Players will obtain their equipment on loot boxes, killing enemies and after finishing missions. Then they can upgrade it with attachments and talents.

Upgrades · Attachments & Talents · Personalize

Weapons can be upgraded with attachments. These attachments will improve the accuracy, the stability, the fire rate, and the firing range.

PPS can be upgraded with components, tools, and chips. Chips will give talents and abilities to PPS. Like, hack faster, for example.

The Backpack and the Bulletproof Vest can be upgraded with patches. These patches are the talents that will improve players’ abilities. The Backpack and the Vest will have a level that will increase their stats, like the space on the Backpack.

All the equipment, including the clothing, can be personalized with skins, charms (for the weapons, including the melee weapons) and keychains (for the Backpack).

Gas Mask


The Gas Mask is essential in this game for two reasons. First (and most important), I want that the Gas Mask expresses the personality of the characters and players. The second reason is functional. The Gas Mask will protect the players in the Dark Zones from poisoning.

Special Equipment

To enter the Polluted Areas, players will need a Special Equipment that consists of a suit with a special gas mask. Get this equipment will not easy, the player will need to do special missions on GCP areas. After getting it, they can upgrade it with patches and personalize it.

Fast Travel Device


This device will allow the players to decide where they want to put a Fast Travel Point. Players will be able to carry three Fast Travel Device. They can put one and pick them up when they live using it as a portable base or they can leave it and use it as a fast travel point. Also, they can put the other two to create their route of travel points and pick them up when they want.

The Travel Devices are indestructible, even if they are in an enemy, spawn. This takes away realism but will help the playability, allowing players to have a safe place even in the middle of the dangerous Dark Zones.

When the players put the Device on the floor it will inflate a plastic dome that will act as a small base that the players can personalize a little bit, like the color of the dome.

Sound Desing

When the players activate it, it will sound like when we inflate a balloon.



The Diary’s like a smartphone but completely transparent. To unlock it players need to introduce a patron that the players will personalize. In the novel, the patron is stained glass, where the users need to touch on the specific sections that they choose.

Inside of the device, players will found the In-Game Menu presented like a smartphone menu with Apps. Each App is a game feature, like:

  • Advertisements

    The real money shop

  • Camera

    PPS Feature

  • Diary System

    Chat for the players in coop or in PVP

  • Encyclopedia

    All the information about the map, the flora, the fauna, the story and the characters.

  • Terrain Recon

    PPS Feature. Sonar

  • Lantern

    PPS Feature

  • Map

    The Map

  • Missions

    All the missions by year

  • Partners

    See the Partners available, their state (if their dead, injured or ready to fight) and the option of select/deselect them.

  • Personality Build

    See the player’s stats and their personality build

  • PPS

    Grid Sub-Title

    Controls and hack

  • Readable Items

    All the loose pages, letters, and newspapers.

Sound Desing

I want that the Diary has sounds similar to a smartphone. When players use the Diary System, I want that they can use emotes with sound and that look and sound funny.

PPS · Portable Personal System

PPS is a portable personal system designed and developed by Clean Future. However, our PPS is special because born with a factory defect that makes it a little bit unpredictable. After that, Jacob saved it from the attacks to Clean Future in 1960, PPS transformed into Jacob ally. Now players can use it too many things, like:

  • Terrain Recon – Sonar
  • Camera – Photo Mode
  • Lantern
  • Map Route
  • Hack

PPS has wheels, is small (like an orange), fast, and can move between and under obstacles. PPS also can jump, fly (for the camera and for the lantern) and climb, with its deployable legs.

Players will be able to upgrade it and personalize it. Also, players will need to repair it with tools, when an enemy broke it. Players can repair PPS anyplace. They don’t need a Base to do it.

Sound Desing

I want PPS to have a big personality and that needs to be reflected in the sounds. PPS has sound electronic and when it moves it need a drone sound.



Players will have lots of weapons that will be able to use and that will make their experience unique. To get that weapons players need to:

    • Find the loot boxes.
    • Kill enemies.
    • Finish missions.

The weapons can be improved with attachments and personalize with skins and charms.

These are the types:

    • Crossbow
    • Snipers
    • Assault Rifles
    • Guns
    • Pocket Knife
    • Spoon Knife
    • Swords
    • Spear
    • Grenades
    • Knife
Sound Desing

I base the design of the weapons on the WWI weapons, so the materials are metal and wood and the sound need to be more mechanic.

Medkits · Antidotes & Drugs


Players will need Medkits to cure the bleeding and Antidotes to cure the poisoning. Players can craft them on the bases when the have the materials:

  • Rags and herbs, for the medkits.
  • Herbs and water, for the antidote and the drugs.

Players can wear 3 Medkits, 2 Antidotes, and 3 Inhalers in their Inventory.


In my novel, I designed the Water Pipes inspired by the Arab Hookahs and the tobacco smoking pipes. In my novel, these pipes are used to consume drugs and “tobacco”, that in my novel is a set of herbs, minerals, dry fruits, and molasses. They can use water, juices, alcohols, infusions, and other liquids to fill the jar. Also, there are cold pipes and hot pipes. The hot pipes heat the liquid inside to liberate vapors and make the effect of the drug stronger. Because these pipes are crystal, they are heavy, so the survivors created Water Cigarettes. I based their design on the actual electronic cigarettes.

In the game, they are called Inhalers, and the players will use them to consume the drugs that will give some advantages in combat, like have more Adrenaline Time, resist more damage or run for more time without getting exhausted. To make the use faster in the game, we can use something like asthma inhalers like in the Dreed film.

Some examples are:

    • Yellow Water. This drug will allow the players to recover the energy and sprint faster and longer without getting tired.
    • Purple Water. This drug allows the players to do not feel the pain, which means that the players can spend more time bleeding and fighting without seeing the grey screen.
    • Blue Water. This drug allows players to stay in the Adrenaline Time more time. Players need to use it before the adrenaline time ends.

There are different types of drugs that the players will be able to craft it using natural resources. All will be explained in the encyclopedia, inside the players’ Diary.

Backpack & Inventory

Players will have a base Backpack that will have 20 spaces. Then they need to find new Backpacks with more spaces. Then the players can personalize it with skins, keychains, and patches that will give talents to the players.

So the Backpack will be the inventory, where the players can see all their weapons, materials for craft, medkits, antidotes, and ammunition. The amount of ammunition that they can carry will be set from the beginning as well and will be upgradable with patches.

Sound Desing

The backpack will make metal noises when players move, like a jingle when the weapons, the charms, the grenades, and the keychains collide with each other. And the sound of the zipper when the players open it.

Bulletproof Vest

Players can wear a bulletproof vest to reduce the damage from the enemies. The vest will have levels that will mark their resistance. Players will be able to personalize with skins and patches that will give talents to the players.