Story Missions


The game begin with us running away from a storm in a ship. The sea get more and more rough, the wind hit the ship, the big waves and fog don’t let us see anything. Sometimes it will seem that we see a woman dressed with a bride dress in the cliff. This woman appear and disappear in the fog while looking at us from the cliff. It will seem that we hear explosion that blend with the sound of the thunders. The lightning will surround us and will blind us with their glare. We will need to fight with all our strength against the lightning that are hitting our boat breaking it apart. The storm hit us making our ship sink. Now we will need to fight to save our self. We still can see the woman looking at us from the cliff, she is there sitting with his bare feet hanging in the void and his long veil and drees waving in the wind, blending with the fog. The waves hit us and makes us drown, making us swallow water while the woman only look at us with curiosity. We start to see everything blurry and start to sink. Under the water, the fishes look like they are watching us and start to talking, despite we can hear them. We will struggle to save our self for a while but we will not succeed.

While we are sinking, we can see the fishes surrounding us and looking at use opening and closing their mouths, looking like they want to say something, warning us about something, but still we cannot hear what they say. Then, just before we lost our consciousness, we see a couple of eyes that look like big lighthouses in the middle of the night. They look at us and after a while, we can see the silhouette of a big Congrio Mariposa.

Its teeth are like pieces of crystal, shinning with the reflection of his lantern eyes, to the ones we feel attracted. Its big fins looks like big wings of a butterfly, that allow him to float in the middle of the surge, moving it gracefully, doing a big contrast between his heavy and viscous body. Suddenly, he open his mouth and make some kind of a smile, his eyes hypnotize us and then we can hear the fishes say, “the death watch you from above” and then, the conger replying, “yes, but you are not dead yet. Yet…”

Thereafter, we wake up in a beach with white sand. The storm is now gone and we can see the damages it had caused. A crab and some seagulls look at us with curiosity. The sky is blue and after the storm, everything is shining. We can breathe the calm. We see everything blurred and some silhouettes in the distance that are walking towards us. After a while, we can see that is a woman in a really long black dress made of nets. She is in company of some armed men. She leans toward us and tell the same thing as the conger, “You are not dead yet”, commanding to his men that takes us to the Shelter.

The next thing we saw are strange visions of a storm and fishes flying that looks at us, talking without now voice. At the same time, we can hear the voice of Morrigan talking with us about the storms.

The gold light, so magical, full of promises of change. The wind playing with the leaves, the petals and my hair, telling me that everything can be different. That after the storm always came the calm. Telling me that sometimes, we need to suffer and go to battle for making the things change, for making the things better. Death in the name of justice is still death. However, when is the death of one thousand enemies we call it war and wars are like storms: always change something and always bring the calm.

In our last vision, we can see Morrigan in the porch with the dress made from nets looking at the sea while the wind plays with her hair and the petals of the threes in bloom. We also can see luminescent spores in the swirls. We hear again her voice, talking about the changes and calm that storm brings after, like far echo going away with the wind. When Morrigan turn her head to us, we can see the death itself. This makes us wake up suddenly.

When we get up, we can see Xes, the second in command, who gives us clean clothes and urge us to follow him to see Morrigan. We walk down a corridor full of smugglers with guns. At the end, there was a room with a porch like in the dream. Morrigan is talking to a woman that is hanging from the ceiling. When we walk into the room, Morrigan welcomes us to the world of the living and tell us we are in Abelleira Island. The woman start to cry hysterically, asking why Morrigan is doing this to another woman. Then we hear a dialogue that lead the woman to change her side to Morrigan’s. After that, the woman go out of the room to look for his partner, the Dove who “sold” her to the smugglers.

Then Morrigan sits on the lap of Xes and share an Inhalator (more information in the section tools). After a long puff, she ask to the players who is he. We answer that we do not have idea of who we are. We only can remember our name, Jericho and that we were in a sinking ship during a storm, we could not remember anything else. This made Morrigan very happy, she say that now we are like “a white canvas that is ready to be transformed into a master piece”. After that, she update us on the situation that the Vichelocrego is living. An organization called SPTS is trying to take the control of all the islands, so they can use it for they experiments. They want end the work that a bioterrorist group GWFCE had begun, (at this point, Morrigan will do a little resume of Mia’s battle and the consequences it brought), only with the porpoise of make an army of Perfect Symbionts. They are attacking the natives of the islands and kidnaping people of the Rites, supposing that nobody will miss them. However, Morrigan with his men and women armed, refuse to allow them to take control of the archipelago and less, their own Island, Abelleira. She says to us that if we help her with to recover the control of the islands, she will allow us leave save and sound.

You help me and I don’t kill you. Is a nice deal, isn’t it? So, all clear? Then, get to work! You will catch up the rest in the road.

To unlock the secret ending, we should not leave immediately and search in the room. We will be able to find a pistol. When we got closer, we will have the option to take it to shoot Morrigan and Xes. When we pick it up, automatically a cinematic will appear and we can see Jericho shooting both of them and then leaving the island in a ship.

You will unlock the Secret Ending:

  •  You will not Paint this Canvas with Blood

Act 1 · Alfonso Moure

In this mission, we will lead the players to some equipment and make a short tutorial so the players will catch up fast the mechanics of the game.


The Diary



 Hunting Knife


Secondary weapon

The Ant

The special ability, Dead Shot.

Morrigan tells us that nothing will be free. So the first thing we must do is get some equipment. With skins and bones, we can go to a craftsman and he can make custom equipment for us. Morrigan will give to us a Diary, in this device we can check all the information about the things that surround us and some inhalators that will give as health, resistance to pain or better concentration. Also, Morrigan give us a bow and some arrow, but we will need to make a mission to could keep this items. We need to retrieve a cave that Morrigan uses to smuggle that is infested with Foxes, so we must kill all of them.

This mission is an all in one for help to you adapt. Don’t give me the thanks. You kill that foxes and from them you will get resources like the ski. Also you can keep everything that you find, there is not anything valuable, so don’t get excited. In the nearby you can harvest some plants for do more inhalators and some first aid kits. You will need it. Belie me.  And in the way you will meet the native “fauna”, so good luck. If you survive, come here and will give you more jobs so you can earn a ticket out of this fucking archipelago. Ok?

In this mission, we will meet the “fauna”, the Rites and Radical Caravans. We will find information about everything in the Diary and it will get update every time we kill or take something or someone.

In the cave, we will be able to find our Ant. A bit old, but still working.

That thing is really useful, so keep it. Is a bit outdated, but take care of it and maybe some craftsman could update it.

After this mission, we will be able to unlock updates and improvementsfor our equipment and for The Ant.

Once we have good equipment and we know what is happening, Morrigan send us to the first story mission. We need attack one of the outposts from Alfonso. Previously this was Morrigan’s Telecommunications Base. Morrigan really want to get this Base back so we can start using the radio again. In this mission, we will be able to use our Ant to investigate the environment. We can guide it with our Diary (Like the Drone in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands or in Rainbow Six Siege) searching for enemies, alarms or traps.

In this mission, we will unlock the first earth vehicles.

When we clear the outpost, we see that Alfonso’s soldiers have kidnapped part of the Morrigan’s men and know they will be transfer to Paraíso with other men form the Rites. Morrigan give us the order to go and help them. In this mission is crucial that anybody dies.

In this mission, we will unlock the first tameable animals. we can buy a Horse in the farm and we will able to upgrade so it will be able to carry part of our inventory, go faster or have extra ammo for our guns. In addition, we can get skins and complements to make our partner unique.

Alfonso is a strategist and he knows that the best way to win a battle without fighting is drain the energy of their enemy. To make this, he block the roads and take control of the two farms in Abelleira, one that harvest crops and the other that is a farm for animals. Our first mission will be take back the roads. This will not be easy because they are heavy guarded. After that, we will get back the farms.

In this mission, we will unlock the spores for combat. we will get the first spore bombs and we unlock them in the Shops off the game. Last, we will unlock upgrades for our Gas Mask.

Thanks our good job, Morrigan trust in our ability, so she decides to send us to a more difficult mission. Alfonso Moure took the control over the only clinic in the zone. A Hospital-Shelter that help the people of Sagrado and Abelleira without charging them. And not only the good ones, they take care of the Rites and Radicals members too. This hospital do not discriminate anyone. For this reason, Alfonso choose this place as a primary objective.

This is a complex mission and has several parts. The first is go to the hospital and enter in it without be discover. If we fail in this, they will execute all the innocents that are inside the building.

For Morrigan the important part of this mission is take control of the building, so if they discover us, the mission will continue. However, we will lost part of XP and a timer will appear to complete the second part of the mission. In this part, we will need to find numerous bombs and deactivate them. If we are not discovered, we can take our time to make this mission, but if we fail, we must run and find all the bombs in a short time.

The last part of the mission is free the Shelter’s Greenhouse. These ones are full of fungus and spores, so we must have precaution and use the Gas Mask so we do not be contaminated and hallucinated. The basic Gas Mask do not have full protection against this spores. After sometimes using it, the filter will stop working properly and we will start to hallucinate. As we spend more time under the effect of the spores, we will see worse hallucinations.

If we get infected during the mission, we will have to fight our hallucinations and the real enemies. In this mission, we can use the spore grenades for the first time and we can see how our enemies fight among them or hurting themselves.

In this mission, we will get recipes for better Inhalators and Antidotes to cure the infection, contamination and poisoning of their spores.

After our successful attacks to the Alfonso’s men, this one decide that it is time to end with us. So he poison our only water spring, poisoning a lot of our men. Morrigan got really angry and decide to counter attack. She knows that Alfonso has a water supply, a tanker truck. So our mission is go, steal the truck and bring the water to the hospital, so our allies has the water and Alfonso got nothing. This mission is really difficult because we can do any damage to the truck. For each damage we will lost part of the XP that this level should give to us.



Rocket Launcher

Sniper Rifle Bum, Bum. This is able to fire explosive bullets that are able to make damage to boats and planes.

With the water, food and medicine supply safe, Morrigan want to strike back and make Alfonso pay for what he did. To make this, the next step is cut their supply of ammo and reinforcement so their outpost will be undefended. The first part of this mission is attack the armory that is full of enemies, weapons, ammunition and other explosive things. We should take control of this base to unlock the big caliber guns. When we achieve to take control of the base, the second part will start. In this part, we will attack the harbor base so Alfonso cannot call any more backup soldiers from Enrique to help him. Now Morrigan tell us that we also need to attack other harbor so Angela cannot send help from the other island.

In this mission we will unlock Water Vehicles and Submarines, also we will unlock the Scuba Driving suit and the Harpoons (Directly from Tomb Raider III :)

After many loses, Alfonso really wanting to strike back. So, he call Angela, asking for aid. Angela is in Paraíso “recruiting” new specimens for the experiments of her father. These ones are sent to Paraíso and when they are perfect, they are returned to Angela so she can control and train them. She call them Toys. Angela accept and send some of her Toys to Alfonso, but she warn him to not lost or break them.

We get late to the harbor and realize that Angela already sent the reinforments. Morrigan tell us we have to avoid them to reach the coast. Our ship are not meant for war. It is made by craftsmen, like the weapons and vehicles. It is built to be fast and protect the big ones that has the cargo. In the other side, the SPTS ships are military, taken from Clean Future bases. They are armored and well armed.

In this mission, we are in a ship. We can drive it and look for the best angles to use the mounted gun machines to shoot the enemy ships or to the snipers in the cliffs, but also we can choose go in a ship controlled by a NPC and just use our weapons like the Rocket Launcher or the Sniper Rifle. The battle will be intense and for each ship we save we will get more XP.

After our victory, one of the Morrigan’s ships will explode. One of our allies will scream that he saw enemy divers. Morrigan will look in the sea and confirm that. Exasperated, she will throw us a harpoon gun and an oxygen tank, ordering us to kill all that bastards while our allies try to defend the ships and help the survivors.

In this part of the mission, we should dive and look for enemies underwater. They have better equipment than ours, so we must work with precaution. We must go as fast as we can since they are using explosive to sink our ships.

This mission will be crude since the enemy has regeneration, are faster and more agile than we are. They use a double sword and attack mercilessly.

We must protect the Shelter and their habitants from the attackers. In middle of the battle, Xes got a fatal wound. This affect Morrigan so much and she asks us to kill Alfonso once and for all.

In this mission, we will unlock the use of Eris’s Dream Grenades.

In this mission, we will confront Alfonso and his elite soldiers. He has locked himself inside his base. This base is really well defended. The first part will be enter in the base. Morrigan tells to us that will need get Eris’s Dream from the Hospital, then we need to release the spores in the air conducts. That will make the alarms be activated and force the soldiers to open the doors.

Or they open the fucking doors or they die asphyxiated and butchered by their companions. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck. They will die anyways.

Act 2 · Ángela Vila

Now we must follow Angela to Sagrado. Once we are in the island, we must free one of the bases in the coast, so we can establish a safe zone for the Morrigan’s men. After the death of Xes, Morrigan is shattered and full of rage, so she decides to stay in Abellas Brancas and defend the fort, helping the wounded.

When we go out form the base, a group of men, led by Jason, attack us and kidnap us, taking us to Saint Aloia’s Shelter, As Palmeiras. There we meet the famous Aloia, the reincarnation of the Chorona. She tells to us that she don not trust in us to being working with Morrigan and that all we will brought it will be death to her people. The entire Rite applauds her and she order to her guard throw us to the Chorona’s Cave to receive our punishment.

If the Chorona thinks that I’m wrong and you are worthy to live, she will save you. If not, at least you will die purifying all your sins.

In the cave, we are exposed to the hallucinogen spores of the fungus that live in there. We start to see things and hear like a women crying. While we advance, we find corpses of pirates, contrabandists, radicals and believers of the Rite in different stares of decomposition. Our hallucinations going to bad to worse and we start to see how the bodies come to life to attack us. We do not have weapons, so we need to take whatever we can find in the bodies. The fight intensifies as we advance and in a moment we ended in the wild waters where we need to sight against the Congrio Mariposa that again talk to us about our death.

You STILL no dead yet. But, maybe, that is going to change…

To defeat him we need pick the harpoon gun in the bottom of the sea lake. Each time that will shoot to him, he will dissolve in the water like blood. The last time, he will appear behind us.

You are dead now

However, a bluish hand take us from the cold waters. We see the real Aloia, Aloia Garat, or at least her spirt hugging us like if we was her beloved Jacob. We can see her tears falling on our face She tell to us how the necessity of the survivors of the pain and wars, to believe that something better can come, can become in a monster irrational that will slay everything that are in his path.

Don’t believe in me. Don’t believe in her. Only believe in you. Because, at the end, nothing will be more real that yourself and if you fail, fail for yourself, for you convictions, no for the others.

After this we pass out and wake up hours later in the end of the cave, safe and sound, with Aloia’s veil in our hands.

After we survive to Aloia’s test, Jason talk with us by radio. He want to help him with Angela’s Laboratory. He tell us that in that place is where Angela does the first steps of the experiments. The Laboratory is a terrific place full off torture souls that need a mercy hand to help them but Aloia do not let Jason do it. He cannot understand why, but he is under Aloia law and he does not want to disobey her, for that reason ask to us to help that people.

Our mission are go to the Angela’s Laboratory and destroy it.

Please, end with their suffering. I can’t take no more the idea of that our brothers and sisters are being tortured that way. Is a remote possibility, but if you find someone “alive”… Can you please take them come back home?

This part is important because the amount of information that the players will get it will depend of their acts. If the players only do the part of destroying the Lab, they will lose part of the story. But if the listen Jason and try to find some survivors, they will find a few that will said to the players that was Aloia how sell them to Angela. Hinting that maybe Aloia and Angela have business together.

Angry for losing her “toys”, Angela decide to get some new ones attacking As Palmeiras. We receive a call from Jason asking for help, but when we arrive is too late and Angela already kidnap almost everyone, only left behind to the wounded. We ask of some of them if they know which way they went. Finally, one tell to us that Angela said that they went to the Lighthouse Shelter, transformed in prison. We reunite some men that still can fight and we are on our way to Angela’s Prison. However, in the middle of the road we discover that everything was a trap and that the man who was helping us is in fact one of the Angela’s man. He try to stab us while we are driving. We need defeat him and then jump to another car before our crashes. Only to see the SPTS Changed Dogs chasing us. We encourage out driver to go faster, but suddenly a beautiful white Changed Cat appears in front of us. She look directly of our eyes and we can see her galaxy eyes full of shine starts and intelligence. With a fast move she enter in the car and kill the driver, making our car crash.

The next thing we see is Angela walking towards us.

So… You are Morrigan’s new toy. Interesting

Angela kidnap and torture us using her spores to make that we have visions of our daughter Mirabella or Mía’s death, trying to make us recover the memory. We need to survive to her interpretation of our memories, fighting against our demons. (This is almost a mix between Faith’s Bliss visions and Jacob brainwashing missions)

When we finally awake from the visions, we find ourselves in a room well decorated with Art elements.  The room is full with plants and mushrooms. We are not tired up, but the room is locket. Angela let tray with food and wine on top of a desk. We can eat it and drink the wine if we want. In the room is not any weapon and we are force to get out through the window. Then our mission will be scape from the Angela’s prison and liberate all the prisoners, like Jason and Aloia. We find Jason, but Aloia is in the Lighthouse, Angela’s private room.

So the second part of this mission it will be open our way through the enemies until we reach the Lighthouse. However before we can reach it, Angela put us under the control of her spores again. This time she show us all the Lighthouse transformed in a “beautiful” Corpse Forest, full of glowing Changed Moths, fungus and flowers.

Can you imagine how beautiful it will our Earth without all that humans? Always clean. Always perfect. It was a day that you share that dream with me. A safe place for you daughter. Without wars. Without pain. What change so much?

After follow Angela for this twisted world we arrive to the base of the Lighthouse where she have tied to Aloia and Jason. She say that we need to choose one of them to live and other to die.

It will do not care what the players choose, because one is an illusion and the other is Jason, always. This decision are based in if the players saved in the mission 13 the survivors form the Lab and he have the information about Aloia or not. This will change the end of this mission and the end of the game.

So, this mission can end two ways:

The players shoot Jason. Kill him and then Angela run away. The players need to save Aloia form the Lighthouse Prison in the next mission (17)

The players shoot Aloia but it was an illusion and kill Jason anyways. Angela laughs and said, “maybe she is not the bright light that she claim that she is”. Then, the players search for revenge “killing” Aloia (mission 17). But she don’t want face her destiny and jump from a cliff.

1) (If we shoot Jason) Saint Aloia’s Pain

After the death of Jason, Angela mocks us for be so predictable and boring. We try to kill her, but she run away again using her spores.

Now we need to save Aloia from the Lighthouse Prison, facing all the Angela’s Toys. Aloia was tortured and when she discovers that Jason was murder she feel devastated. Accuse us to do not listen her prediction and for being responsable of the death of Jason.

2) (If we shoot Aloia) Don’t Belive in Her

When we shoot Aloia, Angela dissolves the vison laughing and we saw Jason fall. We try to help him, but is late. He lasts words are, “she betray me. She betray all of us. We thought that this was the right thing to do… Why she betray me?”. Then he dies on our arms. We saw our hands cover in blood and the voice of Angela saying to us, “she is not here. Surprise?”

After the short cinematic we need go to the church close to As Palmeiras to take revenge. We fight against the Aloia guard, but she run away. We corned her in the cliff. Before we can shoot she jump to her death.

This will be the same independent from the Mission 16 election. Maybe Morrigan can do some comments by the radio, but nothing more.

Morrigan inform us about that her men find Angela in the abandoned SCR and ask us to go to investigate, however she warning us about the high amount of enemies of the SCR. This mission is a stealth mission.

We need to search a way to enter in the SCR without being discovered. After we did it, we discover that Angela transform the SCR in her personal palace, also that she are planning attack another Rite for recover all the Toys lost by our fault. We lost our communications with Morrigan so we decide to follow them.

Now we are alone, surrounded by enemies. Angela starts her attack over the Rite and we can take, so decide to attack and help the “innocent” people of the Rite. But after a battle against the Toys, Angela trap us again.

You do not change. Maybe you lost your memory, but you are the same Jericho as always. I love that as much as it bores me. I like you. You know that. You are the only good thing that I had… but now you are between my dream and me. I tried to make you remember, understand what I am doing and why… But I failed and if you are not mine, then, you will not be of anyone

She manipulate the minds of the Rite’s members to make they fight against us.

Now we need to fight against the ones that we was trying to protect. Angela put them and us in one of her visions, so we will need to fight against the illusions too.

When finally we managed to defeat the Rite’s members we need search for Angela. She is running away to kill Morrigan and we need managed to follow her inside the fantasy. First we need to defeat the cat and finally we arrive to Morrigan’s base in the beach. Is nobody there.

—You really choose her. Why? She is not better than me. She is not better that no body! Why you do not let me kill her? Why is she so important to you?

—And why you force me to fight against you? Is easy see always the sin in others, not so easy see ours, Angela.

—She is not the bright light after the storm she claim to be. She is only an angry child kicking the waves and feeling powerful…

It will no care if we said to her that we do not said nothing to Morrigan, she feel betrayed and the visions become more and more dark. Is a sad and hard battle. Using our demons against us (appendix 2). She uses the visions of enemies that will hurt us if we do not defeat them. In the second part of the battle, she use her Symbiont powers against us. She is fast and agile and do a lot of damage to us.

Finally, we managed to shoot her in the head ending with her life.

Act 3 · Enrique Vila

We finally remember the reason why we was fighting, for our daughter Mirabella. When we ask to Morrigan, she say that the most probably thing was that Enrique Vila stole our memories.

If Angela had the questions was because Enrique have the answers that you are looking for.

We need to go to the third island of the archipelago, Paraíso, to recover our memory for complete. First we need to arrive and the set a base. However the island is surrounded by androids that will put everyone in alert if they discover us. For this reason, Morrigan say to us that maybe we can build one little base in a cave close the beach. So, we need to collect some resources and then build the base.

In this mission, we unlock the Electrical Weapons

Morrigan say to us that ween should investigate the gate of the Dome. However, is saturated with high-level enemies. Morrigan ask as to us to search for other entrance.

When we finally find it, we discover that is a cave and have more enemies inside. Again, if one of the androids or the soldiers discover us, all the island will be under alert, so we need to use the stealth and our Ant for kill one of the soldiers and stole his electrical weapon and start to be efficient again.

Later we will find an armory with more electrical guns and ammunition.

We need a map of the Dome. For that we need to find one of the controls rooms and charge the data on our Diary, for have a actualized map.

In that map will be appear the Mirabella’s location.

In the map we discover where are the labs and the jails. Morrigan ask again to set free the hostages. So we need to find the jails and without being discovered we set free all the hostages.

In this mission, we unlock the Electrical Knifes and Bombs. Also new improvements to The Ant

One of the free hostages is a Craftsman that is too weak to walk way. So, he ask for stay in a save place and he will be our backup inside the Dome.

First be need to find a save places for him. Release it from enemies and make it secure. Then we will unlock a Craft shop and a Fast Travel Point.

Our new ally say to us that of rescue or daughter we will need a code and master key to accede to high-security levels. We mission it will be search for both.

When we finally find Mirabella, we realize that it will be impossible to take her without put all the island under alarm and be caught inside. Morrigan say to us that maybe she can take care of Mirabella and put her save while we distract the enemies. So our mission will have two parts. The first one will be recover Mirabella without be detected. The second will be tie off the chaos for give to Morrigan the opportunity to scape with Mirabella.

After the short cinematic we need go to the church close to As Palmeiras to take revenge. We fight against the Aloia guard, but she run away. We corned her in the cliff. Before we can shoot she jump to her death.

Now we are free to kill without restrictions. We are caught inside the Dome and we need to make noise for be sure to give to Morrigan the time necessary. So our ally inside tell to us that inside the Dome are some gardens with the drugs that are used to control the experiments. Now we need to set that on fire.

To reach Enrique the security is high-level so our ally say to us that maybe if we release the experiments they will “help” us to end with the security and open our path until Enrique.

Now with the island under alert there are androids everywhere, so this mission it will be no easy. We need to reach the high-security level jails for release the experiments.

Ok. This is the final. Enrique waits for us very calm and disarmed.(Pagan Min style).

 It will change according to what we choose in the Mission 16. This is the diagram and the finals.

 The Ignorance is Happiness End

We do not have the choice of listening Enrique version, so we kill him and end the game as allies of Morrigan, ignoring all the truth about her.

 The Slave End

Enrique will give to us the opportunity hear his part of the story. We do not listen and we kill him. Morrigan appear dressed as Aloia. Angry because we decide to kill her instead Jason, now she will force us to help her to make her dream come true, taking as hostage Mirabella.

 The Sacrifice End

We listen Enrique story and we discover all the truth about Aloia/Morrigan, the true intentions to the SPTS and who we are. Morrigan appear and shoot Enrique and then she shoot us for betray her. But Mirabella will not let the things like that, she attacks Morrigan and use her life for save us. We are force to see how our daughter disintegrates for saving us, becoming the Dome in a beautiful forest that will be able to visit whenever we want. Seeing Mirabella running free between the trees.

Endings Appendix