Project Description

This project was meant to be done in just 5 days.
Muerte en Vinagre is an escape room game in which the players need to investigate two realities: The Dream and The Game.

Core Concept

Gary is a guy that is obsessed with a videogame, until the point to let her wife, Vine, die for be playing the game. Now, incapable to accept his fault, is trapped in two different nightmares. The Dream, a room from he cannot escape, and The Game, a copy of his room inside his console.

Which is the essence?

The obsession can kill, but at least you finished the game.

Which is the experience?

I based this game on the sensation to be trapped in ourselves.

What is new?

The players need to switch between the two realities to discover the truth and escape the room.


Pokémon Game Boy Series.