • In Door 2
    • Enter in the Cabin


The menu will be simple, showing the start, exit and extras buttons. With the same aesthetic of the rest of the game, plain colors (white, pink, gray, orange or yellow) and using a notebook as background. I decided to hand-paint the buttons (and their phases) to preserve even more the aesthetic of the game.

Plataform & Engine

I designed this game for Windows and I will use Unity as the engine.