Side Missions & Special Missions

About Side & Special Missions

The Side and Special Missions will complete the game, making it longer and richer. These missions will have story, some longer than others, and not always directly connected with the main story.
Each year will have its Side and Special Missions, and the future expansions will have these missions too.
These missions will allow the players to visit the whole map and also visit new areas.

Side Missions

The Side Missions complement the story and are the longest and richer. These missions allow us to add mo story and more depth to the game without making the cinematics longer. Some could be:

· The Polluted Prison ·

When the Clean Future wins, they sent all the Privileged, included the politicians, to a prison situated in the most Polluted Area into the Dark Zone. Players will need to drive the truck there, but on their way, they will be attacked by a group of people that wants the Privileged dead. Players will able to choose if they save the Privileged or if they allow the group to kill them.

· Tribute To The Fallen ·

Another important moment after Clean Future’s victory is the Tribute to the Fallen into the Red War. Clean Future will send the players to the Underground City Liberdade to recover Jacob’s belongings. I want the players to help in the ceremony. It will be a different mission, more emotional and short.

· AN-1331B ·

In this mission, players will come back to Jacob´s apartment to recover AN-1331B. There they will discover that some scavengers took several parts of his friend. One of those parts is AN´s head, and that allows Jacob to track it to the scavengers camp. They will need to defeat them, recover the stolen parts, and fix AN.

Special Missions

The Special Missions are all that different extra missions that we can add to make the map richer and game longer.  Some could be:

· Discover Missions ·

Missions to encourage the players to discover unique places on the map

· Secret Missions ·

Missions that the players only can discover if they follow the tracks. Like a note or a drawing, that talks about a place, like the “the treasure hunting” kids game. These missions need to have a cool reward for the players, like charms for the weapons, the backpack, or patches for the clothes or the backpack

· Random Missions ·

Random happenings around the map, like people that need help. These missions will always be on the map, will appear, and disappear.