General Environment Events

Environment Events

The environment events will also change with the year and the area. These events, like the weather, for example, will give realism to the game and elevate the experience. The fact that changes not only with time but also with the area will make the map alive.

These events will be general, so even when they can change visually, the base of the event is the same always. For example, when it rains, in 1960, it is just water, but in 1973 it is dirty, acid water, and will be reflected in the environment visually. So, in 1960 the rain will create puddles, but in 1973 will ruin the cars’ paint or the enamel of the androids.


The different years are in different seasons, and that needs to be shown with the weather and the temperature. Depending on the year and the area, the weather will change visually (more in Environment & NPCs Events By Year). However, the weather needs to be realistic to show the season and the pass of the time.
The seasons can be shown with other types of events, like the holidays and their celebration. And I want to use the folklore again from Galicia to give more cohesion to the game. For example, in spring, I want to use the Maios celebration, which is the celebration of the spring. Usually, for that celebration in Galicia, they do big constructions with flowers, but in 1973 that will be impossible, so maybe they could do it with holograms, electronic flowers, or glass.

Day & Night

This event is important because it will set the pass of the time and will give to the players the sensation of fluidity and that they are not trapped in a moment. Also, the night moment is crucial for some moments of the game, because it will show the chaos when the city is running out of electricity. Like for example, in 1973 with the first blackouts. And at the same time in other moments, like in 1960, the night will show the life rhythm, with the music, the party, and the bustle.
Besides the obvious, I want the map change if is day or night, when is night could be cool that the areas are inhabited have light. This will also help to show the Dark Zones because those ones will never will light up at night.

Radio & Advertisements · In and out of the Diary

Like with seasons, the radio and the advertisings will show the pass of the time. The radio will talk about the lasted news and can be used to give tracks for secret missions, like a broadcaster talking about a missing child in a determinate street or area. The advertisings will talk about parties, holidays, or other things that will give realism to the story. For example, in 1973, the advertisements will advertise fashion gas masks.