Project Description

3D TTP with 2D aesthetics. Shooter and melee combat. Players also can craft, explore, and build their shelter. The game’s story will be situated in different years and areas of the map, and this will allow players to see the degeneration of society and the environment. When players finish the story will unlock the complete map and the years so that they can explore the different ages and complete secret and side missions.

Core Concept

Gas Mask War Stories will tell the story of a world in constant war and the people that fight every day to survive and have a place on that eternal battlefield.
This is the story of Jacob Sas since he is a 12 years old boy living in an era of changes and subtle violence, going by the begging of the Hard War and the Energetic Crisis, until the temporal end of the war when he is 47 years old.

What is Interesting?

What makes this game unique is that the players can personalization their characters internally via their actions and the lack of HUD that will allow the players to have an immersive experience.
Another exciting feature is the fact that the players will play on the same map but in different ages, allowing them to see the degeneration of it and its visual change.

Which is the Essence?

They prefer to be blind.

Which is the Experience?

Live how society gets corrupted by the seek for power and comfort. Take decisions that will affect the environment and the players’ relationship with the NPCs and see how the map change with the time. I want the players can experience the pass of time and how everything can change dramatically in no time.


  • Far Cry
  • The Division 2
Melee Combat
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Far Cry
Aesthetics & Music
  • My novel, Gas Mask War, chapter 6

Target Audiences


This game is meant to mature audiences due to its mature subjects, like political change, prostitution, or drugs. Also, the game will have mature scenes that will contain explicit language, nudity, and violence.

Game Length

The Length of the Story

The game will have six primary story missions composite of other missions situated on different years (1960, 1963, 1973, 1977, 1984, and 1990). The length of each mission will vary, but I think that 10h for the complete story could be perfect.

The Length of the Complete Game

Each year (that will be independent maps) will have their own secondary and secret missions. The final map (1990) will be the largest, so it will have a larger amount of missions.
I think that maybe 100h for the complete game (including the story) could be enough


This game will have several expansions and DLCs that will allow the players to discover other sections of the map. Could be, for example, new Dark Zones with new Rites and Factions on them, other years, like 2018 when Jacob has 71, and the world changed entirely or new characters that will unlock more stories from Gas Mask War.