UI & Menus

Pause Menu

This menu has two functions: one is the menu and another put the game on pause. This menu will open a new screen, with a background that represents the deep sea, with dark blue and green colors making waves and some blurred creatures (maybe the Butterfly Conger) in the back moving randomly.  It will sound the main soundtrack in the background and with the effect of being underwater. I think it can be funny if the player pass to much time in this menu (maybe 5 or 10 minutes) that they will start to listen to the voice of the Conger and maybe this one can appear on the screen like a jump scare, with his shining eyes looking for the player.

This menu will have the basics options (Save, Save and Exit, Load, Main Menu, and Options) and the Tutorial.

This menu will have sounds when the player passes by the different tabs. I thinking in a metal sound (like a bell or something like that).

In Game Menu

This is the player’s Diary (Equipment/Diary). The HUD will show as the screen of a transparent Smartphone, with the different options like the Apps of the actual phones. The players will have a cursor whit the form of a finger (representing that the Diary is touchable) [IDEA: It will be funny that the player could have an App in their mobiles that works as Diary. This App will be linked with the game, so the sensation will be more realistic].

  • Craft Recipes

    Drugs, Med Kits and all the unlocked recipes

  • Weapons

    Grid Sub-Title

    See the unlocked Weapons, their upgrades, charms, skins and the select/deselect option.

  • Ammunition

    Grid Sub-Title

    Change the Ammunition type and see all the ammunition types

  • Inventory

    Grid Sub-Title

    The items that the player collected

  • Inhalators & Med Kits

    Grid Sub-Title

    Types and amount

  • Encyclopedia

    Grid Sub-Title

    All the information about the map, the flora, the fauna, the story and the characters.

  • Map

    Grid Sub-Title

    The Map

  • Readable Items

    Grid Sub-Title

    All the loose pages, letters and newspapers.

  • Dron, Ant & Bubble

    Grid Sub-Title

    Check the Devices state, upgrades, skins and the option to use them.

  • Partners

    Grid Sub-Title

    See the Partners available, their state (if their dead, injured or ready to fight) and the option of select/deselect them.

  • Vehicles

    Grid Sub-Title

    See all the unlocked Vehicles, their purchased upgrades, skins, state and the option of “Call for a ride”, that will make that Morrigan send an ally with the vehicle.

  • Mounts

    Grid Sub-Title

    See all the unlocked Rides, their upgrades, skins, state and the options of select/call/heal and deselect.

  • Collections

    Grid Sub-Title

    All the collections

  • Player’s Stats

    Grid Sub-Title

    See the player’s stats (level, health, money…)

  • Equipment

    Grid Sub-Title

    See the Equipment stats (level, skins, damage…) and the select/deselect option.

  • Fast Access

    Grid Sub-Title

    Set the fast access to the Weapons, Inhalators and Medicines.

Main Menu

The Main Menu will show the basic tabs and its design will be similar to the Diary. Like a translucent Smartphone screen with tabs like the Apps of the phone. With a stained glass design (like the church windows) in the background, that will change showing scenes from the novel and the videogame. It will sound the main soundtrack in the background.