Environment & NPCs Events by Year

Events by Year

Each map will have its own specific environment events that will reflect the changes of each year and increase the violence, pollution, and corruption that the society is living. What I want is that the pass of the time is clear for the players, not only by the seasons and the holidays, also by the environment. So, I want that the impoverishment of the air and the water to be highly reflected in the environment.

1960 · The Beautiful Days

This year needs to reflect the easy and comfy life of the people.

  • The attitude of the people will change with the hour of the day.
    • In the morning, they are focused on their jobs, walk fast, listening to music from the radio in their Diaries.
    • During the noon there will be no humans on the streets because they are working, there will be only androids. In the afternoon, they will be more groups of people walking slower and talking about their plans.
    • At night, there will be more humans than androids. People will be drunk and loud.

1963 · The End of the Religion

This year we need to show the increasing violence and pollution progressively.

Violent events:

  • It will appear groups of preachers with banners or pamphlets. On the next day that banners will appear abandoned on some alley with blood.
  • Sometimes, players can hear a fight coming from an apartment or a shop. Other times, they can see bloody splashes or hands appearing in the windows or shadows that show violent scenes.
  • GCP people coming out of apartments or shops with blood on their hands or clothes.
  • Buildings burning and the Fire Unit (generation 3 androids) putting out the fire.
  • The shops that were run by Devotees will be closed or be vandalized one day to another.

Increasing-pollution events:

  • Pigeons falling from the rooftops because of the pollution

1973 · They Weren’t Wrong

This year is marked by the beginning of the Energetic Crisis and the alarming levels of pollution.

  • Pigeons hitting their heads against the walls, crazy, dizzy, and drug by the pollution.
  • Blackouts. Players can look through the window and see the whole city lighted and then how one section goes out and the people screaming. Also, see how some streets run out of light until only the main roads have some light. Or if they are in the subway, it could be stopped by a blackout.
  • Many shops are closed one day to another.
  • Some buildings are falling apart.
  • In 1960 and 1963, players can use the sink and have water. In 1973 they can’t. There is not more drinkable water. They need to buy synthetic water.
  • Acid rain and wind that will burn the asphalt tearing parts of it and burning the clothes of the NPCs and the paint of the cars or the androids.

1977 · The OPS

  • Random attacks over the Liberdade.
  • Some NPCs walk into the tunnels to get used to the dark after listening to the stories about the Rites. Some go crazy, coming back trembling, asking for a light, others never come back. Sometimes when they come back, they talk about Her, making reference to Annabelle.

1984 · The Lucky of the Dead

  • Sand storms in the Old Fields Desert that will harm the player.
  • Fumes coming from the ground in the Pregarias’s Lake.
  • NPCs making prayers on the Lake, letting figurines on the Lake, or letting Exvotos made of wax on Corvo’s church.

Exvotos 3

  • Crazy NPCs on Corvo that will appear doing weird things. Like Lady on the Wall.

Lady in the Wall

  • Navia’s Dark Zone is a little bit like Far Cry, anything can happen. With lots of wild animals and Rites that can attack the players, NPCs, or other animals, having amazing fights and enhancing the wildness of the Dark Zones.

1990 · The Last Mission

  • In BI83 if something bad happens, like that somebody has a heart attack, or somebody has any type of accident, the rest of the people ignore it. They are like androids designed to ignore all the bad happenings.
  • In the final battle, players will see how sick the GCP army is. While they are fighting some soldiers will cough blood or will have difficulties to breathe.