Immersive UI

This game will have an immersive UI, without HUD or In-Game Menu. I designed this feature this way because I want to give the players an immersive and realistic experience.

Main Menu

The front page could be like the Diary. With the stained glass in the background and behind a scene that shows the year wich the players are.

In-Game Menu · Diary

The In-Game Menu will be the Diary. The game features will be presented to players like apps. And because the Diary is translucent, it will help the players to see through it, which is essential because the game will have no pause, so if there is a nearby enemy, players will be able to see it.


The game doesn’t have HUD. PPS will provide the HUD. For example, when the players mark on the map where they want to go, PPS will guide them, being in front of the players showing the path with light. This will be handy for the easy paths (go to point A to point B in a city, for example). However, because the players have to do parkour sometimes and PPS can’t lead them in that moments, the places that the players can use to jump or climb will be marked with ropes or other items in a determinate color (like yellow). When the players enter into the adrenaline mode that areas will have a little zoom, like a heartbeat that will help the players see them easily. And in the Dark Zone are places that will not appear on the map until the players discovered them, like the Rites’ Camps, so the players will need to use the map like a GPS, like the Google Maps App in real life.