Story Line

Before the Novel, Before the Game

In this temporal line are several terms whose definition you will find in the Glossary.

  • 1930

    The Story Begins

    ConfortLife creates the first androids, making the life of the people easier.

    The social classes disappear and with it, the poverty, the hunger and the most part of the diseases.

  • 1950

    First Polluted Zones

    The waste of energetic resources in the name of comfort and luxury is killing the planet very fast. The first aquifers dry up and an alarming number of forest and animal species are disappearing. Appear the first Polluted Zones and a lot of small cities are abandoned for the pollution.


  • 1960

    Clean Future

    In January, Clean Future create the first Environment Summit, trying to make conscience about the coming energetic crisis.

    In February, the called Hushers attack the summits and the headquarters of Clean Future. Several people die during the attacks.

    Tired for the oppression, Clean Future decide to buy to the governments the remaining Natural Reservations, protecting them with the amazing Domes.

  • 1963

    The Devouts

    The most part of the society is atheist, only remain smalls groups of believers scattered for the planet. Convinced that the recent events like global warming are part of the several prophecies about the end of the world, they decide to join up under an only sacred book, called The Truth and preach about the coming Armageddon. They call themselves, Devouts.

    In August, the Hushers hunt the Devouts and attack all the sacred places. It is a massacre.


  • 1964

    The Secret Churches

    In consequence of the attacks, the Devouts create the subterranean Secret Churches and disappearing to save their lives.

  • 1966

    The Secret Churches

    In an attempt to distract the population from the close energetic crisis, the governments decide to create the Trade Cities, fulls of opulence and luxuries.


  • 1970

    The Beginning of the Energetic Crisis

    • The Energetic Crisis is a reality
    • The money is devalued. The people start to use barter as a payment method. Electricity becomes the most expensive “coin”.
  • 1973

    The Underground Cities

    Starts the construction of the Underground Cities and the creation of the Free of Masks Army.


  • 1975

    The Beginning of the Hard War

    The Hard War begins, but not yet world scale. The first Dark Zones appear. The energetic resources are in short supply. The mortality goes up. The richer takes refuge at the Trade Cities.

  • 1977

    The OPS is Approved

    The Hard War and the Energetic Crisis go bigger every day, eating cities and countries, for that reason the governments approve the OPS (Obligatory Prostitution Service) law only for women.


  • 1979

    The Rites

    The Dark Zones go forward devouring whole countries. The Hard War becomes global. Dehumanization. Cannibalism. Appear the first Rites.

  • 1983

    Hardening of the OPS Law

    Hardening of the OPS law expanding to men until 16 years old.


  • 1984

    The Red War

    In February starts the Red War. The Free Masks Army lead the battle.

    In May, the government’s army bombs the Underground Cities, isolating them and killing a high number of people. It is a slaughter. The Underground Cities fall.

  • 1990

    The First Ruin Cities

    The Hard War reaches the Trade Cities, turning them in objectives and military bases.

    In August the Capital Cities become in Ruin Cities because of the lack of energetic resources and the level of pollution in the air.


  • 1995

    The Rise of Clean Future

    The battle between Clean Future and the governments. Clean Future put on his side the habitants of the Ruin Cities with presents. Clean Future wins easily.

    It begins a time of peace. Clean Future rescues all the survivors of the Hard War and creating with debris and junk houses in the less polluted zones called it The Outskirts. It builds schools, orphanages, hospitals… The survivors breathe again.

    Clean Future makes ceremonies in honor of the fallen in the Red War.

    It starts the cleaning of the ground, air, and the water.

  • 1996

    The Supercities

    It begins the construction of the Supercities.

    The Outskirts is settled, building better schools and hospitals. Also the first libraries and colleges and shops.


  • 1999

    The Supercities II

    The construction of the Supercities end and the Competence Tests begins.

  • 2004

    First Attack of GWFCE

    The Trade Cities are too expensive for the general public. GWFCE attack the Trade Cities without any mortal victims in answer.


  • 2008

    Second Attack of GWFCE

    Some Outskirts have energetic abuse, for that reason, Clean Future set rates for the use of electricity and that makes the people angry.

    GWFCE attack Clean Minds groups with several mortal victims in answer.

  • 2011

    Final Attack of GWFCE

    On December 28 GWFCE attacks the Trade Cities using a liquor called Beehive infected with mutated spores of Cordyceps Sinensis, turning everyone who drank it in “gold mummies”.

    On December 30 GWFCE attacks the Supercities bombing the subways and releasing Eris’s Dream in the biggest squares, killing a lot of people.

    Supercities are isolated.


  • 2012

    The End of Humanity and a New Beginning

    On January 03, GWFCE attack the Evacuation Camps whit their Toxin, killing close to the 90% of the global population. The survivors are not humans anymore, because the parasite-fungus is in their bodies and brains.

    On Jan. 04, the first survivors awake, they are called Immunes. Some stay on the Camps trying to help who are “sleeping”, but others return to Supercities with Clean Minds searching for Clean Future’s instructions.

    On Jan. 07, the firsts “Blesseds” awake.

    On Jan. 09, the firsts Changed awake, there are attacks everywhere, a lot of people die or be Contagious.

    On March, the first fully constructed Shelters appear, like The Farm, a Hospital Shelter that works on the search of a cure.

    On April the lack of orders or news from Clean Future generates the apparition of military states on the Supercities under the law of Clean Minds. These groups are very violent and they are called Radicals.

    On August is created the group Fighters For Free Shelters, who fight against the tyranny of the Radicals. That starts a coward war using the GWFCE technology like Eris’s Dream or the new Ants’ Nest.

    The survivors of both sides scape from the war, making the Shelters grow and creating new ones, called Living Shelters. The situation of these Shelters is poor because of the lack of resources, knowledge, and supplies. For this reason, they ask to FFFS to end the war and help them.

  • 2013


    After a long battle whit a lot of deaths, FFFS accept to end the war and help the new Shelters. The Supercities are now called Anarchies and are under Radical law. The Outskirts, that was used by FFFS like base, are abandoned to their fate. FFFS changes its name to Society for the Protection of Shelters (SPS) and starts to train the first Doves, the protectors of the Shelters.


  • 2015

    The Time is Murdered

    There is no cure. The attacks from the Radical groups are more every day. SPS does not do anything. This situation generates a pandemic of suicides. The Dove Tamar proposes “kill the Time” and start over with the new reality. The most part of the Shelters back up her proposal, but a few survivors inside of SPS don not. This way SPS gets divided between the ones to are with Tamar (SPS) and the others, called themselves SPTS (Society for the Protection of the Time and the Shelters). The Shelters “kill the Time” and the watches and calendars are destroyed.

    The biggest Shelters are attacked by Changed and something called Blood Ants.

  • 2016

    The Plan

    The SPTS creates on secret The Plan, for generates more attacks on the biggest Shelters and forces them to separate in others smallest and that way recover their lost power, making themselves indispensable.

    The Plan works and the Shelters get divided. However, there are some Shelters that decide do not separate. These ones are called Independiente Shelters.

    The SPTS “saves” lots of lives, becoming in the heroes. But when the cold months arrive the distance between Shelters makes the Doves take a long time to arrive with supplies, so several survivors starts to get sick or be starving.


  • 2017

    The 30 Days Battle

    When a lot of survivors die for the lack of os supplies, SPS, with Tamar as the leader, try to save as many survivors they can. When Tamar discovers the betrayal of SPTS she is murdered. This makes the hate of the survivors towards SPTS explode and the Dove Hunting begins, killing all the people with the logo of the SPTS and show their heads as trophies. This ends with a new battle called The 30 Days Battle that ends with the “win” of SPTS and the dissolution of SPS.