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The Story of the Novel


The novel tells the several stories of the different characters, also tells the happenings with the cult The Carriers of the Blessing and the Dove Elise Anes, like as a parallel story to Mía’s story. Mía’s story is the important one for the story of the game, so that is the one I will put in here. Another important thing is that the novel is “wrote” by Jericho Daponte, the protagonist of the game. The different characters told him their stories and he collects them on his Diary for the SPTS. The reason why is because he is, in fact, a spy of the organization and with that work pays the “treatment” for his daughter Mirabella, who was born as Perfect Symbiont.


The story of the novel begins in 2018, a year after the 30 Days Battle, with the supposed kidnapping of a girl called Mía who lives in the Independent Shelter, The Base.

Salamandra · Naomi Ave

Salamandra · Naomi Ave

Its leader, Salamandra (Naomi Ave) put everyone under Mía’s track. Her men follow the track until a nearby Corpses Forest. In that place, they discover a base from Blood Ants, a new enemy of which they do not have any information, besides that they are lethal. In the base also they discover Mía inside a cage with other hostages, all Changed. Salamandra decides to attack the Blood Ant’s base and recovers the body of Mía. However, the Blood Ants act like never before and chase Salamandra to recover Mía, even attacking The Base. Thanks to the fast-acting of Salamandra, Mía can be saved and taken to the Hospital Shelter, The Farm, to be examined and that way try to find some tracks about who are the Blood Ants and why are they kidnapping people.

Lisa’s Masks · GWFCE Logo

In The Farm, their leaders, the professor Mark Sierpes and the Symbiont Type 1 Marion Tizón, discover that the little Mía is, in fact, a prototype of a very special Symbiont, something closer to a “living mushroom” than a human. Then, one of their allies, the young woman Lisa Dacal, reveals herself as part of the bioterrorist organization GWFCE and we discover that the Blood Ants are also part of them. The idea behind of Mía’s experiment is to create the perfects symbiosis between humans and fungus, creating a creature that never will hurt the earth again, because they would die. In fact, these creatures, in GWFCE’s mind, will give their lives for saving the earth, becoming them in the ultimate Green Warriors.

After the kidnapping and the reveal of what GWFCE is behind everything, the survivors join forces to end with this new threat. Following Lisa’s track, they find the GWFCE’s base and a battle begins. When the Symbiont Marion is hurt, Mía’s full power is revealed to everyone. In an act of sacrifice, Mía disintegrates her body in thousands of mycelia that grow protection her allies’ bodies, healing them with her own life and the life of their enemies. Finishing the battle without any allies’ casualties. This battle is known as Mía’s Battle.

Now the entire place is a beautiful forest under the protection of Mía, who “lives” in each mushroom. It is known as Mía’s Forest and is a sanctuary for the survivors of the battle.

Mía’s Mask

What is Happening in Vichelocrego & Why?

In-Game Story

After the Novel

Thanks to the great work as a spy of Jericho and his daughter Mirabella, who born as Perfect Symbiont, the SPTS has all the information about Mía and the Perfect Symbionts. Their idea is to reproduce GWFCE’s experiments and create their own Perfect Symbionts with the purpose of having “weapons” against GWFCE if they try again their plans of destroying the humans. However, the cost of these experiments is kidnaping innocent people to submit them to horrendous and painful tests. This is the reason behind the decision of SPTS to move their base from the continent to Vichelocrego archipelago. That place is has a great concentration of Rites that “nobody will miss”. However, the contrabandist Morrigan was not in SPTS calculations.

In the beginning, Morrigan collaborates whit SPTS, selling them the island of Paraíso and all the military equipment on it. Then, with the idea of getting more power, Morrigan starts to sell people from the Rites of Sagrado and some from the most violent Rites of Abelleira, her own island. However, when Angela Vila appears on Sagrado with her “toys” (the Perfect Symbionts Prototypes) the people start to fight against SPTS and Morrigan sees a new business. She starts to play two sides, selling people to SPTS and earning their trust and selling military equipment to the people of Sagrado. Her idea is getting a small army of Perfect Symbionts for herself, but the SPTS does not agree, refuse to give to her anything and breaking all the business with her. In answer to that, Morrigan tells to everyone in Vichelocrego what is SPTS doing. Acting as a heroic leader impels to all the surviving Rites to fight against SPTS. In answer to this betrayal, Enrique sends Alfonso to Abelleira to control Morrigan’s moves. Even with the help of the Rites, Morrigan knows that she is losing the battle against SPTS.

In the other side, Jericho came back to Paraíso after he was sent to search for more information about GWFCE and the Perfect Symbionts. To discover the new situation of the archipelago Enrique Vila, the leader of SPTS thought that Jericho will be on his side, but after all, happening with Mía, Jericho refuses to see his daughter Mirabella end the same and starts working with Morrigan to save his daughter and finish with SPTS. However, he does not take too long to discover the implication on Morrigan in all the experiment of SPTS. Jericho, worried for the true Morrigan’s intentions to Mirabella and feeling alone surround by hyenas that only want the power of her daughter, sends messages to the continent with the hope of someone listen to it and come in his help.

The game starts here.

After weeks without any answer from the continent, Jericho decides to take a boat, travel to the continent and then come back with help. However, a strong storm surprises him in the middle of the sea. The lightings strike his boat and the waves are too big for the small boat. A missile impact on the boat (Jericho, the players, does not know. He will thought it was lighting) that it does not take long to sink. Jericho falls to the cold water, fighting against the waves, the wind, and the rain. Losing the battle and sink as the little boat. He hallucinates as he is losing the conscience for the lack of air. He sees his daughter, Angela, Morrigan and other woman dressed as a bride. The fish talk to him, but he cannot listen to what they are telling. Then, he sees two big and bright eyes. Teeth like crashed crystals, so sharp that can cut the water. And the two butterfly wings moving with calm in the shaken waters. It is a Congrio Mariposa who opens his big mouth and tells to him smiling, “You are not yet dead… Yet”.

The truth is that Morrigan knows about Mirabella’s mutation and she wants to have her power. He also wants to keep Jericho as an ally for all the information about SPTS, GWFCE and other subjects that he has. Morrigan knows that with all that information she will find the weak link the will make SPTS fall. So, when she discovers Jericho’s plans, she decide to stop him with a missile in his boat. (Obviously, the players will don’t know it this until the end of the game)

After this, Jericho wakes up on the beach, semiconscious and see one of the women of his hallucinations (Morrigan) walking slowly to him. She says, “He is not dead yet” and her men take him. Jericho has a fever and more hallucinations with the women and the fishes talking to him. After a few days, he wakes up in Morrigan’s place without memory. Morrigan tells him “the situation” with her own words. She never talks about Mirabella, only talks about that SPTS is kidnaping innocent people for a cruel experiment. After putting Jericho “in situation” makes a deal with him, if he helps her with SPTS she will release him.

Morrigan sends Jericho to release some men of her that Alfonso keeps as hostages. After this, Morrigan says that is time to end with the “oppression” of Alfonso. So, she sends Jericho to recover the farms and the hospital. Angry for this Alfonso strikes back poisoning the water spring, making that many allies get sick and die. Of course, Morrigan will not give up so easily, so she sends Jericho to steal Alfonso’s water reservations. Then attack his armory and the two ports to let him without reinforcements. However, when Jericho arrives in the second port he realizes that he is late and Alfonso’s reinforcements have already sent. Morrigan acts fast and sends Jericho to destroy all the boats before they arrive at the port. Thanks to Jericho, the victory is for Morrigan. However, the celebrations are short because one of the Morrigan’s boats explodes. Someone tells that are divers in the water. So Jericho jumps to the water and fight for Morrigan again. The problem is that meanwhile they are distracted, one of the Angela boats arrive at the beach. In it is the real reinforcements that she sent to Alfonso: some Perfect Symbiont Failed Experiments. Alfonso releases them in Morrigan’s Village, Abellas Brancas, killing many allies, being Xes one of them, like an act of revenge to Morrigan betrayal. That affects Morrigan a lot and she begs Jericho to kill Alfonso.

After an intense battle, Alfonso tries to make a deal with Jericho, say to him that he has really important and interesting information to him. However, Angela is there to stop him cutting his neck. Jericho decide to chase her, but she escapes use her hallucinogens spores.

Morrigan said to Jericho, that Angela’s Base is in Sagrado Island, but nobody knows exactly where. Under Morrigan’s orders, Jericho goes there and sets free a little Shelter near to the Sagrado’s beach for can use it as a base. When he starts to investigate, trying to find Angela’s base, he is attacked by Aloia’s men. They take him to their Shelter, As Palmeiras, where he met Morrigan disguise as The Saint Aloia, the leader of the Chorona’s Rite. “Aloia” says to him that she does not trust in him and that only thing that he will bring to her congregation will be death. For that reason, she orders throw him to the Chorona’s Cave to receive his punishment.

Jericho inhales the hallucinogen spores and starts to see visions of dead bodies that attack him. After an intense fight, the spirit of Aloia Garat, the real Chorona, say to him to be careful with believing in everything that “she” will say to him.

After this spiritual experience, Jason talks with Jericho to ask him for help with Angela’s Laboratory. He says to Jericho that Aloia does not allow to him attack the Laboratory and that is why he asks Jericho to do it. Jericho accepts and destroys the Laboratory, rescuing a few survivors that he could find and that tell to him to be careful with Aloia because it was her the one how to sell them to Angela for do not obey Aloia’s law.

Angry for “losing her toys”, Angela attack As Palmeiras. Jericho discovers one of the victims that know where Angela is. Jericho takes a car and some men that still can fight and go to the rescue of Aloia. However, everything is a trap from Angela to kidnap Jericho to try that he recovers his memory and that he comes back to the side of SPTS. Angela uses her spores to make Jericho hallucinate with his daughter Mirabella or with Mía’s death. During hours, Angela torture Jericho making him fight against his demons and his past.

When he wakes up, he deicide that needs to get out of there and try to rescue the many hi can. But, again, like if Angela was in his mind, she traps him in her spore’s fantasy. This time she shows to him the world with that both dreamed someday. All full of life without humans. A safe place for her and Mirabella. A world without wars and pain. She leads Jericho until the Lighthouse base and asks him to kill Jason or Aloia. Jericho is under the control of Angela, but he remembers but the survivors say about Aloia, so he shoots her. Angela laughs while the illusion dissolves and let Jericho take the body of Jason in his hands. Aloia is not there. She never was there. The reason is Angela and Aloia (Morrigan) have a deal: if Morrigan managed to kill Enrique, Angela would give to her the Symbionts Army that she wanted and the power to control them in exchange to rule in Paraíso Island. However, Jericho was not in the deal. Angela wants him for her. That is the reason why she wants so badly that he recovers his memory. The death of Jason is inevitable because Aloia order to Angela kills him for his betrayal by asking Jericho to destroyed the Lab. After killing Jason, Jericho searches revenge killing Aloia, but she jumps from the cliff, snatches from Jericho the satisfaction of killing her. Of course, Aloia (Morrigan) jumps to save her life and keep save her secret.

In here are two options that you will be able to see in the Missions section. I put in here the main story of how I design it.

Morrigan, piss off because she realizes that is no capacity to control Jericho or Angela, send him to the SCR, the base of Angela in Sagrado to kill her. When Jericho arrives to discover a lot of enemies and that Angela is planning attack another Rite to replace all the Toys that she lost. Jericho fights for try to prevent it, but Angela put the entire Rite against Jericho force him to kill the one he tries to protect. After this, Jericho faces Angela visions again and fight against his own demons (Appendix 2) defeating Angela, who confesses her love for him before dying.

After killing Angela and recovering the memory thanks to her, Jericho decides that is time to end with everything and save his daughter, the real reason of him to fight. Jericho travels to Paraíso Island and infiltrates in the Dome. But he realizes that he will not be able to save Mirabella by himself, so ask help to Morrigan. She takes the girls while Jericho acts as distraction besides he knows that the most possible thing is that he will die for saving his daughter.

When he finally manages to get to Enrique, this one, disarmed and calmly ask him to listen his part of the story. Enrique tells to Jericho that Morrigan used him all the time. She is, in fact, Saint Aloia and she was selling weapons and people to the SPTS. Even she has a deal with Angela for killing Enrique. The only thing she wants is control. Control everyone and everything. SPTS wants to control Symbionts just in case of GWFCE tries to end the humans again. Morrigan only wants power. Be untouchable. Get revenge of people already dead, governing people that have nothing to do with her. Enrique says to Jericho that it is not too late to do the right thing, but Morrigan appears, kill him with tears in her eyes and then shoot Jericho. She yelling about all the pain that she felt all her life, that she cannot understand why everyone betrays her all the time. Why nobody can’t love her. She shoots Jericho one more time. She says that she will take care of Mirabella and be a good mother for her. However, Morrigan receives her last “betrayal” when Mirabella attacks her sucking her life for healing her father. Jericho listens for the first time the voice of her little girl saying to him how much she loves him and that nobody will be using her again as a bait. She thanks him for everything, for every sacrifice he did for her. For keeping her safe. She walks and caresses her father cheek with her little, white, cold fingers, while she dissolves in one hundred mycelia that fill the place, becoming it a beautiful live forest. She is able to smile for the first time, feeling free and eternal.

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