Difficulty · Player Aids

Advertisings & Diaries

I want to use the advertisings to tell the players which items they can buy with real money.

With the Diaries players can see everything that they need, like their missions, the map, and their progress, stats, and personality build. I want that each feature that the players can check is meant like an App.

(More in the UI section)



When the players receive damage will mark visually. For example, if they are set on fire, players will see Jacob on fire, or if they are shot, it will appear a blood splash. While they lose health, the screen will lose color progressively from the corners. When their health is critically low, the screen will turn red.

It will happen the same with the partners. When they receive damage, it will be shown visually.


Players will know that they give damage in a similar way than when they receive it. When they shot or when they use a melee weapon, the enemies will show an animation that will represent pain regarding the damage. It also will be represented visually, like with blood splashes.

Enemies and Allies

It will be easy to differentiate the different types of enemies and allies. Each type will have their clothing and even their aesthetic. For example, Clean Future has the AbstractArt, with white and blue plastic, and the Renegade will use the DirtyArt, with neon colors and recycled materials.

Other aids could be:

  • Phrases that they use and their voice tone
  • The soundtrack
    • For example:
      • In the Ruin Cities and the Rites will have more street music, with guitars and folklore instruments like tambourines and voices a cappella.
      • In the Underground Cities and the Outskirts. Party music with Electric Swing and Jazz.
  • The environmental sound
  • The environment design
    • For example:
      • The Rites will have symbols that will be painted on walls.
      • The OPS areas will have different yellow decorations, like flags and ropes.


Because the game doesn’t have HUD, players will need to use the Map on their Diary, like Google Maps. For that reason, the Map needs to be well signalized, with names on the streets and in the subway stations.

Players also can use PPS. They have to mark a point in the Map on the Diary, and then PPS will lead the players to the point.

The Yellow Route and the Red route

These routes are in the Dark Zone. The Yellow Route is from GCP, and the Red Route is from the Rites. I designed these routes because there are places that will not appear in the Map and because in the Dark Zone PPS not will always be useful due to the terrain, this will give the sensation of an inhospitable area.

Yellow Route in Navia City

Yellow Route in the Dark Zone