Gato de Biblioteca. My First Web

I started my career as a writer in 2005 with my first novel «El Último Libro de la Biblioteca» (The Last Book of the Library). Everyone loved that story, full of magic and adventures. So I kept writing more stories and short movie scripts. It was something that I used to love to do. I did it as an escape from my reality, as an excuse to stay alive. However, I never thought about it as a job. Until 2016, when I move on to Madrid, and as a welcome gift a friend decided to give me my first web. He called it «Gato de Biliboteca» (Library’s Cat) in my honor :D. And there is when my journey begins. I designed a logo for the web, based on my first cat. I designed my signature that represents a bloody bunny and I started to use that name, Bloody Bunny, as my nickname. Why? Because I was scared of the world outside of my inside worlds. I was scared to share my job with the world, and Bloody Bunny protected me from that.

I started to write stories for the web, one or two per week. And was there, in December 2016, when I started my first saga called Gas Mask War. I fell in love with the story and characters. Also, my few lectors loved it too. So, in 2017, I decided to transform my saga into a novel and published it. During that process, I discovered my true passion which is, of course, videogames. Designing videogames. However, I decided to finish and publish the novel and then work hard to archive my next goal: becoming a professional Game Designer.

The novel was published on Amazon in August 2018 and as I promised myself, now I am working on my next goal.

I do not want to lose my old web. I want to keep it as a memory of how I started and, who knows? Maybe to write some extra stories. I designed this web completely in English and centered on my game designer job. But «Gato de Biblioteca» will still be there, with all my Spanish stories. Like a house for my children, where they are waiting to become something bigger.

Feel free to explore it, you always will be welcome!

These are some of the content of my old web