Scenes will be categorized into three sections: A, for the «good ones», B for the «bad ones» and C for the «really bad ones».

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Scenes · Intro

The intro is the characters talking, introducing Jackie’s story.



({Dialog sounds})

Father— What the fuck are you doing out of your room?

Jackie— I am thirsty. I just wanted a glass of water

Father —And why you do not drink the water from the bathroom?

Jackie — I don’t know… I just wanted a glass of water. That’s all…

Father — Fucking liar! All that you wanted was spying me to see the TV!

Jackie — No! I promise! I just wanted a…

Father — Shut up bitch! Don’t you dare lie to me again! You will enter in that fucking room and you will not go out again, do you hear me? I don’t care if you are thirsty or if you need to pee or if there is a fucking murderer in your closet. If I see you again out of your room I will kill you and hide your body between these walls so NOBODY will EVER find you.

(Then the door closes {Sound} and Jackie starts to cry {Sound}) [Transition. Continue button])


This part is two separated scenes into the game.


({Dialog sounds})

In this scene, I appears in Jackie’s room to talk to her. He appears in a corner.

I— Why you are so sad?

Jackie—Because I am trapped here and nobody will come to save me. Nobody cares about me… The other kids have friends and family and nice things… And I don’t have ANYTHING!

I—Well, I am here and I am “something”, Do not I?

Jackie—YOU ARE NOTHING! You are just my imagination. That’s why you are so ugly and twisted. That’s why I do not afraid of you. I know that, if I close my eyes, you will disappear as you have appeared.

I erased this part form the new game to make the intro a little shorter. But is still in Jam’s game version.

I—Are you sure?

Jackie—Of course I am!

(Button “Close the Eyes”. [Transition, close eyes, Black Scene]. Timer [Determinate time] Jump Scare. I face. She Screams.{Scream Sound}. Father {Door open sound} {Dialog sounds})

Father—One more time and I will kill you! This is my last warning.

({Door close sound} {Dialog sounds})

Jackie— I don’t understand why he doesn’t kill me…

I— I will leave you then…

Jackie—No! Please… Don’t leave alone… Is just that I don’t understand why he doesn’t kill me… It would be easy for him and for me…

I—Because you are his daughter. Kill you means kill a part of him. It is a very serious sin and a big sacrifice. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t do it if the circumstances are right. Wrath is the most powerful sin.

Jackie—And why he hates me so much?

I—Because of the same reason. You are the reflection of everything good and bad that he has. You are the constant reminder of all his failures, mistakes and sins.

Jackie—It is not my fault…

I—I didn’t say that it is. You ask me why, and that is the only reason that I can give you.

Jackie—Is not enough…

I— I didn’t say that it had to be. And tell me, why you are locked in here?

Jackie—Is it not obvious?

I—Not really.

Jackie—If I go out, he will kill me and I don’t want to try my luck. I prefer to stay here and sleep… Tomorrow will be a new day.

I—And if it is not?

Jackie— What do you mean?

I—What will happen if tomorrow is like today? Will you still locked in your room forever, letting your body and your mind being rotten?

Jackie—And what do you suggest? If I open the door, it’s over… But maybe that will be for the best.

I—Stop being so self-pity … There are more doors than the ones that you see with your eyes … Here, take this.

The Gift


({Dialog sounds})

Jackie—A notebook and a pen?

I—You want to be free, no?

Jackie—Of course!

I—Then, listen. You have a gift. You have a great imagination and that is your power. If you don’t like your story, change it, rewrite it. If you cannot use this door, create a new one.

Jackie—What will be behind?

I—That will depend on you, Jackie.

Jackie—It will horrible and twisted, like you… That’s all I can imagine. Nightmares.

I— You must fight against them to be free and the choices that you make in the way will change your end. EVERYTHING in this life has consequences, Jackie.

({Pen sounds} [Open the Door button. Transition] {Door opening sounds} )

Scenes · Door 1 · The Garden

The Garden

The scene shows a beautiful garden with a door in the background.

What represents the scene?

The garden represents Jackie’s family and childhood. For this reason, it is a beautiful place at first sight. When Jackie was little, everything was fine for her. However, when she started to grow and had more knowledge about the world that surrounds her, is when she realized that not everything was so fine as she thought. Cross the door without investigating the flowers represents what everyone was doing with Jackie’s life: just feel good with the beautiful surface. Investigate will reveal the ugly truth that Jackie was living, helping her to release herself.



I—This is beautiful… I don’t see any nightmare…

Jackie—There was a time when I was happy, but then everything changed… and I discovered that nightmares are hidden in the most unexpected places.

I—Well, there is another door. Should we cross it?

Two options:

Option 1 · The Flowers

The scene saws a close-up of the flowers, but these flowers have open eyes and open mouths.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents how Jackie feels about her life and her family. They see her, but never watch her or paid real attention to her. They scream, but they don’t talk.  So, cut the flowers will represent the try of erasing from Jackie’s life this bad memory that was consuming her, leaving only emptiness. Is it the nothing better than the pain? The nothing can be filled with love and happiness with time, but the pain only consumes and generate wrath and more pain. Leave the flowers, represents ignore the reality, letting the pain destroy Jackie’s heart.



Jackie—Nothing is what it seems. Sometimes there are things that look beautiful in the distance, like a perfect family or a smiling child, but when you take the time to take a closer look, you see the ugly truth. You see the nightmare… They were looking, but not watching. Their mouths were open, but I only heard noise, not words.

I—What do you want to do Jackie?

Two options:

Option 1.1 · The Emptiness

The scene shows the door in a desert with red sand.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents what happens when we uncover the truth and confront reality. How, at that moment, everything disappears. The bad and the good. Represents the emptiness that is left. I chose the red color for the sand of the desert, to represent the hate and the wrath that doing something like that entails. The blue sky represents the hope that the desert can transform into a beautiful garden again and that we can fill that emptiness with anything that we choose.


Why The Emptiness doesn’t have an OST Track?

I wanted to represent the emptiness that Jackie felts at that moment. Sometimes silence is exactly what somebody needs. In Jackie’s case, she says in the previous scene that the only thing that she can remember is noise. So silence is for her a relief.


I—There is nothing left…

Jackie—Sometimes it is better to erase a bad memory and leave a blank than live with the pain that a nightmare produces. The pain just generates more pain, wrath and hate… And that just makes the nightmares stronger…

I—Come on Jackie, let’s continue ok?

Scenes · Door 2 · The Cabin

The Cabin

The scene shows a wood cabin painted in green with the door, the windows and the roof painted in white. The windows have the glasses broken. There is fog and the sky is gray, threating with rain.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents Jackie’s old playground, an old cabin that became in her shelter. A place that she was able to call “safe”. The closest thing that she had to a home. But, one day, her family decided to demolish the cabin to build something new, without taking Jackie’s feelings into consideration. For that reason, this memory look abandoned and sad. Enter in the cabin will make that Jackie confront her sadness and hate against her family. Continue the travel just will let a dark point in Jackie’s heart, that will produce what that place that one day was a shelter for her remains as a bad memory. The rain represents Jackie’s sadness. If players continue the travel, they will get wet with Jackie’s tears…



I— What is this place?

Jackie—This was my shelter from the darkness… I played here every day… I was protected… Then, everything changed. They destroyed it to build something new. They didn’t care about my crying, my pleadings or my screams… I discovered at that moment that I was alone. That nobody cared about my wellness or my feelings… I lost my innocence that day… After that moment, nothing was the same. However, even that way, this house has a place in my heart.

I— It seems like it’s going to rain… Maybe we should shelter in the cabin. Is ok if we enter one more time Jackie?

Two options:

Option 1 · The Heartless Monster

The scene shows an empty cabin with a small monster inside. The monster has sad eyes and a hole in the chest.

What represents the scene?

This monster represents Jackie’s lost innocence. In fact, is a guardian that keeps Jackie’s sadness contained. Killing him will destroy the cabin releasing all her hate and sadness and destroying the last “happy” memory that she has.



I—We should go, Jackie… That thing scares me…

Jackie—Have afraid of the past is nonsense. It cannot hurt you more than it already did.

I—You are very wrong Jackie… The past never dies and if you let it, it will destroy your present and your future. It is like a cancer that grows and infects the time that you have left. Is your decision Jackie, is your story.

Jackie—Not all the monsters are bad, I. Not all the nightmares hurt and terrify us, some exist to protect us from worse things.

I—So, what will we do, Jackie?

Two options:

Option 1.1 · Some Monsters Must Live

This scene must show The Cabin in better shape. With the windows restored, more flowers and blue sky. Maybe red flowers where the blood was.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents the freedom that we felt when we forgive.



I— This place looks different now…

Jackie— Some monsters must live, because only a monster can kill another. If you let them live, they will protect you.

I— I thought that this was a sad memory.

Jackie— And still is. But also a good one. It is true that when they destroyed this place, they destroy me too, they let me exposed to evil, to Him… But I don’t want to loose all the good memories that I have in here, I want this place still be my safe place.

I— I feel happy here. I feel safe. So, we must continue our travel, Jackie. We are close to the end. I can feel it.

Option 1.2 · Pain

The scene shows the cabin destroyed and in the ground, a flower growing. Is raining.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents the pain that Jackie feels about losing her last good memory from her childhood. Forgiveness will not fix the problem, you cannot change the past, but it will heal the wound. Scars are ugly, but they hurt less than an open wound. Again, the rain represents Jackie’s sadness and the flower represents different things: first, her anger growing from her soul. Then it represents that she grew in a hard place, to become in a hard flower full of spines. The last meaning that it has is more poetic, is the representation of her blood when she was raped.



I—What happened?

Jackie— They destroyed it. They exposed me to evil and turned me into a monster. They destroyed me and I will never forgive them…

I— Usually are those that we trust, those that hurt us the most. Regrettably, unconditional love and trust, are often taken for granted.

Jackie—Let’s move on, is nothing else to see here. I warned you that my story will be sad…

I—The sad ones are usually the most interesting ones.

Scenes · Door 3 · The Man Behind the Curtains

This door should have been number 5, but because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time, I erased (for the moment, at least) the other 2.

The Man Behind Curtains

The scene shows Jackie’s room. Behind the curtains is the shadow of a man with an evil smile.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents the nightmare that most terrorize Jackie: the distorted memory of the man that raped her. Because nobody did anything to save her and punish this man, she has the sensation that he still there, looking at her, waiting again for the right moment.



I—There is a man behind the curtains…

Jackie—He is always there since that day… Everyone can see him, but nobody cares. Nobody does anything… Nobody did. It was my fault, they said. And now, he lives there. Always behind the curtains. Always looking at me while he plays with his lips.

I—You should do something, Jackie. This is your story and he doesn’t belong here. If those who should have protected you didn’t, you should do something by yourself. Remember Jackie, the past is a cancer that you must remove from your mind.

(If the players have ONLY C options, then they will not have any choice and the dialog of this scene will change. More in Endings)

Two options:

Option 1 · I Don’t Fear You Anymore

The scene shows Jackie’s room without the monster

What represents the scene?

I chose that this was the good option because when I was little the only way that I had to get rid of the nightmare was opening the curtains and prove it to myself that, that thing was not real. I think that it needs more courage to get close to the monster and open the curtains, facing our fear than just burn everything.



Jackie—There is no one in here…

I—Because he is not real, is not even a memory, is just a nightmare. And you faced it, Jackie. If you let that the nightmares get strength, there is when they will become real. The past never dies and we only have two options: we can ignore it and let it consume us or we can face it and take from it all its power. That’s what you did.

Option 2 · Burn

The scene shows Jackie’s room burning and the man still smiling.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents that if we act as if a nightmare was real, it will become real. It will gain strength and will come back every time.



Jackie— Why he is still alive?

I— Because he is NOT alive Jackie. He is a nightmare. It is in your head. And until you dare to face it, he will always come back.


There are three endings. Which one the players will have will depend on the amount of As, Bs and Cs decisions that they made.

Freedom · Good Ending

New Jackie, without the cracks under her eyes, maybe some blush or some shine in the eyes.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents Jackie being free from her nightmares and pain.

To achieve this ending the players must have more A decisions than B.



I—You faced your memories and your nightmares Jackie. Your courage and kindness have brought up you to this point. There are no more doors. No more nightmares or monsters, Jackie. Now, you are free and is the time for you to pass that notebook to others. Other who will make your story theirs and write their own.

Madness · Bad Ending

New Jackie, twisted.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents Jackie embracing her wrath and hate, being consumed by her past. 

To achieve this ending the players must have more B decisions than A.



I—Oh, Jackie… You let that the past consumed you. You let that your nightmares gained strength, and now they are real. You will never be free, Jackie. And even worse, you will consume others on your path…

You Don’t Care · Neutral Ending

The scene will show the previous scene with a different dialog and then The same Jackie of the beginning.

What represents the scene?

This scene represents what happens when we don’t have the will to face our problems and we just walk without taking any decisions or assume any responsibilities.

To achieve this ending the players must have only C options.



I—You didn’t even try, Jackie. I gave to you the opportunity to change your story, but you don’t care. You really will let that your brain and your soul get rotten in this room. You will be nothing else than a broken doll until you have the will to change. Bye, Jackie. You REALLY are alone now… Well, in fact, no. You are with HIM. Good luck!

After this scene the screen will show the scene The Man Behind the Curtains.