Other Missions

Flashback Missions

  • XP Points
  • Exclusive skins and charms
  • Unique crafting recipes
  • Hidden talents
  • Unique weapons

The flashback missions are design for players could know the background story of the world and the characters without breaking the rhythm of the gameplay. They will unlock to finding War and Dove’s Diaries.

These missions will make the players travel in time and play with different characters. Each character have their own unique abilities and special weapons.

The Flashback Missions can be played at the moment of being unlock or later. Also the players will be able to replay the missions. This is because I design these missions like a separated maps with their own free missions and secrets. The idea is giving to the players the illusion of freedom creating fake sandbox maps and that way do not break the main game gameplay at all. These missions need to be different between them but keep the essence and experience of the main game.

Shelter Missions


Release shelters will give to the players XP. The amount will depend on how the players do it. Also, release shelters will create Travel Points on the map.

  • For doing it without being discover. +XP
  • For doing without any alarm sound. ++XP
  • For doing it in a specific way. +++ XP

These missions are classic Far Cry missions. In the three islands, the players will find different shelters that will set free. The idea is to create a safe archipelago for all the survivors that are suffering for the violent Rites, the Radicals and the SPTS.

  • Sagrado: The violent Rites and Angela’s Toys occupy the most part of the shelters of Sagrado.
  • Abelleira: The Radicals and Alfonso’s Army occupy most part of the shelters of Abelleira.
  • Paraíso: The Failed Experiments (Changed) and the Clean Future’s Androids occupy the most part of the shelters of Paraíso. This island is the one with fewer shelters because it was in the past a Dome.

In addition, the shelters already released can or cannot be attacked by Radicals, Rites or Changed. (I base this in Far Cry 4). I think this will keep the map alive even when the story and shelter missions are over.

Types of difficulty

There are two types of shelters in all the islands:

  • Without leader: Normal type of difficulty.
  • With leader: These shelters are the biggest. They are heavily armed and have a leader.

Allies’ Missions


If the players do the mission «Build a Shelter», the allies will live in there and the players will able to visit them. This includes all animals tamed and their rides.

  • XP
  • Allies

There are some allies, like the Shark, Diaño Branco or Junkfound 13, that will be in “secret” places, like in some exploration zones or maybe in shelters. Like Boomer in Far Cry 5, the mission was help in a farm, when we get there, everyone is dead and we can adopt Boomer.

But some of the allies will have the mission clearly marked on the map. This mission is different between them. It will represent our allies personalities and tell their stories. Like the allies in Far Cry 5 or the lost wenjas in Far Cry Primal.

These allies can have additional missions that will tell other parts of their story and that it will unblock how much more time the players spent with them. Like in Fallout New Vegas. I think this will make the players want to have different companions and pass more time in the game.

Secret Missions

  • XP
  • Ammunition
  • Money
  • Crafting Supplies
  • Weapons
  • Weapon’s Charms

I base these missions in Fallout New Vegas.

These missions consist of investigate places after reading a note or listen to a NPC. I will explain better with an example:

1..The players find a note in a cabin in the woods. The note talks about a key that opens a hidden bunker in the cabin. It will not activate any mission or mark reading this note. So in here plays the players’ curiosity.

Hi Maria. Don’t be angry, but I lost the damn bunker’s key again. I know, I know… I should put it in a keychain… Sorry. I go to Anton’s shop to see if I can get a new key. I love you. Be safe and close the doors at night. Remember: today put the red light. I don’t want to have more problems with the damn Rite again…

2. Now the players can try to find the key of the bunker going to Anton’s shop. In there, the owner, an android called Anton, will tell to the players that Suso took the key and come back home and that that place is very dangerous because of the Rite that lives nearby.

3. At that moment, the players will be able to go to investigate the surroundings of Suso and Maria’s home.

4. Then the players will discover the Rite that lives in there. Now they will be able to investigate the Rite using stealth or killing everyone.

5. The players will discover the corpses of Suso and his daughter Maria. In Suso’s pocket, the players will find the key to open the bunker.

Build a Shelter

I based this in Far Cry 4, where we can restore Ajay’s house and in the Far Cry Primal village creation process. In addition, in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 shelter construction mode

I think this is a great feature that will make the game have a longer life.

My idea is this:

  1. Activate the mission. Choosing one of the places in the map that we will give to them. Then they will need to release the place. The others will be automatically blocked.
  2. Collect resources to construct the shelter. And construct the base of the shelter.
  3. Get survivors to live on in. For this, will appear special missions on the map that will give survivors and resources as a reward.
  4. Get some defenses. Like androids. This will make the survivors feel safer.
  5. Level up the buildings. Like the clinic or the farm. This will make the survivors feel happier. Also, the players will have better prices in the shops that are in there.
  6. Decorate the shelter. The players will be able to add to the shelter any furniture or item that they see on the map. (Like in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76). This will make the survivors happy and, also to the players. I hope.

When the survivors are happy they will give missions to the players, also resources to make drugs and discounts to repair the equipment or build things.

In addition, the players will be able to see their rides, in the stables, their tamed animals, walking and playing around and all the allies that the players save.

Coopertative Missions

In the cooperative mode, the players will enjoy with their friends all the world missions, except the «Build a Shelter» mission. The story missions are neither cooperative. I think that making these ones cooperative will take away intensity to the story. Also, based on my own experience, sometimes our friends have a different way to live the story. This could make that one companion break the gameplay rhythm to the other.

I want also that the level of difficulty increase so the enemies will be harder to kill. (Like in Borderlands Franchise). I think this make the game balanced.

Random Missions

Vichelocrego is a hostile world where hundreds of things can happen. While the players walk throw the islands they be able to find several random missions. Some are:

Radical Caravans

  • XP
  • Money

The Radical Caravans are a type of enemy that can appear randomly on the map. The players can choose if they want to attack them or not. Attack them can be a challenge.

Shelters or Survivors Being Attack

  • XP
  • Money
  • The possibility of some of the survivors give some new random missions.

As mentioned before, some released shelters can be attacked by hostile factions like Radicals or Rites. The players can choose if help them or not. The type of enemies are random as the mission itself, so the difficulty is random as well.

Missions Given By the Survivors

  • XP
  • Money
  • Crafting Materials

The survivors that the players help can give random missions. Some examples:

  • Hunting Missions: Hunting some animals.
  • Release other survivors: Help friends or familiars kidnaped or disappeared.
  • Cleaning Missions: Cleaning a place from Changed.
  • Recover/ Delivery Missions: Travel to a place to deliver or recover something.

Hunting & Fishing Missions

  • XP
  • Crafting and salable materials

There are two types:

 Missions that are given by the survivors

Some survivors will ask the players to hunt or fishing a concrete wild animal or fish. Maybe a dangerous one. Other times they will ask to hunt a group of animals. For example to a party meal.

 Hunting & Fishing Zones

All over the map, the players will find hunting and fishing zones. These points will allow the players to get crafting and selling resources.

Cleaning Missions

  • XP
  • Money
  • Skins
  • Charms
  • Exclusive Weapons

These missions are very challenging and intense. The players will be asked to clean a place from Changed. It will be a big number of enemies with the Hive Mind controlling them.

Exploration Missions

  • XP
  • Money & Salable Treasures
  • Complete Talent Points (to get abilities) (Far Cry 5)
  • Skins and charms for weapons and vehicles.
  • Unique Weapons & Equipment

The entire map has exploration zones. Of course, the entire map is an exploration zone, full of interesting places and views. However, there is a bunch of points in the islands that have a reward for being visited. Here some examples:

  • Submarine Caves & Sunken Zones: In the islands are many submarine caves and sunken zones. The players will be able to find sunken planes, ships, forests, and even an entire Trade City.
  • War Ruins: The three islands have marks of the war on them. The War Ruins are different between them and have different types of enemies, some unique, like the Subway’s Wasps.
  • Contaminated Zones: These areas still have tons of contamination that created unique fauna and flora.

Hight-difficulty Exploration zones

Some of these missions will be very dangerous, having their own unique enemies, like Symbionts or wild changed animals. For example, a giant squid in one of the Submarine Caves. Others can be very difficult for the location itself, as the top of a mountain.

For these zones, the players will need special equipment and have the appropriate level. I think this will encourage the players to get enough XP to enjoy those dangerous places. (I based this design in Borderlands Franchise that has high-level missions with badass bosses)


In addition to the other rewards, the High Difficulty Zones will have their own rewards: the pets. The players will be able to have pets without doing these missions. However, these special pets are not only amazing also have unique abilities. It will not be easy to get tame them and the players will need special drugs. These are some examples:

  • Diaño Branco: An old big white shark. If the players managed to tame him, they will be able to use it as a submarine vehicle. Besides the rest of the normal abilities, like help with the enemies.
  • 13: A Junkfound (more information in the section Tools/Junkfound). A small robot who lost her family. She will help the players search for ammunition and resources in the dead bodies of the enemies.