Like in all games, the players will be able to set the difficulty that they want. What I want to improve this too let them personalize their own experience. For example, they will be able to choose if they want the marks of the enemies in the mini-map to stay or disappear after a while. Or if they want that the enemy’s marks only appear on the mini-map or on the screen too.

I based this in some hidden object games that allow the players to choose between predetermined difficulty options or personalized.

What the Players Can Do?

The players will have many abilities that will allow them to live the game and do almost whatever they want. For some of the things that the players can do they will need to unlock before in missions the equipment. For others, the players will need to unlock Talents. I base this in all the Far Cry Franchise.

The first is first. The players will gain XP point to do missions and other activities. These XP points are for unlocking Talent Points that the players will expend in “learn” abilities. Improving themselves.

Some missions can reward the players with complete Talent Points. Some examples:

  •  Do executions from the water. Killing an enemy that is, for example, in a boat.
  •  Do executions from the air. Killing an enemy that is below the players.
  •  Shoot from the Zip Liner.
  •  Make linked executions.
  •  Do executions against armored enemies.
  •  Jump to another car.
  •  Have more life.


These are the basic movement abilities of the players:

  •  Walk. Normal speed for the players.
  •  Sprint. Increases the speed of the players for a short time.
  •  Sprint and slide.
  •  Crouch/Walk Crouched (for stealth).
  •  Up/Down stairs.
  •  Jump.
  •  Jump over obstacles, like windows.
  •  Climb to roofs.
  •  Fall/ Get up.

Other movements will be:

Like in Far Cry 3, 4, Primal and 5.

The players will be able to swim in the rivers, lakes, swamps and in the beautiful sea that the map offers to them. They will able to swim at normal speed and sprinting.

The players will able to shoot from the water with their hand weapons (pistols) and use their knives for melee combat and make executions from the water. (Require the Talent)

The first part is based on Far Cry 3

The players will able to dive into the rivers, lakes, and swamps holding the air. The sound of Jericho drowning and the screen putting in black in the edges will alert the players that they will die drowning if they do not come out to breath.

The players also will be able to dive in the sea with the same mechanism, but, in addition, they will be able to use a Diving Equipment to can expend more time underwater and explore submarine caves.

The players will be able to shoot a Harpoon Gun under the water and use a knife for melee combat.

Require unlock the Diving Equipment

I based on Far Cry 4, Primal and 5.

The players will have an abseiling hook that will allow them to climb to the mountains and cliffs and do caving.

Require unlock the abseiling hook

I based on Far Cry 3, 4 and 5.

The Zip Lines are a faster way to descend of high places. The players will have some amazing views and some intense descends.

For use it, they need to walk and then press the Action button (like E or F in the keyboard) to activate the animation.

They will be able to jump in the middle of the descend and open their wingsuits and glide enjoying the wind and the views.

Also, the players will be able to shoot from the Zip Line. (Requires the Talent).

Here a gameplay example:

The players activate the animation. Is enjoying the view when realizes that under him are an enemy. The players will be able to jump before time to do an execution from the Zip Line. (Requires the Talent).


I based this on Far Cry 3. I love the equipment design with the shark teeth or the bird’s head.

The players will be able to craft equipment after finding the crafting materials (like animal skins or teeth). These are some examples that the players will be able to craft (The basic equipment are given by Morrigan, but the rest it will created by the players)

  •  Backpacks
  •  Holster
  •  Weapons backpacks
  •  Grenades Holster
  •  Improved Gas Mask
  •  Weapon Charms

The players will need to have all the materials in their inventory to be able to craft the equipment.

Drive, Ride & Pilot

I base on all Far Cry
Besides that in my world there is not fuel anymore I don’t think that will be an obstacle for funny things. In Gas Mask War, electricity is key for everything. Also the biofuels.
In Gas Mask War world, the players will have also a several numbers of earth, aquatic and air vehicles that will be able to drive and pilot.

The players will be able to drive across the islands and do amazing tricks. Some examples are:

  • Quads
  • Motocross
  • 4X4 Cars

The players will be able to use a Mountain Bike to descend from a mountain or through a forest. Be careful with the trees.

Pressing the Action button (like E of F in the keyboard), the players will start pedal. The camera will show the left-right movement of the character. Slower at first, showing the struggle of the first moments. Using the movement controls (like W, S, A, D in the keyboard) the players will able to control the bike. How faster go the bike, more difficult it will control.

One of the amazing things that the players will be able to do is shoot from the bike. Here a gameplay example (applicable to other vehicles, like the Motocross):

The players are running away from the enemies and in the middle of the road, he sees a barricade. The barricade has a ramp that the players can use to do a big jump. In the air, the players can aim to the ground and shoot. If the players chose, for example, a Rocket Launcher the expansive wave will throw the players back. Then the players can open the Wingsuit and glide to a safe place.

I base on Battlefield 1 for the horses, Far Cry 4 and Primal for other animals.

The players will be able to ride some tamed animals like Horses, Donkeys, Wolfdogs and a Shark. (I know. What awesome it will be? If riding a white shark is not a truly Far Cry experience, I don’t know what it is). Like the other vehicles, the players will able to shoot from the ride (requires the Talent). Also, some rides (like the horses) can jump across obstacles.

Require to unlock the equipment and tamed the animal.

These are the most important vehicles in the game. They allow the players to travel from island to island and explore all the aquatic biomes. On the surface and under it. Some examples are:

  •  Boats
  • Motorboats
  • Bathyscaphes.

There is a lot of wild rivers on this map. as I said before, I based the location in Galicia, Spain. In there the rafting is a usual sport for the number of rivers and waterfalls that are. Because in my world there is no fuel, I thought that sports like rafting would let the players feel the adrenaline that they will not have with the cars.

The players will be able to take a canoe and descend a river with it using the Left and Right controls to control the canoe and avoid the rocks.

When it has rained, the river has more water and is wilder and this will allow the players to do amazing tricks like jump waterfalls. So, have fun.

The players will be able to shoot from the canoe also.

Based on Far Cry 5.

Are Light Aircrafts and are made for short distances. Uses biofuels and can glide for being light. The players will be able to shoot with weapons on the plane. Crazy gameplay example:

The players go outside the plane, fast, before the plane crashes, throw Grenades or use the Rocket Launcher for destroying attack a big Shelter. Then go inside the plane again. Or the players can try to crash the plane in the Shelter and uses the Wingsuit for do not die smashed to the ground.

Some examples:

  • Light Planes

I based on Far Cry 3, 4 and 5.

The players will be able to use this ability to jump off high places and glide through the air. Be careful with the descent and landing.

Require unlock the Wingsuit

I based on Far Cry 3, 4 and 5.

The players will have a parachute that will allow them to have a good landing when they jump from a high place or when they use the Wingsuit.

The players will have this as basic equipment. Just in case they need it for something.

Zone Inspection

This ability is very useful to attack shelters, hunting and exploring with safety. Will allow the players to detect enemies and preys. Knowing with time how many enemies are, who is the leader, where are the alarms, hostages, traps or lights. (I based this in the drone of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands).

Because there are different types of biomes, I design different types of zone inspection devices.


The air device (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands). It will be controlled with the Diary. It is small and fast, but noisy. It is more useful in open areas. It has a battery that when it is empty the players have to need to wait until it is full for use it again. The drone allows inspect a big area in a short amount of time and take 360º photos of closed areas, like a forest. This useful when, for example, the area is small. Taking a photo will save battery. The drone has also night vision.

Like the rest of the devices, it can be upgraded:

  •  Improving the battery
  •  Improving the time of charging
  •  Improving the distance that it can fly.


The ground device (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege). It will be controlled with the Diary. It is small, fast and silent. It is perfect for shelters, buildings and closed areas. It can climb walls, enter for small holes, open doors, windows, cages and destroy other electric devices. The Ant allows the players, for example, inspect a room before entering, locating the enemies. Then turn off the lights and gain an advantage. It has a battery that when is empty the players will need to wait until it is full for using the Ant again. Using some of the abilities like open a cage or a door will consume immediately the battery.

Like the rest of the devices, it can be upgraded:

  •  Improving the battery
  •  Improving the time of charging
  •  Gain new abilities like thermal vision.


The water device. The Bubble allows the players to inspect underwater zones. It is controlled with the Diary when the players are on the surface. They can block the Bubble in the place and it will illuminate the zone until the battery is over. It uses a radar.

Like the rest of the devices, it can be upgraded:

  •  Improving the battery
  •  Improving the time of charging.


The players will able to use the different types of combat alone or combined, making amazing plays and gain tons of XP. When the players are in a combat or close to an enemy that can see them, it will appear transparent arrows in the screen that will be filling in white, orange and red, as the enemy sees the players. The arrow will point where the enemy is. (This feature is classic in all Ubisoft games).

Other help to the players is, when they aim to an enemy (with or without sight) the reticle on the screen will change from white to red.

After the combat the players will be able to loot the dead bodies of the enemies, searching for salable junk, ammunition, money or spores. The bodies will have fungus being born from their wounds. This fungus will release luminescent spores to help the players to see the body. Also, it will be marked on the mini-map with a light-colored X. The players will be able to change their weapon for that of the enemy, pressing a controller button. The weapon will have a silver/white light shine to help the players to see it.

These are the combats stiles:

The stealth combat is perfect for enter in a shelter avoiding the alarms and the after chaos.

How to be stealth?

  • Walking crouched. This will reduce the players’s noise and visibility.
  • Be hiding. The players will able to get camouflage clothes (like in Metal Gear Solid 3) and they will able to hiding in some special places, like behind a door, surprising their enemies.
  • Being careful with the kills and hidden the bodies. Is important that the enemies do not see the players killing someone or find a dead body. For this reason the players will be able to hide the bodies putting them inside of containers or in the middle of the bushes (like in Sniper Elite 4).
  • Calling the attention of the enemies. The players will be able to be use rocks, flares, junk or make a noise shooting to a wall.

How to kill?

  • Melee weapons are perfect for this type of combat for be silent. However, some melee weapons are slower than others, exposing the players to being saw. For example the scythe. Other can make some noise. For example, the metal bat.
  • Bows are a good weapon choice, but like the melee weapons, they are not a secure option neither. If, for example, the players fails the shot and the arrow hits a wall, it will make noise enough to alert the nearby enemies.
  • Fire weapons with silencers are the faster and less secure option. Like the bows, if the players fails the shot, this can alert the nearby enemies. Also, if the players shoot too close of some enemy, this will hear the noise and be alerted.

These are classic Far Cry abilities. This allows the players to kill enemies with stealth using a melee weapon. Consist in an attack an enemy from behind with stealth, making an instant death.

 XP Rewards challenges

  • Do executions. +++XP
  • No alarms activated. ++XP
  • Do not be discover. ++XP
  • Any bodies found. +XP

The melee combat can be used to do stealth combat, but also can be used only for fun. In melee combat, the players will be able to kill using any melee weapon. Some melee weapons are throwable, others are heavy and powerful and others are gore. The players can choose what they like.

XP Rewards challenges

  • Do Executions. +++ XP
  • Do Headshots / Critical Hits. ++XP

The classic FPS combat. Aim, shoot and try that the bullets do not hit you. The players will be able to use different types of firearms with and without attachments. The players will shoot using sights or from the hip, using the helping reticle on the screen. This reticle can be changed in the game menu to adapt to the player’s likes. Having some types and different colors will help to give freedom to the players.


  •  Sniper Rifle with a telescopic sight and silencer.
  • AK-47 with a Reflex sight.


  • Submachine with a Red Dot sight and a stabilizer attachment.


  • Shotgun with a long barrel for increment the damage.

This is an ability similar to the «Executions» one but is designed to do it with firearms or bows. Dead Shot is activated when an enemy charge against the players. Then they will need to do a short quick-time event that will consist of press one or two buttons several times (Far Cry 3 bosses fight. Far Cry 4 animal attacks animations). If it is done correctly the players will enter in an animation that will change according to the enemy. In the animation, the players will throw away the enemy (Far Cry 4 animal attacks animations) and they will have a short moment in slow motion where the reticule will put red and allow the players make a critical shoot.

These animations need to be epic, with threatening expressions in the enemy’s faces, and fast, to give to the players an “easy” and satisfactory challenge.

XP Rewards challenges

  • Do Dead Shot kills. +++XP
  • Do Headshots. ++XP

For archive the success the players will need to give orders to the animal (Far Cry Primal. Far Cry 5) and know its abilities. For example, maybe a wolf is powerful in its attacks but no so stealth. For another part, a fox is faster and stealthiest but its attacks will be softer. Some animals will have the featured “Priority” that will make that the enemies attack them first always. This means that while our friend could fight he will attract all the eyes and that will let us infiltrate in the enemy base. When the animal cannot fight anymore, the players will need to help him. If the animal dies, the players will be able to “resurrect” him using very cost and powerful medicines or wait for a while until the animal forgives them and come back from the dead.

XP Rewards challenges

  • Kill by an animal. +XP

The most part of the traps will make damage to the enemies and the hunting preys. The players can be harmed by them too. The most expensive and complex traps can kill the enemies.

The players will have two types of traps that will be able to use:


These traps can be crafted by the players or buy them already made in the Artesian Shops. The players will be able to use these traps putting them on the ground or on determinate places. Some examples:

  • Plank with nails: The players can put it in the ground for puncture the tires of the cars.
  • Cable: The players can put it between two trees and cut the heads of the enemies.
  • Trap spores mine: The players can put it in the ground when some enemy steps on it will explode.


Some traps will be found in the situation. I will explain it better whit examples:

  • Beehives: If the players see a hive, they will shot it to make the wasp be angry with the enemies.
  • Stacked barrels or junk: The players can, for example, attract the enemies to one point using a rock and then shot at a pile of stacked barrels to smash the enemies.


  •  Kill with In Situation Traps. ++XP
  • Kill with Crafted Traps. +XP

The use of spores in combat can be a double-edged weapon, so it will be a necessary precaution. The players will need to have their Gas Mask on point for do not harm themselves.

The spores are a funny and random weapon that will provoke different reactions each time that will be used. However, the use of spores is limited. Will be some enemies that will be immune to the spore’s effect:

  • Androids
  • Symbionts (any type).
  • Enemies with Gas Masks. These enemies will appear, for example, if the players do not deactivate the alarms and use some type of spores. The enemies will activate them calling for help. The enemies that will arrive will wear gas masks.

Types of spores

  • “Pheromone” Spores

These will attract Changed.

  • Normal Spores:

Hallucinogenic spores that provoke chaos in the enemies. They will attack their allies or themselves.

  • Eris’s Dream:

These are a cocktail of spores. Produce hallucinations that provoke chaos in the enemies. They will attack their allies. The effect lasts longer than the normal spores.


  • Infect with spores an entire shelter. ++XP
  • Kill with alienated enemies. +XP

The players will able to have underwater combats against animals and humans enemies. The could use the Knife and the Harpoon Gun.

The movements underwater are slower and it will be noticed in the controls sensibility, that will make harder for the players to move the character. This type of combat is a closed range one and is very intense because of that.

The blood can be seen scattered through the water making the visibility harder for the players.

This combats can be done without the Diving Equipment, but the players will need to be careful with do not die drowning. Also, these combats will damage the Diving Equipment when the players wear it and they receive damage.

Collection of Resources

The collection resources is very important to create medicines, drugs and equipment (I based this on Far Cry 3). In addition, it will allow the players earn money by selling the leftovers. Also is a great entertainment.

In addition, the players will find chests, boxes and container all over the map. They will be able to loot it for find resources, ammunition, junk and money.

The types are:

The players will be able to hunt for get resources a several animals. The hunting zones will be marked on the map and signaled with information signs.

The players will have the option of create baits and traps (Far Cry Primal), for help themselves hunting the biggest preys.

Hunting will give some resources to the players like animal skins or teeth that can be used to craft equipment or charms. The meat can be used on traps and to make baits. And it will be a great moneymaker. The players will be able to sell the skin, the meat and the trophies like the heads or the teeth. Some animals, like the Changed or the Mutated, will give to the players expensive trophies.

The players will be able to hunt  animals for get resources, but also for fun or for get a challenge. The Animals have random levels, so sometimes the players will find easy preys with a low level, but others, the players will need to face animals with a level very superior to their. I base the animal levels in Fallout 76, where while you are exploring so peacefully a damn level 50 beast appear for nowhere and kill you coughing.

The bodies of the dead animals will have luminescent spores around them, to help the players to see it.

I base this on Far Cry 5

The players will be able to do fishing in the rivers, lakes and in the sea. They will be able to do it with a fishing rod or harpoons in the surface. Or with harpoons gun or the knife, if they feel brave enough, in underwater combat. The fishing zones will be mark on the map and signaled with information signs.

The players will be able to create baits to fishing better and bigger fish, like the Maraxos (a type of shark).

Fishing will give some resources to the players like sharkskin or teeth that can be used to make equipment and charms. Also it will be a great moneymaker. Bigger the prey, bigger the pay. In addition, the players can prepare the fish in a campfire and eat it. Only for fun.

The herbs and the mushrooms can be find everywhere. However, in the map the players will find collection points with a bigger amount of one or other type of flora or mushrooms. These points will be signaled with information signs, but will not marked on the map or in the mini-map.

The Flora will have brighter colors and have butterflies or moths surround them, to help the players to see it.

Collecting it will allow players make Natural First Aid Kits, Drugs and some Ammunitions, like the Infected Ammunition.

The players will be able to collect these resources:

  • Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Spores
  • Shells and minerals. These can be use as craft item for weapons skins and weapon charms.

Some mushrooms and spores need to be collected from dead bodies for the better results possible. For that reason, the survivors created the Greenhouses. In these places, the survivors “cultivate” corpses. How? They put the corpses in capsules with some dirt and let the fungus in their interior grow. Also in some Greenhouses it can been find Changed that the survivors put in coma for can cultivate fungus in their bodies.

The players also can do Corpses Farming in the Corpses Forests, but this is much more dangerous for the high number of Changed and the high possibility of Symbionts.

Other Activities

All over the map, the players will be able to find other funny activities that will give life to the game. Make it realistic. These are:

Bar Games & Activities

The players will be able to find many locals to drink something and have fun on the billiards, playing Five Finger Fillet, darts or poker.

Camping Games & Activities

The players also will find survivors camping and will enjoy with them a nice time playing cards, throwing knifes, making target shooting, taking a drink or eating a delicious meal.

Having Fun in the Map

There is many things that the players will be able to do in the map. Why not lie on the grass and relax enjoying the views? (Why not? I do not saw it before). Or maybe do rafting into a wild river? Maybe climbing a mountain and jump from the top with a Wingsuit? This is Far Cry, do whatever you want how you most like to do it.