How Do I Pay?

In my world (like in Fallout) the “money” it hasn’t value anymore, for this reason, the Merchants created a new currency: the Tokens. The reason behind this is that after the GWFCE attack, a lot of survivors take shelter in the Trade Cities that were full of supplies. When space has begun to be little, the residents started to close the doors and ask for goodies or supplies in exchange to pass a night in a safe place or to get some stuff. To put a price to the supplies, the survivors started to use the Tokens from the Trade Cities (similar to the casino tokens) and put it in boards like this:

Water = 100 Tokens 

Canned Food = 50 Tokens

Blankets and Winter Clothing = 10 Tokens

This way the visitors could know the actual prices and the necessities of each Trade City. The survivors also started to “pay” the visitors whit this currency to allow them spent it inside of the Cities. Was a controlled trade. With the time the Tokens become in something more important than the supplies and the people started to exchange it for other things outside the Trade Cities, becoming in a little time in the new currency.

The survivors use also the trade to some business.

Where Can I Buy?

There are many shops on the map. They are usually in the liberated shelters, villages, etc. But also the player will find some Wandering Merchants random on the map.

What Can I Buy?

The players will be able to buy everything that they need to survive and complete the game.

  •  Skins for:
    • Weapons
    • Vehicles
    • Rides
    • Gas masks
  • Weapons
  • Weapons Upgrades
  • Treasure Maps. (Maps with Exploration Zones marked or with one High-Difficulty Zone marked)
  • Equipment Reparations
  • Ammunition
  • Medicines and Drugs
  • Pet’s Complements
  • Bulletproof Vest

What Can I Craft?

The players will be able to use the shops also a craft station, giving to an Artesian the material to create unique items.

  • Equipment
  • Equipment Skins
  • Weapons Charms

What Can I Sell?

Sell items and junk is a great way to do “money” to buy cool things.

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Animal’s skins
  • Treasures
  • Collections (exchange for a reward)
  • Junk (Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4)