The gameplay is simple, players are trapped in Gary’s room (The Dream) that is really clean and tidy as if nobody has lived never there. Players need to investigate the room, find Gary’s console (Jar Games) and Vine’s note to be able to continue the game inside the console (The Game). When players press the action button they will enter inside the Jar Games and discover that the room inside the game is the same that in The Dream with the differences that this room is dirty and messy, cover in dust and blood, and there is a body of a woman inside a jar in front of the door. Now players must investigate this reality too to discover who is the woman is and how she died. In the end, players must come back to The Dream to investigate the PC that now is unlocked and will reveal the truth: Gary killed his wife for didn’t assist her when she needs him. Then the game will change and players will see The Reality, that is the same room of The Game, messy and dirty, but with the Vine’s body in front of the door.