The Toxin made by GWFCE affect the living organisms in different ways. It will depend on several factors, like the health of the subjects or the purity of the Toxin.


The Toxin is a set of different mutated spores that have the mutated spore of the Cordyceps Unilateralis as the base. Was created with the propose of killing the humans and transform their dead bodies in ecosystems that, with the time, it would grow and become in leafy, green, living forests. However, the mutated spores of the parasite-fungus it turned out that they had intelligence, so it killed like the 90% of the subjects, but in the 10% remaining, instead of killing them, the parasite allied with the bodies, creating different types of mutations.

Original Cep

Day 1. Contamination

The contamination is the process of inhalation of the spores and parasite trying to control the body. 24 hours later, if the body resists the invasion, the subject will “awake” transform in an Immune.


The parasite-fungus is inactive in their bodies. It cannot control them and they cannot control it either. If an immune was exposed to a mutated strain of the toxin or if get some disease, the inactive parasite-fungus could awake and mutate. The Immunes only have between 10% and 30% of their tissues replaced with the fungus mycelia. They do not have any “powers” like the regeneration. They have marks on their bodies that mark them as Immune, like lichens in their skin, stains and branches in their eyes and mushrooms on their heads that replaced some parts of the hair. These mushrooms are connected with the nervous system, so cut it is as painful as cut an arm.

If the body of the subjects does not resist the invasion will die.

The bodies that allow the invasion will continue with the painful process of the symbiosis.

Day 3. Mutation

The subjects start to mutate inside. This process is so painful that the subjects enter in coma.

Day 4. Acceptance

If the subjects do not die, they will start to have nightmares and hallucinations, entering and coming up from the coma.

Day 10. Change

This is the complete symbiosis. The subjects awake to have the 100% of their tissues replaced with the parasite mycelia. They are controlled completely by the parasite, losing all control of their bodies. The victims are called Changed and they are not zombies without mind, they still are humans locked in their bodies. Only the Symbionts, that can use the Hive Mind, can listen to their screams and cry. With the pass of the time, the Changed go crazy, locked in that endless nightmare. The Changed have regeneration, their speed, hear, and vision are improved and they can use the Hive Minds. They dry extremely fast. They are, basically, fungus. They have lichens in the skin and protector mycelia that make the skin very soft and cold, despite the yellowish or greenish color. They have mushrooms in their head, eyes, nose, hears and/or in the wounds that they could have. These mushrooms are living and can move representing the “emotions” of the subject. They will attack the survivors and animals to drink their blood but it is extremely rare that they kill them. Have contagious spores.

Mutated Cep

Day 1. Contagion

This happens when a subject enters in contact with contagious blood or spores that have the mutated strain of the Toxin. This process will be faster than the Contamination. There are not immunes to this cep.

Day 2. Acceptance

Because the strains already mutated, it jumps directly to the phase of conquering the body. If the body resists, the subject will awake became in a Blessed or in Blessed Type 2.


The parasite-fungus is active inside of their bodies but do not control them and they cannot control it either. However, they have some benefits, like regeneration. The Blessed do not have diseases or getting old, also their bodies have more strength and resistance. The disadvantage is that if they are exposed to heat sources, even if it is the sun, they get dry, like a leaf on the ground. So they need to be well hydrated all the time. The Blessed have between 50% and 70% of their tissues replaced with the fungus mycelia. Their characteristics marks are the deformed pupil, swollen veins in the face, arms, legs or abdomen, the women can have also in the breast. Last, they have mushrooms in the head replaced parts of the hair. Their blood is contagious.


These ones are like Type 1 except for the body marks. The Blessed Type 2 don have any of the characteristics of the Blessed Type 1. They usually have a discoloration in their skin (making it white), in their eyes (if they were brown, they will be yellow or if they were blue, they will be almost white) and in their hair (if it was black, now will be grey). For the rest, they are the same.

Day 7. Change

Like with the Contamination, it will appear Changed.


They do not follow any time patron or phase patron. They change directly. For this reason, it is a very violent and painful process, accompanied by horrendous hallucinations. They have a complete symbiosis, with their tissues 100% replaced with the parasite mycelia. The can control fully the parasite-fungus, but this one can control them too if they do not have careful with the Instinct. The Instinct is the “voice” of the parasite in their heads, talking about all the power that they could have if they let the parasite control them. When they succumb to the Instinct, they go crazy and it is very difficult that they go back to being human again. They have the same abilities as the Changed, but with the control over it, so they are very dangerous. They dry extremely fast. They can control their spores also and they are not contagious. They have the pupils and the iris deformed, protector mycelia, no lichen, nails strengthened like bones, all the hair has been replaced with living mushrooms and the skin in color greenish, yellowish or light brown.

Symbionts Type 2

The Symbionts Type 2 are similar to the Type 1 ones, but their tissues only are replaced by 80% and 90%. Also, they can use a special type of hallucinogen spores capable to control minds and they do not have the characteristic marks of the symbionts. They have the same discoloration as the Blessing Type 2.

Perfect Symbionts

The difference with the others is that they do not have the Instinct. Also, they cannot express any emotions like smiling or crying. They do not have voice either. They can release all the power of the parasite and become in a forest without dying because it will live forever in the fungus. That is the only way that they have to “be humans” again. For GWFCE that is the perfect world.  One full of forests and life, without physical humans that can harm their beloved Earth.