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About the Story

This game is based on chapter 6 of my novel Gas Mask War. The novel talks about the different wars that happen in different moments of the time, and it’s focused on the “present” period, where the bioterrorist group GWFCE ended with humanity as we know it. To tell the whole story, each character talks about their own story that will be connected with the rest of the characters and the main story. Chapter 6 is Jacob’s story, the oldest character in my novel. I chose it because he lives interesting moments and has more story.

I will try to be concise and resume the story in a few lines.

In-Game Story · General Notes

The game will start with a cinematic that will connect the beginning with the end. The cinematic will show Jacob’s eyes closing slowly, while he is surrounded by the smoke of his water pipe having a monolog that will introduce the first year and the situation. Each year will be presented by a cinematic that will explain the changes and why that year is important.

I changed some of the dates that appear in the novel to adapt them to the gameplay and make the story more fluid. Also, I have eliminated some happenings or changed how I described them in the novel. For example, in the novel, Jacob’s father is not the “monster” that I designed for the game. I maintained the essence of the novel, but I adapted it to the game.

The story details are in the Main Missions section; that way, I don’t repeat information


  • 1960

    Beautiful Days · Clean Future & The GCP

    General Happenings

    Androids used to do the tedious heavy chores.

    Humans work in art, music, casinos, etc. Live is a party.

    No social classes.

    Peace moment, the people live peacefully with their house doors unlocked or even wild open. They fear nothing. They feel invincible.

    Jacob has 12, and his best friend is an android called AN-1331B, he is lonely.


    Clean Future’s Environmental Summit. They talk about the Energetic Crisis, the toxic pollution clouds on the Capital Cities. That they almost run out of clean water sources. Water in the cities is processed to be drinkable, and the stores sell synthetic water. Also, they need to deal with the several Polluted Areas that are appearing everywhere.

    Attacks against the Environmental Summit.

    Borns the GCP. A group formed by civils to keep the peace, when the government can’t or don’t want to intervene.

    GWFCE, a group inside Clean Future, attacks the Power Plant and the Resources Plant, destroying the last one.


    Clean Future buys the last natural reserves.


    Clean Future’s finish their Domes that will protect the natural reserves. They leave, letting abandoned all their offices.

    GWFCE attacks some of the Domes as a protest against Clean Future’s decision not to fight.

  • 1963

    Beautiful Days · The End of the Religion

    General Happenings

    Life quality decrease

    Pollution in the cities is clearly visible, with toxic purple clouds that make breath complicate.


    The Devotees start to preach the end of the world. They use flyers and advertisements on the Diaries, demoralizing society.

    Churches are attacked and burned with the Devotees inside. The GCP attack all the preachers, kicking them in the street, tying them to the street lamps, and encouraging the other passers-by to kick them too. They put watchers to be sure that nobody frees the victims, letting them die from the hits. Once dead, they hang them from the street lights.

    Governments force religions to dissolve. The remaining believers join beneath a unique God and a unique Bible and look for shelter on the Secret Churches. Several are attacked before that they could close their doors. The ones that scape, they closed their doors “forever”.

    The old churches and religious centers transform into libraries, discotheques, shops, or theaters.


    Creation of the Trade Cities.

  • 1973

    Energetic Crisis · Underground Cities · Hard War

    General Happenings

    Energetic Crisis. First Dark Zones and Grey Areas. Small cities and even small countries run out of electricity, energetic resources, drinkable water, and pure air.

    Acid rain and toxic winds.

    No sunlight.

    It becomes popular the use of fashion gas mask, as a sexy and mysterious fashion complement, in an attempt to normalize its use.

    Shops, museums, pubs, discotheques, etc. close due to the lack of electricity and the devaluation of the money.

    Roads’ sections and streets without electrical light, even in Capital Cities or other big cities and villages.

    Power outages for hours.

    The money loses its value. Shops ask for trade for batteries and electricity hours instead of money. Families that buy some luxuries they spend a month without power in their homes so the shop could have that extra.

    Filtration of the OPS, the Obligatory Prostitution Service, a law meant to trade young women and men’s domestic and sex services for batteries.


    The subways are closed to guarantee the survival of the Trade Cities and the Capital Cities.

    The born of the Renegades and the Underground Cities.

    The GCP attacks the Underground Cities. They do paintings on the Metros entrances, throw flyers, and set big banners to try to dissuade more people from joining the Renegades or the Rats like they call them.

  • 1977

    The OPS

    General Happenings

    The radio starts to be silent. Only some clandestine stations continue working.

    The Diaries actualize no more.

    There are wars around the globe.

    Soldiers shoot kids when they or their parents get close The Wall that separates the Dark Zones from the inhabited zones.

    Capital Cities become Ruin Cities, abandoned places that are falling apart, and where the survivors of the Energetic Crisis and the Hard War live in poor conditions. For that reason, the hate against the RATS or the Renegades becomes bigger and bigger because they have heating, electric power on their cities and the music still comes from the Metros mouths. GCP is angry.

    All the shops, pubs and restaurants are closed.

    The Survivors, the ones that live in the Ruin Cities, work in the Resources Centrals, cutting down anemic trees, or getting dirty coal.

    The people abandoned into the Dark Zones have the nickname of The Forgotten. These people create violent and crazy Rites that rule the Dark Zones.

    Respiratory diseases.


    Anti-crisis Summit where the OPS is approved by all the countries unanimously. The governments sell the lie all over the radio that if the young women and men presented voluntarily on the City Hall, their families will be rewarded. Thousands of young people walk for the homeland to serve as slaves.
    The Underground Cities close their doors. They don’t allow anybody to enter or to leave.

  • 1984

    The Red War

    General Happenings

    No Grey Areas are remaining.

    There are whole countries that are Dark Zones.

    GCP sends deputies to the Underground City to try to convince them to give their young members to the OPS. Libertad refuses to give any member and ask the GCP to leave their city immediately.

    After the visit, Libertad’s veterans decide to evacuate the young and the families with kids, the pregnant women, and the sick.


    The GCP attack on the early morning of February 13th. They burn the tunnels, cornering the Liberty citizens.

    The Renegades win by a majority. That night they make a party and bring back the families because their sources tell them that the government withdrew because of the lack of resources.

    A couple of days after the victory, the GCP attack Libertad and the other Underground Cities blowing the tunnels, collapsing the cities, and shooting to the arms and the legs to the victims. They cut the electricity, letting the tunnels illuminated with the red emergency lights. That is why this war was called Red. They kill the sick and old citizens. Uma and Marcus die on this battle.

    Jacob and his brothers and sisters are taken as slaves for the OPS and the GCP.

    Not happy with that, the GCP guided by the government, decide to use those slaves to send them to the dangerous Dark Zones to discover what happened with the Underground Cities there.

  • 1990

    The End Of The War & A New Beginning

    With the harder of the Hard War, the GCP sends Jacob and the other slaves to serve into the Trade Cities transformed into military bases, as the last bastion of the type of life that they wanted to protect.

    The people of the Trade Cities are like androids that have lost their minds completely. They ignore the soldiers and any other “bad” thing that happens. They have their own newspaper, printed for them that ignores the war and have lots of invented news.

    The situation gets worse until the point that some soldiers lose their minds and attack the citizens to suicide later, convinced that they are in hell.

    All the Capital Cities are considered Ruin Cities, even if they are inside of the inhabited zones. That means that the government considers them lost, and they will not send more resources or spent more electricity on them. Also, the government announce that will be blackouts on the less inhabited Trade Cities, like BI83. Producing many altercations and making that the city gets divided.

    Thirty-five years after they appear for the first time, Clean Future appears with their army. They present resources to the citizens of the inhabited zones, buying the people, and putting them against the GCP and the government.

    Ruin Cities goes on strike, stopping working on the Resources and Electrical Centrals, making the Trade Cities run out of electricity.

    The Trade Cities’ citizens start a civil war, attacking the GCP soldiers and their facilities, hacking the androids, and making them fight against the soldiers.

    All the slaves taking from the Underground Cities also go on strike, letting the world burn.

    Clean Future attacks the Trade Cities and kill all that don’t surrender.

    Clean Future sends all the rich people and the old politicians that survive the war to the Dark Zones as a punishment.

    Clean Future moves the people from the Ruin Cities to improvised camps, where the survivors start to build from scratch their lives. They call these camps Outskirts.

    Also, Clean Future starts to repatriate the OPS victims and put them into sanatoriums to deprogram them.

    Clean Future asks some of the soldiers from the Underground Cities, like Jacob, to collect the names of the ones that lose their lives on the Red War to create a tribute.