Project Description

Gas Mask War is a first-person shooter set in the post-apocalyptic world of my novel Gas Mask War. The story is a sequel of the events narrated in the novel and takes place in the archipelago Vichelocrego, in three different islands: Abelleira, Sagrado and Paraíso.

Core Concept

The archipelago Vichelocrego is in a war between a powerful corporation that is kidnaping people to do a cruel experiment and the natives that want to save their home.

We are Jericho, a man who lost his memory after his boat explodes. Morrigan, the leader of a group of contrabandists, takes care of him but demand his help in the battle in exchange for his freedom. Now he is trapped in the middle of the war between the powerful corporation SPTS (Society for the Protection of the Time and Shelters), who is kidnaping people with the purpose to turn them into horrendous creatures called Perfect Symbionts, and the natives of the archipelago, with Morrigan as leader of them.

Which is the essence?

Humans can change, but humanity never does. The search for power never ends, that is why the war is eternal.

Which is the experience?

I based the experience of the game in the storms. Frightening, strong and beautiful as they are and in the feelings that transmit to us. Also, I used it as a metaphor for war. A storm always changes the environment. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad and always bring the calm after. Even a small one does it, like wars. I chose it also because reminds me to humans. They destroy everything in its path, do not think in the pain they will cause, they just keep going. Also, you cannot judge them, because they can bring also life, make things shine like never after. As humans. You never can judge someone to be “grey”, “cold” or “stormy”, because, maybe, behind that is bright sun waiting for coming up. Also, we neither can judge someone to be “shine” or “sunny”, because maybe is hidden very bad intentions.

What is new?

My favorite part of this game is the fact of the players are playing with the “bad” instead of against to her and the best part is that they will not know it until the end of the game.


I used as a reference to location and culture my owl land, Galicia, in the north of Spain. I also use some references to the language, like the name of the main locations. For example, Vichelocrego is a bird, the Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus) and I used it as the name of the archipelago.

My references to the gameplay are Far Cry Franchise, Ghost Recon Series and Fallout Franchise.