I want to use hallucinations in different ways. Because are different types of spores, I think it can be funny that will different types of hallucinations. I hope that will give to the gameplay life and randomness.

The hallucinations form part of the Gas Mask War world. The ones who live on it know it and for that reason, the Gas Mask became in so important element in the new society. The spores of the parasite-fungus and the hallucinogenic fungus enter the brain and manipulate it. Using the fears to make their prey down the guard.

By Simple Spores

These ones are similar to the hallucinations that Jason has in Far Cry 3 inside the cave.

These spores can be found everywhere and provoke hallucinations of a more personal nature.

By Complex Spores

These type of spores are cocktails made by the humans (like the Eris’s Dream) and provoke terrify hallucinations, in most of the cases, without any sense.

By Symbiont Type 2 Spores

I base this type of hallucinations in the Bliss hallucinations of Far Cry 5 but giving it my touch.

Although all the symbionts can emit spore, the symbiont type 2 spores are special. These spores make that the payer feels like it is floating in a cloud. It can go from sensory experience until a complete hallucination of a paradise. Going by light angels and celestial voices. If the players pass too much time exposed to these spores could have some secondary effects like see everyone smiling like idiots without a brain.

My idea with this last type of hallucination is that it will change how much more time the players pass exposed to it. Distorting reality.