Gas Mask War Stories. Morrigan’s Story

I Have a Dream…

Personal Note

And that dream is called Ubisoft. They are the reason why I made this GDD.

So, why Ubisoft is so important to me? Well, because their love for the details and their passion inspired me to be better. Some years ago, I was always afraid of everything, never believed in myself, feeling lost and pointless. I played games with fear. Always choosing the right decisions, never the ones that I wanted. However, when I played to Far Cry 3, I was so submerged in the story that I forgot about making good or bad decisions. So, in the end, I chose the “bad” decision. It was the first time in my life that I chose what I wanted and no what is supposed to be the “right” decision. That small act opened my mind, making me feel free, like if all life I had been surrounded by a wet mist that made it hard for me to breathe or see with clarity. After that, I played all the Far Cry Franchise and with every new game, I discovered new things about me, feeling freer, with more strengths and more will to live.

However, when your mind and will are so destroyed, as mine was, is easy to fall again in the dark. I needed something stronger than the will of the one that wants me meek as a lamb lost in the dark. And for me, that was Joseph Seed. Because I saw my life reflected on him. With all the abuses and the pain. And see it in such a strong character like him, gave me hope that I could be better. I learned from him the most important lesson: keep believing in yourself. Even when nobody else does, when everything falls apart or when the pain became in something unbearable. Never lose faith or hope. Learning these things set me free.

Now for the first time in my life, I can feel my heart beating, I can breathe again… I do not have fear. I want to do the same for others. I want to create games that inspire and help others as Far Cry did with me.

So thanks, Ubisoft and thanks, Greg Bryk to save me. I will not disappoint you.


The archipelago Vichelocrego is in a war between a powerful corporation that is kidnaping people to do a cruel experiment and the natives that want to save their home.

We are Jericho, a man who lost his memory after his boat explodes. Morrigan, the leader of a group of contrabandists, takes care of him but demand his help in the battle in exchange for his freedom. Now he is trapped in the middle of the war between the powerful corporation SPTS (Society for the Protection of the Time and Shelters), who is kidnaping people with the purpose to turn them into horrendous creatures called Perfect Symbionts, and the natives of the archipelago, with Morrigan as leader of them.

Humans can change, but humanity never does. The search for power never ends, that is why the war is eternal.