The story talks about Jackie, a nine years old girl that after being abused for years for her father, is sexually abused by a man. These acts break her mind and distort her reality, forcing her to live in a continuous nightmare. Jackie realizes that even when everybody “saw” the man, nobody did anything to help her. The loneliness makes that Jackie create I, a curious dragon that will help her to confront her nightmares and memories.

Now, Jackie travels through her story, facing the monsters that her mind created until she faces the biggest monster of all: the Man Behind the Curtains. The reflection of the drop that filled the glass, the man that abused her.

The decisions that Jackie makes in her travel will set her free or will make that she will be consumed by the madness.

Jam Theme

The Game Jam theme was literature. I want to reflect the power that have to write our story, our nightmares and our dreams have. How this makes the writers and readers be free. Also, the idea to use a graphic novel accentuates this theme.

Story Presentation

The story is presented to the player through:


Because the story is based on Jackie’s memories, it will be presented in a “poetic” way. She never will talk about what happened to her with clarity. She will use innuendos like that Man Behind the Curtains is playing with “his lips”, making a reference to her vagina and how sexual he was with her.

Soundtrack & voices

I want to create an intense soundtrack that will give to the different scenes its atmosphere. And I will narrate the dialogue, using a voice modulator to give to each main character its personality.


The scenes will represent how Jackie sees reality, making the players understand her broken mind and empathize with her.

Story Tools

To help the players to enter in this story I will use two tools:

The Art

The art will show the twisted Jackie’s mind and will help the players to understand her.

The Sounds

With the addition of ambient sounds, I will help the players to enter the story and feel what Jackie is feeling at that moment.