Story Presentation

These are some of the methods that we can use for deliver this intense story to the players

Clothing & Complements

Factions have their own clothes with different aesthetics, making the game alive. The most important complement is de gas masks that the survivors use to express their personality, so also we can use it to express the story feelings.

Weather Changes

This will reinforce the idea of how the war changes everything.

Strong-Narrative Cinematics

Well-constructed with lights, shadows and scenography. Close ups of the actors and actresses mixed with scenes of beauty elements, like the wind playing with the trees, that accentuate the emotions of the characters.

Talking with NPCs

The players will be able to find them everywhere. Sometimes the own NPCs will talk with the players or between them. Other times it will be the players’s decision to interact with them. This will allow to the players discover secondary stories and parts of the main story.

Reading Lost Pages

Those will have short part of the main story or the secondary stories. The players will be able to find them everywhere. It need to be short and fast-reading notes, for do not break the rhythm of the gameplay.


Some places like the Chorona’s Cave or the New Mind Sanatorium have a unique environment design that tell a story by themselves. Is not only the scenography design of the place, also the lights and the colors are unique for that places.


The music and the sounds inside the game will help the players immerse themselves in the story.